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LLillis Aug 2020
The morning glory
Suffocates the cucumbers.
But we don’t trim them.
We tried some basic vegetables in our first ever backyard garden box. The cucumbers had promise until the morning glory quickly took over. The flowers are pretty so we let them, without much consideration towards the loss of potential food. Now, taking time to reflect on the loss I am thankful for the ability to make that choice. To prioritize esthetics over nutrition, frivolity over necessity is truly the mark of privilege and should be at very least noted; and at best worked at to equalize.
LLillis Aug 2020
The green shades of spring,
Have not intimidated
The purple maple.
One young purple maple stands in my yard against an older more established background of countless greens. It seems as unperturbed as it should be, being a tree. But I find celebrating the differences, the contrasts, in all things to be worthwhile. What use is only ever seeing green?
LLillis Jul 2020
The dough spins above,
Launched from floured hands, they wait.
Curse that ceiling fan.
Pizza making is a lot of fun. Except when you underestimate exactly how high you can toss a dough. least it’s spinning!
LLillis Jul 2020
Summer heat burns grass
The same colour as the frost.
Withered in extremes.
There is a balance our seasons are missing. New records in the winter, new records in the summer, fewer days of spring and fall. The result is the same.
LLillis Jun 2020
The black fly escapes -
The snapping dog too lazy
to fight in the heat.
Watching the seemingly endless battle of dog vs fly. Each trying to bite each other, each growing wearier in the heavy humid air.
LLillis Jun 2020
Black clouds rage nearby.
Concussive flashes thunder.
Milk and tears rain down.
Unrest abounds. Not much more than that needs to be said other than Black Lives Matter and support those in need.
LLillis May 2020
I find “the morning”
to be subjective- despite
what the birds may say.
Late nights means hopefully late mornings. The heat brings open windows and loud birds. They would like me to know it’s time to start the day. I would like them to know I hope there is an outdoor cat nearby.
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