21h Viany

I am crucified for my religion,
I am crucified for my skin color,
I am crucified for my economic status,
I am crucified for my beliefs,
My body and soul are condemned,
with atrocious strifes

You're preaching falsehoods, a disguised truth
Words of lies and deceits, for your own indulgence
But I am deaf of hearing, the poisons you spray
So, I am hunted and killed, for not going your way

I am crucified for my free mind,
I am crucified for my thoughts,
I am forced to excile, to places not home,
A country man, without a country,
I am so terrified, each time the winds roam

I run, far away from the monsters,
but still nowhere to hide,
For my new home is the same,
humans still live inside
If every where I live,
my being is not suited, or posed a threat,
I would rather be exciled or crucified,
than being engolfed,
with the fire of bigotry or hate

@jobiranyc (9/16/2017)

This is inspired by the situations where I came from and what's still going today in the world, which people are either killed or driven out of their homes, because of their skin color, economic status, religious beliefs, speaking their minds...

Please, be humble and kind to people, because, nothing is guaranteed, the table could turn.

I changed these lines
humans, too, live inside

humans still live inside

my being is not suited, and posed a threat,

my being is not suited, or posed a threat,

My words now
Seem only
But I cannot seem to adequately
Put into words
What I want to say.

I need to reevaluate myself,
Is this love under your spell?
Or just lust over your smell?

Viany 5d

Everytime I share my words with you, I'm looking for ways to confess without pointing the finger back to me...

Viany 6d

I am a single bird
flying alone
yet somehow
my heart is

  6d Viany

Just say the word and I'll stop
Just say the word and I'll be yours forever
Your choice
Your call

I'll be silently waiting for you
Viany 7d

We're just young lovers...
                         with old soulful hearts

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