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yesterday I had a talk with my heart
the last few days have been hard
I tried to explain what was going on
what we will work upon
couldn’t put it into words
there are plenty of concerns
but it’s going to be okay
and the worries will go away
and if I choose to be my own lover
my heart and I, we will recover.

- gio
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2019
You want to learn
How to write
Poetry on love

Your name
Sounds better
While whispered

No such
Epic love poetry
Have even been written
Silencing ace

I just have to say
It was whisper
Embracing the uniqueness
To whom it was concerned
Genre: Romantic Raw
Theme: Still wondering how? Just whisper
Zoe Grace Aug 2019
New thoughts
Invading my mind
Help me
This is not what i would usually find:

Sick and twisted
Blood and gore
Things that i've never,
Ever thought before.

"You can't have slaughter without laughter!"
"What's a funeral without a bit of fun?!"

Stop it
I'm scared
Damp auburn leaves cling to my shoes.
A wind whistles through the wood,
Making a whirlwind of the waterfall's spray
And leaves flutter to the ground.
Cold sunlight filters through the trees,
Casting a soft green light over all
And now you are the only thing my eyes focus on.

Shaking hands clutch at my camera;
I want to capture the beauty of nature
Now that I can see everything.
Winter's shadow no longer has a hold over me.
I can see so much.
The way the cacti grows so intricately,
The way the tree root grew through rock.
And yet,
Looking through my camera roll,
All I find
Is photograph after photograph
Of you admiring the world.

It's not fair
How the sunlight hits your white eyelashes
And how your blonde hair barely fluttered in the wind.
It gives me butterflies when I look into your brown eyes
Just through the photograph that you never knew I took.
You were watching me,
Thinking that I wasn't watching you.
How could I not?

And those brown eyes
The colour of loam
The kind that is always warm
That is always soft
I stand in the garden with my feet buried in that soil.
When you want to kiss me
Then your eyes go dark
As if it has just rained on that loamy ground.
Petrichor is my new favourite smell.

My body reacted whenever your skin brushed mine.
When you grabbed my elbow to support me.
I thought I might fall
And not because I tripped,
But because you turn my insides to jelly
Just at your touch.
It's too late to catch me...
I'm already falling,
Falling for you.

It makes my cheeks burn when I remember,
When I remember how you kissed me
And what you reduced me to.
A stuttering firetruck with sweaty palms,
But I find some comfort
In the fact that I can make your heart beat faster
Just by being near you.
It scares me, that I could have any hold over you.
I didn't believe that I could have done that at all,
And here I am, lying on your chest,
Listening to your heart beat.
It doesn't lie.

You melted the ice that encased my heart
Like a warm summer sun.
Your cold hands brought warmth to my bones.
I've never experienced heat like this,
It's making me want more than I should.
I am terrified to get too close to you,
You might burn me.
I have never met someone so careful with matches
You don't let them burn your fingers or mine.
I feel different with you,
And it looks like for the better.

I've never felt so alive
So on fire
Electricity courses through me
When your lips brush mine.
I feel a static crackle around us
And it snaps and coils.
The energy dissipates.
I have to pull away,
I feel like I've gone too far too fast.
I've been burned
And I still crave more heat.

My hands have gone cold
Yours feel warmer
You have a part of me now
To keep you warm, come Winter.
I left nothing for myself.
Now I'm a dry Autumn leaf
That fluttered to the ground
Only to be crushed underfoot.
I can't put my finger on it
Even though I've distanced myself
Like the Winter from the Summer
I'm still so drawn to you,
Drawn to your warmth.
Is it that I'm cold
Or that I know I'll never come so close to Summer again?
an erratic story for my erratic love
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2018
You find yourself forgetting who I am
What about those nights wasted chasing a gram?
Do you keep memories by the side of regret?
Amongst expectations you never met

I was aching, you never seemed concerned
For a long time thought indifference was what I'd earned
Then you crushed every important dream and hope
You proved how much more you care about dope

This is the end, grey clouds are rolling coolly in
Reality stings, makes my head spin
Silent destruction I try to ignore
Can't make you go forward anymore
You cant make someone change
Tahirih Manoo Feb 2018
She gazes at the moon in solemn wonder

Contemplating this journey of never ending bends

Hands cradled at her side, a tear trickles from her eye

And she hopes that this journey will soon be over
Saturday 17th, Feb, 2018 - 10:33pm.
aryanalynae Jul 2017
come a little closer baby
i feel like letting you in.
and i feel like telling you everything,
that i held so deep within.

all those little secrets.
all the those times i was shy
and here i am open arms,
and i'm ready to explain the fright.

and i'm ready to tell you the *****.
the clean, the boring, the new.
i'll tell you what you want to hear,
i just feel like talking to you.

come a little closer baby.
i feel like letting you learn.
the ropes and maze to my heart,
but i won't lie i'm still concerned.

i don't know how much it'll last,
so lean in while you can.
i've got things to whisper baby,
so lean in, just take my hand.
storm siren Oct 2016
I feel like nothing.
Like I'm washed up and overrated.
Like I'm some type of loss,
But not quite unimportant enough
To go unnoticed,
But not quite important enough
To really be vied after.

And maybe it's just me,
Because honestly it doesn't strike me bad
Enough to make me cry,
But it strikes me enough to sigh,
And know this is what I'm probably worth.

A response,
A small phrase of comfort,
But probably nothing more,
Probably nothing less.

But I so desire
To be held and told
That maybe it's alright,
That maybe I'll be able
To sleep tonight.

But how can I rest,
How can I breathe,
When the monsters come for me
Even in my dreams.

There's no escape,
And there's nowhere to run.
He's destroyed what worth I had,
And I'm just so done.

And wish I may,
And wish I might,
I don't have it in me,
I can't fight the past-- Can I even fight?

I wanted to be braver,
I wanted to be stronger.
But I can't do it on my own,
I can't do it any longer.

I know for sure that you'll
Help me get through,
But I'm terrified of
What this means for you.

And I'm absolutely terrified,
Of something I can't see.
It's this monster I know too well,
It's this monster that follows me.

I wish I could
Change my way,
But I don't know what to do,
Nor do I know what to say.

And I love you so,
And I know you love me too,
But with this monster beside me,
What are we supposed to do?

I need your arms around me,
As soon as you can manage.
I hope you read this.
What the hell rhymes with manage?
It's like I'm okay but I'm still vaguely aware that I'm not.
Crimsyy Aug 2016
I am just a human,
and today, I am emotionless,
today there is no love
residing in my bones
is a gap

The gap between
love drunk and sober,
The gap between
I thought there was an us
and it's over,
The gap between
I love you and I hate you,

I want to remember,
now I want to forget,
now I regret all
the little moments I
wasted on you,
all the little moments I
could have used up
loving myself a little more,
doubting myself ,
killing myself a little less,
more time taken out
to untangle my messy head;

You will regret this,
there is a limit to
how much I yearn,
there is a limit to
how much I burn,
once I say goodbye,
I won't return, so
darling, I'd be concerned.
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