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Sandoval Aug 2017
I listen to the sound
of the waves.

Looking for a clue,
an echo of your silence.

And I patiently
wait for you.

Like Amphitrite
waited for Poseidon.

Long distance relationships..
Sandoval Aug 2017
A rose only grows

by getting watered,

and being


by light. Same goes

with love.

Sandoval Aug 2017
You can mend a

broken heart,

but never with the same

string twice.

Sandoval Aug 2017
Thirty seven thousand feet,
in the air.

Scattered towns
look like tiny galaxies in the night sky.

I could write a thousand poems.

But all I can think of is
the magic in your eyes.

Traveling is good for the soul, though you never forget what you left back home.
Sandoval Aug 2017
I looked up to him, as he stood there,
right in front of me.

I felt the stars burning inside
my clenched hands.

I wanted to touch him,
with this hopeless light running

through my long thin fingers.
The moon was imprinted
in his eyes,

and I could count
every constellation of his freckled countenance.
But, I could not yield.

He was a black hole, and I was the sun.
One step closer,
and he'd take my whole life.

What do you do with a love like that?
If not love from afar.

To Drew.
ABeautifullMind Jun 2017
Mirror, mirror, on the wall...
Is it worth me asking anymore?

Do you tell the truth
at all?

© John Paul Fraser
Sandoval Jun 2017
I was not born a


I was broken into


Sandoval Jun 2017
She* could see it in his eyes.

He was leaving soon, and it was too late to try.

She wanted to scream "stay," but in their silence,

she understood it was goodbye.


— The End —