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Axel Jul 22
I'm not embarrassed to say that every time my eyes met yours my heart beats faster.

It's like I'm a drummer addicted to his music that he creates every summer so that he could listen to the rhythm that's rushing in his adrenaline every time his drum vibrates and creates a sound that we call music.

But I call it love.
it's like you're the sound I'm searching
इन्सान की ये फितरत है अच्छी खराब भी,
दिल भी है दर्द भी है दाँत भी दिमाग भी ।
खुद को पहचानने की फुर्सत नहीं मगर,
दुनिया समझाने की  रखता है ख्वाब भी।

शहर को भटकता तन्हाई ना मिटती ,
रात के  सन्नाटों में रखता है आग भी।
पढ़ के हीं सीख ले ये चीज नहीं आदमी,
ठोकर के जिम्मे नसीहतों की किताब भी।

दिल की जज्बातों को रखना ना मुमकिन,
लफ्जों में  भर के पहुँचाता आवाज भी।
अँधेरों में छुपता है आदमी ये जान कर,
चाँदनी है अच्छी पर दिखते हैं दाग भी।

खुद से अकड़ता  है खुद से हीं लड़ता,
जाने जिद कैसी है  कैसा रुआब भी।
शौक भी तो पाले हैं दारू शराब क्या,
जीने की जिद पे मरने को बेताब भी।
I visited that place
where I was the loneliest,
Where I became a corpse,
Where I wasn't me but
like mirror glass,
Only reflection!
my presence was just
my hopeless depression.
Natalia Molito Aug 2019
Sa dinami-rami ng mga tala sa kalangitan,
sa bilyung-bilyong bilang nilang hindi malaman,
sa paglubog ng araw at paglitaw ng buwan,
ikaw ang tanging bituin na nais kong masilayan.
Colm Jun 2019
It's not how quick your feet are
Or how fast you can run in an attempt to fly

It's none of THAT and all of THIS
How you fall with the imperfections of each inevitable try

I'll tell you what it is, IT IS, right in front of you
In the face of the breath which has yet to come

It has nothing to do with how many times your feet may falter
When you fail to fly

But how quickly you can defy and overcome
Which defines the true heart inside
True Hearts - They Try

Fervent Series (2/10) - 06/23/19
Chirayu Writer Jul 2015
Go to the truth
Beyond in the mind
Love is the bridge...
Shilpa Sharma May 2015
She is perfection personified. She gets jealous. Gets irritated easily. Have mood swings. Thinks that the world is a very dark world. Doesn't like liars. Thinks she is not beautiful.

There was one thing she forgot to do.
Looking herself from my eyes.
RG The Visionary Mar 2015
Remember our one on ones
Things get heated then it ends up one on one
Then you would leave
Then I receive
a text
Sayin I'm done
Last time was the last
I'm really going to leave you
But you said that in the past
So who I was I to believe you
Never did I deceive you
A mean a couple of times I lied
But that was only cause I hate to see you cry
so of course I proceed to
Continue to mislead you
Girl I tried
To be the man
Always by your side
And provide
Even had thoughts of you being a bride
But  this pride in boy
Was to be the reason for losing his pride and joy
relationship more slippery then olive oil
Even though I loved your
That you put in
But You shouldn't
Have decided
That we were better off divided
Which ignited
A flame that I couldn't
put out
Look how
Our loves took a tumble
Till it hit rock bottom and crumbled
You use to yell I love you  
Now all you do is mumble
Whispers of sweet nothings in the wind
Look how it ends
Told me you would call me right back
Hang up
Then go and cheat right behind my back
Try to act
Like it didn't phase me much
Seen a girl I was tempted to touch
But I let her past
Cause I still seen a future for us
You thought different
geo's Nov 2014
I love you
But sometimes I look around
And I get the feeling that
I should love you
Like people do in movies
Or in books.
But then I become alive
And I feel that it would be a cliché
So I love like lovers love each other in poems
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