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Najla Mar 9
An eyelash stuck
on my left cheek,
she gently removes it
and tells me to make a wish

Her fingers smell like
orange peel and the sun

Her mouth tastes like
citrus and rose water

When she left I peeled an orange,
and wiped away the salty tears
with my citrus fingers

And with every eyelash
that fell on my wet cheek,
I whispered a wish
for her to come back
i collect something at my hand
i caught it strongly at my hand

i collect something at my heart
it does not escape not only by itself
but it took my heart

i search and find a wound might establish
was caused by long eyelash
love dug at heart and could not cure so easy
Abigail Rose Jan 2019
I’m so for you my
heart turns at quandaries like
thoughts of your eyelash
Kartikeya Jain Apr 2018
Would you believe me
If I told you
everytime you
said a wish
upon a loose eyelash,
it flew and became a bird?

-would you let your dreams fly?
Andre Vrdoljak Jan 2018
A broken wishbone
For a broken wish.
A folded crisp
Found in a dish.

The first raindrop,
A twinkling star,
A sunken penny,
In a land afar.

A single eyelash
To blow away.
A dandelion,
Let come what may.
Midnight Rain Mar 2016
i saw the way
her pupils dilated
when she saw him
like the world
within her eyes obliterated
without even losing
so much as an eyelash.

— The End —