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Verse Xscape Oct 2020
At starting line, outspoken
At finish line, heartbroken
You and I were once a token
Now, words are left unspoken

© 2020 Poem by Verse Xscape
Madalasapriya Jun 2020
When his eyes raised questions
I left with no more answers
He traced for my essence
Even when I was never with him

Calming was his heart
Every second he whispered my name
Doesn't look he forgot me
Even I wasn't with him

Such felt forever when
I met him after a long time
Doesn't he changed his love for me
Even I left him

My silence drove his instincts
I casually narrated him
but before he concluded anything
This time his silence told me one thing
" Will you be ever with me, Don't leave me
with an excuse  "
Silence between love do speak so much
Sandoval Jun 2017
But you're just a screen again.

A daydream in mid Novembers falling leaves.

That euphoria of seeing you again, wont leave

my skin; and it breaks my bones with words,

poetry, only you can get out of me.

Sandoval Jun 2017
Winter dawns on me. The cold of the air, suffocates

my bones. I look outside and flowers are blooming in.

I'm slowly dying inside these four walls.

I love you, but as I watch you leave,

time slowly falls, and I drop to my knees.

Nicole Rountree Mar 2016
I watched marriage as she gasped for air.
It was a pain that I could no longer bear.
Marriage had been so good to me.
To see her taking her last breath was slowly killing me.
I tried to give her mouth to mouth resuscitation
But my memories of what she had become made me fill will anger and devastation.
She tried to hold on and so did I
But there comes a time when you must let her die
I hated to see marriage go
Her heart beat began to go slow
Her chest no longer rose as she breathed her last breath
It was sad to see marriage go through this last test
But even in death new seeds can be sewn
New hope can be grown
But the true pain from the loss will never be known....
Until you watch the Death of a Marriage.

©Nikki the Pen
Nicole Rountree Feb 2016
My Black Matters ©NikkiR

Politicians sit back while their pockets get fatter
Watching young people **** each other
As the violence we hear gets louder

My black matters
You say I speak incorrectly because my chatter "ain't" like your chatter
My dialect isn't what you expect, but these degrees I represent
Are displayed so you won't forget that my dialect had no influence and no matter what you say, the world can't undo it!

My black matters
I wear my hair natural
But if my natural is offensive to you
Be offended because my natural is oh so beautiful

My black matters
I will continue to climb higher
You will not hinder my elevation
Because my black will rise above all deprivation!
Nicole Rountree Jan 2016
Take a Look at Me by Nikki R.

Take a look at me. I am like an Eagle.  I know you see me soaring.
Better yet, compare me to a lioness.  I know you hear me roaring.
Take a look at me.  Watch and learn.
I have so much to give and expect little in return.
Take a look at me.  My potential is glaring.
Take a look at me.  Trust me, I won’t stop you from staring.
Please understand that you can’t define my elevation by your lack of motivation.
You can’t dull my illumination by throwing shade in your conversations.
You can’t stop my zeal because my joy—you will never steal.
Take a look at me.  What do you see?  Take a look at me.
I Am She!  ©Nikki R.
Nicole Rountree Jan 2016
My Temperament by ©Nikki R.

My temperament is like the warmth of a summer's day
My smile illuminates and shines through clouds as the trees soak up all the photosynthetic rays.

It takes more than a storm to rattle me
I will not be moved by people who fail to see the iridescent beauty that is within me.

My temperament can be like the oceans and the seas.  
Don't think I'm incapable of rising with the tide to defend my pride.

My temperament can be like a raging storm or a gentle rain shower that quenches the thirst of spring flowers.

My temperament.  It is what defines me.
It is my temperament. So, don't you dare judge me.

My temperament is Me and I AM SHE!

#poetry #poem #poet #spokenword #womeninpoetry #author #IAMSHE

© 2016 Nikki R.

— The End —