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Viany Aug 2021
He says..
I know what I bring
To the table..
& I’m able to make
It stable
I understand
& I plan
To follow
His lead
Wherever he takes me
But we’re friends though..
Feelings kept on the low
Emotions stay on the go
If he only knew
I’m always on
Bended knees
Asking God
Please send him
Back to me..
I know what I bring
To the table…
For I’m able..
Forget all the fables
I’m a woman
Of substance
Never lacking
The abstance of
This is not a faze
Everyday he will be
Amazed by not only
The softness of
My embrace
But my capability to
Pray him out
Of a somber day
& protect him from
Ever feeling the shame
Yet always push him
To be great for the
Creator himself said..
For he who finds a wife..
Finds a good thing..
Low & behold,
I am she, who he decided to bring..
but we’re friends though..
Get to know me..
How can I say no?
Viany May 2021
He pierced his eyes in the windows of my soul
But I didn’t look away..stuck in his gaze—
He smiled & the sun arose..
Viany May 2021
I heard purple is the color of divinity...I see it now. I see purple when I close my eyes
I see divinity when I pray,
I see divinity when I meditate
Being a hopeless romantic, it’s easy to get lost in his gaze
Divinely connected—even when I say I’m leaving I want to stay..
I long for his embrace, wrapped my legs around him as he ****** me in a daze  
Is it still sin if he takes me away to a higher place?
My divinity.. yet brings me to insanity when I can’t understand his ways
God have mercy & send your grace
For it’s hard for me to leave
& I hope I’m not being deceived
For everytime I hear his makes me weak..
My divinity..a little chaotic yet brings tranquility..
Viany May 2021
I came to the conclusion that I attract broken pieces of myself...
  Sep 2020 Viany
Paige Error
They say that love is
and Wide
But for me love is
and Painful
And when my tear stained face finds a gentle hand to wipe away my sorrows
I fall in love
Or perhaps I fall in line
I’m not sure there’s a difference anymore
Viany Sep 2020
My love never faded..
It was just inhaled &
Remained suppressed...

For at times you give up...

Especially when the one that you want
Lacks the maturity or ability
To reciprocate the same emotions
You exhaled in their direction..
Viany Sep 2020
It’s always “you’re acting different” when you finally decide to treat people as they treat you..
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