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Äŧül 46m
In the warm calm of this dark night,
I prepare for my next fight,
It's not an option, I won't take the flight.

In this soliloquy, I am not so lonely,
I'm with myself right now,
It's not just a trial, I meditate and how.

In this ordeal, I am out of my body,
I need to focus consciously,
It's a fight – it's a war – with great spoils.
My HP Poem #1739
©Atul Kaushal
when we come out the **** the umbilical cord is cut
to PREPARE us for life?
I wouldn't call it that
unless life uses the word PREPARE as its disguise
it goes more like this:
when we come out the **** the umbilical cord is cut
to divide us from our mother
to PREPARE us for preparing

learning to walk and talk
to PREPARE us for preschool

learning the ABC's
you already guessed; to PREPARE us for first grade

in first grade is when you're told you're getting big now
if big means preparing for 2nd 3rd then 4th grade then they were right about something

5th grade arrives once again:
"This activity will help PREPARE you for middle school"

It's the whole overrated pattern of life

middle school some are aware of the concept
but go along with it
"Don't forget to do your summer don't wanna give off a bad first impression"

High School, it only continues
but it's all different now
it's college now
it's what preparing/life(Can't chose one cause I don't know the difference) is for

college is where you find your passion
oh sorry I meant PREPARE some more
if you've reached the final step what more can you PREPARE for?

It's not steps
as long as your you're living your preparing- for they are the same word after all

Now it's time to go off into "the real world"
then which world was I in before?
it often seems as if life is just a long period of time of preparing for preparing. I wrote this piece to express my opinion about the concept of basic life.
seed:the playwrite's thought,
director prepared the field;
actor's sowing act!
Ruhani Jan 24
Have you ever prepared
for something so hard
that has not happened
but your mind
spread a web
like a google map,
the questionnaire is set
possible answers are met,
with your infinite
shining white,
paper sheet.
You are ready
to confront that
unknown fate
in your head.
And when that minute
and you are confident
and brave
to utter
your absolute
you meet
a silence.
No questions asked
No answers followed
and you stand dumbstruck
to feel wasted.
All this while
you were prepping
to meet the "One"
Often we prepare ourselves too much to meet things which are out of our comfort zone. And when we finally meet it, we are not questioned for anything  but just needed to be present.
Peace Dec 2018
Let the rain touch, speak & pour over my emotions. A whiff of thunder, a cloudy chance of a storm brewing. The darkening of the skies. Washing away, the colours of the day. Night in midday, windy in humid air. Tis the atmosphere is changing. Approaching is war. A fight within self. As Spirit is preparing for the battle ahead.

Come wash over me
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2018
Bring joy, dear sunshine
Love and touch all near and far
The Queen thinks, pensive
Starting my first seasonal queen free-verse! ^.^
Lyn ***
Isaac Aug 2018
Time is quiet, but deadly,
Pushing us all.
Neither angry or friendly,
A universal wall.
Converting future to past.
The present a thin line.
No moment can last.
Everything will decline
Into history's arms.
It takes it all.
It gives no alarms,
nor listens to our call.
It has death on its right,
And regrets on its left.
Act now with foresight,
Prepare for its theft.
Written 28 August 2018
NC Aug 2018
She is not thriving in the fancy place
but she grow up with the fertile mind
Other people think like she is in prison
But she feels like in mansion

She grow up and feel comfy
Stuck in her own routine
Doesn't makes her feel unlucky

No one can judge her, she doesn't care
She will prove it someday
What she's been prepare.
©anecstatic 2018
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2018
Some people will remain dry
When the great flood comes
Many will perish and many people will cry
Some will survive in their big homes
Will it be the wealthy and famous?
For now, it's only a speculated guess
The thought of the flood makes me nervous
Yet I try never to show my stress
I pray that those to survive be either one of us
This flood could be a blessing, swear or a test
And no matter what fate will bring my way,
I can certainly pray and hope for the best
Even if the great flood comes like today
Let it not be that day my soul will rest.

✍️ #IvanBrookspoetry©️
Are you ready just in case..
ShowYouLove Dec 2017
Hear the voice of once calling out: Prepare, prepare!
Turn from your ways and repent. I say: be aware!
Make straight the roads and the mountains make low,
Ready the way, believe in your heart, and know:
I baptize you with water to make the body clean
Follow me and I will show you just what I mean.
He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire
His birth was proclaimed by an angel choir.
Good as I may be,
Compared to Him I am unworthy.
He has come to set the prisoners free,
He came to save the likes of you and me
He has come to seek and save the lost
And He came to pay the highest cost.
He has come to make the blind see and the lame walk,
He came to call sinners and make the mute talk.
I stand before you today to testify to the Holy One,
I stand before you to proclaim the love of God’s only son.
Awake sleeper and rise from your bed
For the King with no place to lay his head.
Fix your eyes to heaven, set your heart on higher things
Be washed in the river of life and experience what it brings.
There is new life in Him; the old is gone away.
He is life, His word is truth, His light will show the way
I am the voice in the wilderness calling out.
Your waiting will soon be rewarded, have no doubt.
I am the one sent ahead to tend the fields
That when he comes, he may have bountiful yields.
Prepare your hearts and homes to receive
The one who was, and is, and ever will be.
He, of whom the angels sing and shepherds find
He, to whom wise-men bow down and with whom sinners dined.
I am the voice to quicken your hearts and point to the light,
I am the voice of hope and joy against the darkness of the night.
Written this past Friday in Adoration at St. Peter's Catholic Church. A reflection on today's Gospel reading
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