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Gayatri  Nov 2013
Single Raindrop
Gayatri Nov 2013
Single raindrop you came down from the heavens alone,
Single raindrop against the beautiful street light you form veins forlorn,
Single raindrop on windows in the suns ray you shine,
Single raindrop you look so little on this finger of mine,
Single raindrop from the heavenly shower you are apart,
Single raindrop what goes on within your little heart?
Single raindrop is it  charming to be the one and only,
Single raindrop in your quiet felicity don't you feel lonely ?
Kassey  Jun 2018
Kassey Jun 2018
Raindrop oh raindrop
I like every drop
But there was a girl that's been trapped
Inside a small but breakable raindrop

It is no ordinary raindrop
It is like a crystal
It's very fragile

Raindrops were like her teardrops
Slowly streams down her face
Tears that would like to race

No one will took a interest
To a simple raindrop
When will this storm stop?

Raindrops keep falling on the ground
But how about the fragile one?
Would it break to pieces?

How the girl wish she would be catch by someone
It's hard to fall wihout being catched by anyone
You'll be the broken one

Raindrop oh raindrop
Keep falling
Still flowing
Then now I am slowly breaking
Iniside this raindrop
Being inspired by a quote
Black Jewelz Jan 2016
The raindrop
Stands alone
Then escapes the cloud
Like a skydiving soldier on mission
Whose face is proud.
It stands alone
In its descent,
Only to embrace the ground
As if it had a hand to hold.

But the earth is dry
And land is cold.

The rain drop is simple
And cool at heart.
Its thoughts so fickle
To make the foolish smart,
Yet I sometimes wonder
Were it sentient would it ponder
The significance of a lifetime between earth and yonder
And the sentiment of finding a purpose fonder.

For we are all like raindrops solitary
With a finite life span, temporary.
Some stand alone, and some find another
To join together and become stronger.

The lonely raindrop stands alone
But every raindrop makes the planet whole.

Mother Earth awakes, smiles at thunder
And says, “Mr. Lonely Raindrop: you have a home.”
Growly Wolfus  Aug 2019
Growly Wolfus Aug 2019
A single raindrop falls from the sky,
depressed in its loneliness as it descends.
It lands and drips down a grassy *****,
alone and forgotten.

A single raindrop falls from the sky.
It falls from dark clouds and gloomy air.
It brings nothing but sadness to the earth below
and desires only to be heard or seen.

A single raindrop falls from the sky,
felt only by a stranger.
It's wiped away, declared a nuisance,
and cast away from existence.

A single raindrop falls from the sky,
mistaken for a tear.
Thought to be from an angel of a lost age.
It merely stirs the dust.

A hundred raindrops fall from the sky,
all lonely but together.
They cause a splash and demand attention.
Still only felt by one.

A hundred raindrops fall from the sky,
unable to quench the earth's thirst.
They disappear, taken by the ground,
embraced for the last time.

A hundred raindrops fall from the sky.
Not a head turns to notice them.
They cry out loudly but cannot be heard,
vanishing as they land.

A thousand raindrops fall from the sky.
The clouds gather to watch the spectacle.
They grow darker as they bunch together,
warning those below of the coming.

A thousand raindrops fall from the sky
and tap people on the shoulder.
"Come watch us," they whisper before leaving.
Few people are left behind.

A thousand raindrops fall from the sky,
looking for an audience.
The people have left and taken their friends
to hide in the buildings they made.

A million raindrops fall from the sky,
and joyously, they sing.
They hit the ground, the cars, the roofs,
and make music for those in hiding.

A million raindrops fall from the sky.
They dance and cheer and smile.
The sun decides it wants to watch.
The light dances with raindrops for awhile.

A million raindrops fall from the sky,
accompanied by rays of gold.
They bring new color to the city of gray
and rejuvenate all of the old.

A gentle rain falls from the sky
and makes art upon the ground.
It quenches the earth's thirst and hums in our ears,
dancing to its own sound.

A gentle rain falls from the sky.
People watch with awe from behind glass.
Ignored by many, precious to captivated few.
They long for it to last.

A gentle rain falls from the sky
and gracefully sways in the breeze.
It brings forth calmness and a sense of peace.
It blesses the green fields and trees.

A gentle rain falls from the sky,
watched by a child with wonder.
It sends the breeze to lift the child
and brings them out from under.

A gentle rain falls from the sky
and splashes on window panes.
It plays with the child and hums sweet tunes
as it makes puddles in the traffic lanes.

A gentle rain falls from the sky
and ripples in the water.
A new world created, impossibly calm.
It makes the child an offer.

A gentle rain falls from the sky
and whispers in the child's ear.
"Wait for me.  I will return.
I won't leave you alone here."

A gentle rain falls from the sky
and sings goodbye to the child.
The clouds dissipate as the sun takes over.
The departing rain simply smiles.

A million raindrops fall from the sky,
murmuring farewells and goodbyes.
Each gives the child a tender hug
as the color returns to the skies.

A thousand raindrops fall from the sky,
then a hundred, then one.
The single raindrop kisses the child
standing alone in the sun.

No longer do raindrops fall from the sky,
but a child waits for them.
To dance and sing and draw and play,
with the gentle rain again.
I LOVE the rain.  I wrote this after a gentle rainfall and listening to one of my favorite songs.
The child in the poem does not necessarily represent age, but more awe and feelings I have when I watch the rain.  It's so peaceful.  I feel like a child whenever I watch it or sit in it.
Kiss the Rain - Yiruma
Holly  Feb 2015
A Raindrop
Holly Feb 2015
Of rain is
Like a sudden
Knock at the door.
Unexpected, yet often
Welcomed with a smile, it
Can brighten your day or ruin
Your plans. It can make you laugh
Or make you sad. Whether the raindrop
Is moving fast or slow, or is big or small,
It always gets everyone's attention. A rain-
Drop contains many secrets.  It is a bubble of
Anticipation and surprise. It cleanses the earth,
It feeds the flowers, And fills the holes. The  
Raindrop is never silent, it bangs on the
Roof, Spatters on the windows or,
Splashes into a puddle.
A Raindrop.
The green blade of grass dripped dry,
After the rain had stopped.
But one little raindrop didn't fall,
And hung on to the grass.
Along came a butterfly, thirsty as can be,
Who saw the little raindrop, hanging on tightly.
She took a little sip,
And flew into the sky,
Goodbye little butterfly.

Then, the little raindrop fell of the blade,
And sank down into the mud.
It sank deeper and deeper,
Into the depths of the unknown.
This poem is copyright. Clara McAdam 2010
A raindrop floats down from clouds of grey.
It seems to be cry Night and Day.
Help me O Help me it pleads as it falls.

Spiraling, drowning, falling, raindrops.

It crys and weeps the sky.
The raindrops its tears. The sky it's face. The clouds its eyes.

Spiraling, drowning, falling, raindrops.

Raindrop O Raindrop why do you cry?
I cry for the stars. I cry for the sky. I cried for my life but not anymore.
Why O Why did I ever die.
Hope you'll enjoy this is only my second poem.
unloved  Oct 2018
unloved Oct 2018
She was looking at the sky in a hope that at least one raindrop will fall on her dry skin. Because even that meaningless raindrop would mean something to her. She would give everything for that one moment

moment of feeling.
skyblueandblack Oct 2014

A raindrop

landed upon the petal of the rose ,

lingered there  ~

refined in elegant repose.

The rose laughed

in joy

and fragrant bloom.

Then slowly,


the raindrop slid,

until finally

it descended to the soil

in respite.

Absorbed by the earth

to the roots it would flow,

unbeknownst to the rose

still there to help it grow.

The rose

in sorrowful solitude

then looked up to the sky

from whence the raindrop came ~

its leaves held up in gratitude.

And in abundant mercy

the rain softly fell

from above.

This is Love.

“That which God said to the rose
and caused it to laugh in full-blown beauty,
    He said to my heart,
    and made it a hundred times more beautiful."
~ Rumi

— The End —