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Jan 2018
The rain came to California again this week
Suds left rolling in the gutters by travelling machines
Sky the pastel endless grey
A floating roof over my rainy gaze

We retreat a beaten foe to the warmth of fiberglass-houses
Turn on the electric fireplace in cozy winter safety
Collect our harvested thoughts to run streaming down
Windows that cheat the meaning of the rain

Speed limit increases naturally
Fear is present in heavenly droplets
Treads light on wet asphalt
Heightened risk of hydroplane

Had I not known better
It must have been holy water
Awash a world of life-greed beneath

I stepped outside and let it soak
Rushing truck splashed a deluge unto my coat

I play it cool.
Written by
Bryce  M/San Francisco, CA
(M/San Francisco, CA)   
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