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Viany Jul 12
Why carve your name on a tree?
When you can carve it in my heart
Viany Jul 12
Learn how to say no, without giving a reason...
Viany Jul 11
In a world full of
Fake *****
Fake lips  
Fake hair
Fake ****
Fake this & fake that

& you’re looking at yourself...
Raw & uncut...

Keep looking...
Keep looking at the beauty
That’s deeper than skin deep..

For you are enough
You are beautiful
Viany Jul 11
Lies exposed
Truth unveiled
A year of Clarity...
Clarity is what we needed
To survive...
To grow
To change

My vision is clear
Viany Nov 2019
I’ve stripped you naked,
yet you’re still clothed with lies.
Layers upon layers...
Viany Nov 2019
My bones broke in many pieces to bring you into this chaotic world
When I look at you, everything makes sense...I am whole.  
My son.
I asked for unconditional love & God gave me you.
Your eyes are brighter than the rhinestones that I used to steal from my mother
I gave them all back to her you know...
For I found a greater treasure of my own
I never understood the cliche...
Of giving birth, or having a baby of your own is a love that’s unexplainable

But it’s true..
No greater love can compare to this...
Seeing your heart in human form
Viany Nov 2019
I tasted you anyway
They tried to regurgitate
Your love out of me
It’s too late...I feel you in my vein
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