Just once
I would like to be
the poem

and not the poet.

  1d Viany

Even in silence  
I felt loved
By your presence

Even in silence
I felt comfort
By your embrace

Thank you Lord. :)
  1d Viany

trying to hide it;

indecisiveness is a curse in a world where you can either be one thing or the other

Trust comes from within yourself
      Change your outlook on your life
           Scope out the positive from the world around you
           Everyday is a new beginning of the journey ahead...

Why did I get this trait
To forgive so easily, never to hate
You can walk all over me
Stab me in the back
I will get angry and pull away
But I’ll always forgive and come running back
I can’t stay angry or upset with people
Which I guess is a good thing in the long run
           In the end
It makes you look like a weak person
Even though you are a
Human being for allowing yourself to be open and vulnerable
Keeping your heart open and filled with love for all you are surrounded by in you life

Viany 4d

I wish I met him at a more
"Traditional" place other than
The place we met...a room
Full of bodies either
Searching for lust,
Or searching for a distraction
In toxic water, or a toxic soul
Some even move to the rhythm
Of the beat for joy & laughter...
Others move to the rhythm of the
Beat to forget yesterday's sounds
As for me, I'm not sure why I was there,
But I certainly wasn't there to forget
The face I came across so unexpectedly
Serendipity as one might call it if you may
Beauty is what he called me
Drunk is what I called him
I closed myself off..so whys there a
Window peaking his light in?
...Drunk is what I called him
Yet his name is what I whispered
To myself on my drive home..

  Nov 10 Viany

there will be a day
when I realize my worth,
my value
my love

and you will think
back to a time,
when I was

and the air inside of you
will leave your lungs,
as you exhale
and I inhale
a beautiful breath of freedom,
for the very first time.


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