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Gabriel SWeah Jun 28
Naked I came here
Empty I shall returned home
Death has no respect
This is to encouraged all brothers and sisters far and near to lived for God
Death has no respect,no matter who you are and what you have.
I never knew I'd fall in love with you
Because I still on my pursue
However, You came with the glue
Before I knew
My heart was fixed by you

Yet, falling in love
Is not pure as the dove
It just changes the form of my hell
I know where this will end
Still, I don't care, others can tell
I won't bend

I never knew I'd fall in love with you
Because I still on my pursue
However, you came with something new
Before I do
I'm already belong to you

Yet, the reality
Welcomes me with brutality
I'm taking care of my gain
Preparing for my pain
let's be honest in plain
My love will left me again

(But, I realized that I'll never be ready)
Dez Apr 9
I was asked to describe myself
So took a dictionary from the shelf
And I read the definition
Of a word I thought best fit my disposition
Failure was the word I thought best
The descriptions said, “lack of success”
I closed the book and looked at my questioner
And confessed I am on the road to no where
And in faling to prepare
I have prepared to fail
So I guess this is the way I say beware
Even good looking trains derail
Even those who look like they have it together are falling apart. Many people have told me I am a good young man and I will go places in life. But I feel as though I am not that great and in truth I have not prepared much.
Irene J Nov 2019
the only problem that I haven't told you
it's because you are my dearest friend.
you probably already know,
from the words I wrote,
that it all meant for you.

I'm not ready yet to prepare myself to heart the truth.
Because I know it would **** me softly.
hopefully, you will read all of my poem to you.
Nina Aug 2019
If i knew it would be our last goodbye
I would've end it in a nice way
If i knew it was the last time i could call you,
I would've let you talk the entire time
If i knew all of our text messages will be ignored,
I wouldn't have ended it with something rude
I would've said how much i loved you
How much i care
How much i need you
If i knew it was going to be the end
I would've prepared for a better ending
Poetress2 Apr 2019
Squirrels gather nuts,
to prepare for the Winter.
They plan very well.
Ilya Krivonosov Mar 2019
I write this line –
"The wolf of matera, loner",
I cross myself
And write " goes to friends".

Starting ahead –
"The wolf is not sitting",
Adding a few lines,
It turns out the poem:

"The wolf is not sitting,
Tearing the hair on his chest,
Attaches them to the feet
And he goes to his friends".

The result of such fantasies –
Wolf life is more diverse.
The result of the poem –
Neural network with training.
Äŧül Mar 2019
In the warm calm of this dark night,
I prepare for my next fight,
It's not an option, I won't take the flight.

In this soliloquy, I am not so lonely,
I'm with myself right now,
It's not just a trial, I meditate and how.

In this ordeal, I am out of my body,
I need to focus consciously,
It's a fight – it's a war – with great spoils.
My HP Poem #1739
©Atul Kaushal
K Balachandran Feb 2019
seed:the playwrite's thought,
director prepared the field;
actor's sowing act!
Ruhani Jan 2019
Have you ever prepared
for something so hard
that has not happened
but your mind
spread a web
like a google map,
the questionnaire is set
possible answers are met,
with your infinite
shining white,
paper sheet.
You are ready
to confront that
unknown fate
in your head.
And when that minute
and you are confident
and brave
to utter
your absolute
you meet
a silence.
No questions asked
No answers followed
and you stand dumbstruck
to feel wasted.
All this while
you were prepping
to meet the "One"
Often we prepare ourselves too much to meet things which are out of our comfort zone. And when we finally meet it, we are not questioned for anything  but just needed to be present.
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