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Descovia Jan 6
The whirlwinds from this hurricane
Creates a continuous world warp
the destructive tide remaining inside
Terrifying, flashing lighting side to side
Clearly everywhere it's a mystery
Drift to sleep and float in peace.

It's best to keep calm, cool and collective.
When it comes to friends I am overprotective as well as selective.
Under any form. Not every choice, is worth a risk.
Take a moment to feel the shift, before you flip the script!
You cannot hold on to it.
Allow it comfort you.
Another day with you is more than a gift.
Vacuous matters weighing on you dissolve and wash away

You give me life. In every situation must not lose your composure
Remain free of tension. A wise one of the world
Embedded it in our souls... "To be formless...
Formless like water"
Liam C Calhoun Nov 2016
The neon green frog leaps
Unto it’s last bastion of

He thought it was water,
But I know full well
A ******’s been administered.

So ushers in, the acrid scent of
A life wrought nothing more than
It’s surrounding pestilence;

A chaos concocted,
And alchemy rendered man;
For we’ll break this world,

But at ends, the world will hold us,
For our crimes and
For our contempt.

— The End —