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Sandoval Feb 2018
I really don't know what to tell you.
I try to be the best human I can be,  I
sometimes care too much, I care a lot
about many things;

and it makes me depressed..
I've been depressed ever
since I can remember,
and i'm just really sad most of the time..
and not being happy, is the most awful
thing I could do to myself..

So before I can love you,
I must first love the grey pieces of my
old, echoing soul.. and if you wait,
wait for the sun to replace the moon.

I will gift to you, the buried light inside
my dusted, shivering bones..

Sandoval Nov 2017
This road was wide

enough to let you run away,
and help you find your way.

But never long enough to bring
you back home, and

make you stay..

Sandoval Nov 2017
Without your voice,

calling my name. My

silent muse, I am

deaf to it all ..

Sandoval Nov 2017
About my love life ?
I read the same
book, over and over..
Having a shelf full of
them at my every
reach.. That should
tell you everything
you need to know
about the way I love..

Sandoval Nov 2017
Poor girl,

sometimes you love so
much, so fiercley,

and so madly, that
you forget

not everyone is half as
mental as you..

Sandoval Oct 2017
She was the

type of girl

who breathed in stars, and

spit out


Sandoval Sep 2017
Before* you,

there was no one.

And after you,

there will only be your

Sandoval Sep 2017
We were roses,
washed ashore.

Floating in an
endless universe.

Full of magic,
full of hope.

Carrying our
decaying beauty,

we go..

Sandoval Sep 2017
Time* always

but never

And if you ask me,
what you were to me.

you were a watch on my

Sandoval Sep 2017
I woke up

in the middle of the night.
Drowning in your absence,
suffocating in your silence..

It was late out,
skies cried and stars fell.
The day the universe finally

understood, what
your lips could
never tell.

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