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Dheeraj Feb 2019
I’ve met a person yesterday
someone I’ve known for a year.
We shared our memories and pondered over our fears
In those drunken talks, I discovered a soul
A soul so natural and beautiful.

Even the air between us was drunk that night
It swayed here and there carrying tales dark and bright
Tales buried under layers of flesh
And tales forgotten, on the brink of death

She was happy, she was smiling as the stories came alive
and told me how she carelessly stargazed in the middle of a long drive

I then realized that all of us have songs to croon,
Some arching those lips and some with a sad tune
And in this world of broken vases and wilted flowers
singing is what keeps us alive.
Dheeraj Jul 2018
I was in a jungle, dark and dense,
stranded among the trees, with heights immense.
The breeze swept in and squeezed my resolve,
carried away my courage and made me devolve.
Tears rolled down and sweat oozed out,
I prayed to heavens. It'll help? I doubt.
Among all this chaos I saw a shimmering light,
miles away, yet so bright.
It gave me a hope, and a hint of glow,
I was able to stand, I felt my toes.
I summoned the winds with a roar so loud,
that the clouds tore up and the sun was proud.
I began to run, through bushes and thorns,
bruises all over but the light is what I want.
Through lakes of crocodiles, through ditches so deep,
I climbed mountains, oh so steep.
I felt my blood rush as I neared my goal,
It was my dream to get out of this hole.
Adrenaline rushed through my veins,
as I finally reached the light,
shining in all it's glory and a pompous might.
It's elegant aura is worth the pain,
worth the struggle and cleared my bane.
This was my dream, to live and survive chaos,
to cheat death and to break through loss and cut the chains of fears.
This was a journey I did not sought for,
did not wish, but was something to die for.
Dheeraj Jun 2018
The darkness is here
to engulf me in.
To chew me up,
to swallow me in.
It tied me in chains
as it swept around me whispering chaos,
Eclipsing the lights and shaping into my fears.
To see my stars,
I twist and I turn.
To free myself of the chains
is what I yearn.
Inch by inch the lights begin to fade
Now I'm in the darkness,
none to my aid.
Dheeraj Mar 2018
From clouds unknown it drains down below,
with lightning so bright and a thunderous blow.
Rolling through mountains and drizzling through trees,
traveling unmanned terrains with the breeze.
To kiss the earth it flows and falls,
A little drop of life, enduring the love it walls.
Dheeraj Sep 2017
Broke, you are,
heart heavy with pain.
Smudges of tears all across,
for all those cries in vain.
An ugly mess you are,
hope shattered and face blemished.
Only the pillow knows the soreness in your eyes
and the air acquainted with those screams of disdain.
But don't fret, for the light is near
Open your windows and let it in dear.
Let go of the darkness
let go of the fear.
You are a catastrophe now,
but you will be an ocean very clear.

— The End —