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Jena T Aug 25
Home is a storm
Raging winds whipping life in,
Electricity crackling just to be alive,
Gentle rain starting off light
Until it remembers its torrential might
Breathing was never easier,
Than in a sky that’s alive
A heavily released sigh
Perfect Chaos
The heavens aren’t angelic sent,
But raw power with its teeth on edge,
Rage and creativity breaking its cage,
Where the ancients create,
And darkness plays with the wind

Home is a storm
Only for those who grin like a kid,
When the warmth goes,
The shelters close,
The precipice beckons,
And the storm begins.
Jena T Aug 16
It’s starting new,
Or so I hope.
What made me bleed,
Broke me in two,
Crept inside and stole my warmth,
I sincerely hope has gone away.
My mind was taken prisoner,
Left to rot,
In a place it never wanted to be,
Now this pit I must ascend,
If I am to reach the person I intend.
I’ve forgotten what it means,
Life is nothing to me,
Only a responsibility,
A duty to those around me
And the shell of who I used to be.
Now at this starting place,
An end and a beginning,
I wonder if I have it in me,
I’m not as fresh as I used to be,
And I’ve remembered what haunts me.
Here I start and here I die,
What remains is inside,
Do I get up and climb,
Or seek wisdom in stride?
Jena T Aug 16
If I lost you tomorrow,
Would I cry?
Fall apart inside?
A morbid dialogue,
Midnight thoughts,
To make me wonder at night,
About who I am,
Underneath reality,
Beneath this mask I hide.
If I lost you tomorrow,
Would I feel what I deny?
Perhaps this is life,
Knowing better and setting grief aside,
Or I’ve lost touch with what makes me alive.
The former is a warrior’s mind,
The latter a child whose cry died
Neither describe the emptiness inside
Nor the midnight thoughts.
So I ask myself one more time,
If I lost you tomorrow,
Would I still be wondering what’s inside?
Jena T Aug 11
Hymns of narrow woods
Tongue of the old mother,
Asking if we remember her ways.

Whispers of Aspens in the winds
Sisters chanting their ancient praise,
Of the vast land in their grasp.

Forest groves around the rivers bend
Reveling in the life water gives,
So they might grow another day.

Into the Unknown,
Wild lands,
Where gods roam.

Mountain folks,
Grasslands where the buffalo roam,
Forest souls,
Jungle dwellers,
Those with salty seas in their bones,
And the desert nomads,
This beautiful place we call home,
Was never ours alone.

It was wild long before we knew,
It spoke to us and raised us to our height,
Until we forgot we were wild things too.

The mountains still speak in silence,
The forests remind us how to breathe,
The seas show us what we need,
And the storms remind us what is ahead.

Where the wild goes,
Our hearts beat and they were never alone.
Jena T Jun 23
It’s an easy swing,
From happy to sad
Like a carousel,
Horse or tiger up and down,
A childish analogy.
Today’s the best day or,
Yesterday wasn’t so great.
Riding on this merry-go-round,
Everything is going to be alright,
Worries will take their turn in stride.
Oh to rise above these white clouds,
Storms and Summer breeze,
Blow on by.
Jena T Jun 22
Some see ghosts in the cemetery,
Some see lights as they die,
Some see the future in their dreams at night,
Some hear the divine

All feel their heartbeat,
The quick pulse when brushed with death,
All will close their eyes one last time,
Either alone or in company,
All wonder what comes,
In ignorance and enlightenment

If it’s you and me,
I want to wonder beyond these white cells,
Touch the veil,
Look into infinity,
Hear the melody of madness
With you here we can see past this lonely weather.
Jena T May 15
I’ve rinsed these bones for the last time
The gristle of struggle is gone
And the sinews of grief have been stripped away

These bones are white as light now
I set them out in the sun
Ready for scorching relief

These bones are ready to leave
They’ve dug into the ground
And found mother’s hearth

I buried these bones tonight
I’ll dig them up when it’s light
Pile them up for the passerby

These bones are full of life
Waiting for the gentle patter of rain,
And God’s grace

I’ve carved my name into one
So it speaks of me in the beyond
And perhaps when the time comes I’ll hear it whispering my name
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