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RoseW Nov 2019
September the third,
no rain, no wind; clouds like marshmallows, fluffy and thick
    you were standing in front of a restaurant door
Surrounded by the smell of Hawaiian pizza
  I saw you, in a pair of baby blue shoes
  we talked, walked, laughed
it was the first day I met you.

October the fifth,
rain; pressured atmosphere, quiet birds
    no umbrella with me, shivering,
    rain joined me, clothes were heavy
until I saw you, with a yellow umbrella,
    and a blue one.
    I like yellow, and you
it was the first day my heart opened for you.

December the fourth,
we went shopping on a rainy day
    trees tried hard to stand tall and dandelion seeds everywhere
but this time, no umbrella for us
       we ran from shop to shop
    ended up you forgot to bring your money;
  but no worries, you were still my honey
so I paid for your stupidity on that day.

And ever since I was young,
    my mom told me,
“someday, you will find someone who you want to protect”
    and right now,
I found that person -- you.

you are not the shiniest star in the sky
but you are the one that shows my way home
you are the first person I want to write to,
and thank you
for paying for all the stupid things I did.

No doubt, you are mine,
and this is for you...
RoseW Nov 2019
The fight
        fainted us.
    haven't chat for a long time,

      Happy Birthday!"
All the words are taken from my text messages; when you put random phrases together and when they are making senses. It's pretty cool!
RoseW Nov 2019
I am surrounded by                                                               ­ 
yellow dim lights

their fleshless grin
their sharp screams bouncing, echoing in my head
their dull triangular eyes
they’re desperated to know who I really am

I want to Get out, Run, Escape, Avoid
but the blunt lights are Tracking me, Chasing me

until I become one of them.
I wrote this poem on Halloween!!

— The End —