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Tony Tweedy Mar 2019
It may be a truism but optimists cant escape it....
No one is right all of the time.
The only difference there has ever been is the frequency between  being wrong and right.

When an optimist falls in the woods only the pessimists will notice.
Is there greater strength in optimism or greater height to fall from?
Is attitude enough or is it deceptive?
Matthew Feb 2019
If I made a poem that sang to the seas
and whispered to the winds,

Would the winds remember what was whispered?
And when I sang to the seas, should they see the secrets sunk into my subconscious?

The winds won't ever wander where I once have.
The seas never will stare solemnly at the stormy sky.

Seems that it is worthless.
Isaac Jul 2018
white pages before me
pure as snow

no mark, no scratch
no story to show

page after page
waiting to be used

patient, at peace
excited, and amused

each page a day
of the future world

anticipating the time
when their purpose will unfold

who will be a part of them?
everyone but those yet to be

who will enjoy them most?
the people who now get ready
Written 1 July 2018

Start purposefully and knowingly planting seeds now.
sarthak vadalkar May 2018
Starting to study
At 12:00 in the night,
So, me or sleep
Who will win the fight.

10 chapters, 10 hours
The statistics are clear,
Earth sees its apocalypse
And the end is coming near.

Trying hard not to sleep
And a lot harder to study,
Wasted so much time
As if were in no hurry.

Two pages are done
But that’s not enough,
333 more pages to go,
The night's gonna be rough.

Still 10 chapters to go
And hours left are five,
Amidst the chaos
How I'm going to survive?

Now turning the pages
Faster than vin diesel’s car,
Reading all at once
I'm a studying superstar!

Then trying to pray
To all new and old gods.
Wars have been won
Against the greater odds.

(In the exam hall)

Question paper be like
It was from outer space,
Somehow I survived
Making it a great chase.

After a few answers
And a long staring at wall,
Gathering myself,
I left the exam hall !
Not getting time for poetry as exams are going on, so i tried to write something about the exams only :p
LeaK May 2018
Many days without a muse, whatever shall I do?
Too long away from heart and sans a point of view
The sunrise has been glorious as the sunset strikes me numb.
Not mourning our final screams into censorship
And strike a chord that gives a voice to verses now in me.

I close my eyes and see much more than sight can ever see.
Colors swirl behind my lids and rainbows, vividly.
Butterflies, a ship of clouds glides by
Howling in the wilderness breaking through the sky
Hanging like a scimitar suspended in the sky,
As mind is far more visual into an endless four walls still sight.

Whispering blues, the height within
A troublesome mind, trampling songs from afar
Struggling to breathe, I lie waiting not to.
Thoughts are embedded tightly in a jar
To endless voices mock me; crush, break me
But I refuse to listen a strength rises
Something I wouldn't have believed
And now I was ready to fight those dementia.
I knew I wasn't alone.

If I could love the limping ugly afraid part of me
That I drag through the mud and thorns
If I could let the transparent clawing, screaming silhouette speak
Instead of kicking it into the utmost peak
If I could put my deepest human essence onto paper for everyone to see

Then, let these new visions be free.
I don't know what I make. and I know that I'm a bad writer with these scrambled thoughts. Forgive me. :(
Katryna Mar 2018
Walang salitang “sayang”

Hindi tayo sayang,
Dahil may mga panahon na tayo lang ang nakakaintindi sa isat-isa.
Hindi alintana ang alingawngaw na dala ng lipunan,
Mga bibig na hindi magkamayan sa pagtutol.

Hindi sayang ang mga panahong sabay nating tinahak ang mundo
imbes pakanan ang ikot ay mas pinili natin ang pakaliwa.

Hindi natin nasayang ang mga oras ng katahimikan,
dahil sabay natin itong sinalin sa musika at sabay nating sinayaw ang tugtog ng ating mga puso.

Sabay nating niyakap ang kahinaan ng bawat isa,
nagsilbi tayong lakas na kayang pumawi ng panghihinang hatid ng mga mapangahas na hamon.

Walang lakad na nasayang,
dahil sabay nating hinakbang ang ating mga paa patungo sa di malamang dito, doon, d’yan at kung saan man.

Walang takot na naramdaman dahil sabay nating sinilip ang kung anong merong hatid ang kabilang daigdig.

Walang sayang,
Kahit sabay nating kinumpas ang ating mga kamay upang magpaalam.

Walang sayang.

Dahil sa mga oras na iyon alam natin,
ang kabilang mundo ay pansamantala lamang.

Alam natin na ang mundo ay iikot muli sa atin,
at sa pangalawang pagkakataon.

Magtatagpo tayong muli,

Hanggang sa susunod nating pagkikita.

Paalam. ­­­­
2 months from now, your getting married. With this, Our time will no longer be timeless. - Kimi No Nawa
Ivan Brooks Sr Mar 2018
While the world sleeps,
and the night creeps,
I wake my body to prepare
as the moon prepares to fade.
I plan for the rest of the day.
I'm very orderly, if I may say...
which way to go,
what to do
who to talk to...
look at my time
read a line,
take a drink,
before I start to think.
I water my flowers,
plan my hours,
check my phone,
right before I leave home...
ready for a fresh day,
set to go all the way!

Somedays are different...
George Krokos Nov 2016
When things don’t work out or go according to expectation
we may not have taken the time to do enough preparation.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
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