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Poetic T Sep 2017
A voice is like a raindrop,
       lost in the downpour.

                It is easily washed away.
Star BG Aug 2017
In every drop of rain,
there is a hidden rainbow,
ready to unleash the big one.
The one that covers sky
to bring an aaah to lips.
The bow that opens eyes
as feet do dance.

In every ray of golden sun,
there is a spark,
ready to anoint one who walks.
The sun that burns in sky
to make one show a smile.
The obe thats grand and sacred
even when it rains.
inspired by Alas2
Viany Aug 2017
God has been crying a lot lately...
I feel his sorrow pour down on me
r m Jul 2017
the speed of a falling raindrop
is 32 feet per second
it's something constant
i have read about
at the science section
of a worn down daily.

given different conditions
and cloud forms from nimbus
to cumulonimbus
or if there even exist heavier,
darker, sulkier clouds,
then it will remain the same.

raindrops will drop at that speed
like the way cherry blossoms
fall at 5 centimeters per second
as identified by Shinkai
accompanied by that sad story,
sad love song and sad vibrant colors.

i have always expressed
adoration at constants
starting at elementary algebra
when miss hernandez introduced
the concept of non changing
ever the same values
unaffected things
like pi or the gravitional pull
or even the speed of light itself.

i always get to thinking
if constant hearts ever exist
or if it does, for how long?
ever changing had been
a major human quality
so is inconsistence
a constant in the human heart?

the anatomy of a constant heart
is a favorite mind palace of mine
i wander at the highest floor
taking my time to build up what would be
the ideal constancy and perfection to me
a woman of digits, numbers and measures

a paradox of consistent inconsistencies
wrapped around every pumping chamber
smooth muscles embracing the equation
like dialogues of yes's and no's
between tissues and muscles and blood
a focus group discussion of conflicting parallels
my poems are also at wattpad, in the poetry collection titled wild heart.
an online digital collection will be available at issuu on october 2017
Richard Grahn Jun 2017
A drip in the clouds;
One drop
               flowing down…

                        …across the wind
and to the ground.

A pitter a patter,
     it doesn’t much matter.
Rain dances with rain,
     while this teardrop evolves
and quickly dissolves…into ripples.
Today I feel like raindrops.
Tomorrow perhaps a moose.
From what I know of rainbows
The next day I'm a goose.
WiltingMoon Mar 2017
A drop of life rolls down my cheek
Towards the earth where the soil waits
A manga of hope left in its wake
Faster, faster, it's almost time
Find some love. Some shelter and hide

Through the wars, through the death
A filed of hatred, hurt and regret
Another drop down my cheek
It's music I can now hear
And yet I run but do not fear

Safety in my distant vision of smoke and dust
Over mounds that come up from the ground
Over mounds that are made not of earth...
Another drop now on my chin
Another drop to wash the sin

Within my grasp I hold a flag
It's colour brighter then the snow
Hanging from a branch I found long ago
Stuck in fear and lost death
I still hold it down when I take my breath

Booms and roars of the skies now sing
In safety of shelter I now remain
As the rain now pours from the heavens above
A drop of life I felt on my cheek
Was the first thing i remember when war ended that week
JAC Jan 2017
What comes down
must first have been up
but we all must start
in the sea.
A single raindrop
a life giving gift
from the heavens
E Townsend May 2016
i met you in my dreams
between my drunk
universes that i believe
you and i are alive and together
we chase each other through
sunrises above shots of tequlia
and raindrops searching for a glass
of promise to hold.
i am only dreaming of you
and i hope you only dream of me.
im drunk, someone please kiss me
Laura Palmer Mar 2016
It’s like a morning, yet perfect among the rest of mornings. Anticipating every raindrop that runs to my roof to the tip of the land, it was such a beautiful experience to flow like water and go further. My mind was filled with unchanging cars, rebuilding crops and forfeiting schedule. My eyes are withheld of its beauty inside. Clock is ticking so fast, like a running bullet train, sun is waving through the cloud, and the world stops crying. I love rains, I love cloudy, I love the grayish atmosphere that filled my world, I love darkness because it embodies my unspoken tongue, and it simplifies my fortress to be in. Sun is rising so high that my eyesight couldn't contain.

What happen to my black apparatus? My darkness turns into brightness. Everything blooms; everything starts to leave like it’s their own kingdom. I have seen all the different kinds of bird that migrating to the south coming from north, I have seen the umbrellas shut down; I have seen my world like this. Like a bridges of love, like a pigeon that fly so high, like what Victoria’s Secret has revealed. I’d walked through the way to see the marine, to see the mother of this incredible nature, I’d sing to them the Cinderella’s theme-song, I’d dance with the waving trees, and I’d join the everlasting joyfulness of the nature.

In love, yes I do! Walking down the hill, I saw something. I saw a yellowish petals, brownish center and greenish stem. Oh so lovely! Oh so glorious! What the hell on earth are you doing here my dear precious? You’re too good to be true, I saw a sunflower. I saw a plant that my eyes have never been in- captured like this. I saw a plant that is connected to the Sun that had change my life, that had replace my darkness into lightness, that had adjust the saturation of my eyes. I saw a plant that needs the sun to grow, and I saw myself. I saw a plant that needs the Sun more than anything. How incredibly done! But, the sun comes to shyness, timidity strikes. Where art thou Mr. Sun? Darkness filled my world again, rain starts to drop, and flood is a minute away from the place where I’m in… Wait, dearest Flower, what happen to your alluring beauty? Your timeless beauty has timed-out. You left me; you left me in times of my downs, like the Sun. You just let me be in the way I am before, the way that I regret to be in. I’m in a secluded place that no one can see. They’re right; love is just like an illusion that tricks you!

Love is just a senseless game inside the mind of all the foolish people. I should’ve not let you made me persuaded to come and play with sun… I should’ve not let you convinced me to be happy because everything is temporary and tentative. You have told me everything, you gave me the lesson of loving someone, you gave me the detachable connection that commits mutualism; and *you gave me the reason to make a conclusion that even the most beautiful flower here on earth shall die tomorrow…
- J.B
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