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RG The Visionary Mar 2015
I wish it wasn't you
That I was talking to
But you make
Me go crazy
As of late
I stopped calling you baby
So maybe We should go on a break
Don't take
This the wrong way
But I've been thinking bout this all day
Trying to to figure out how do I stay
When I want to leave twice as bad
I know you mad
But I have to go
Now you crying getting all emotional
When usually they never show
Like now it'll get you out this predicament
When really **** like this is the reason for the mood I'm in
More angry cause I can't get a refund
On all this time spent
Only goes to show that it meant
Nothing to you
Till I decided to throw up Duce
Then you will run to your girls
Telling them I did you *****
They'll tell you I'm not worthy and surely
You believe them
But we both know.....
  Mar 2015 RG The Visionary
Haydn Swan
I see the darkness form,
cloaking everything from within its fold,  
shapeless forms appearing within the void,
unlocked only by dancing moonbeams,
fleeting through an unveiled window,
I hear the blackness call,
luring me into its calm serenity,
soothing my spirit with its words,
draping me with its veil
within it's sanctuary,  
we shall elevate our souls
and rise up from the dead.
RG The Visionary Mar 2015
Remember our one on ones
Things get heated then it ends up one on one
Then you would leave
Then I receive
a text
Sayin I'm done
Last time was the last
I'm really going to leave you
But you said that in the past
So who I was I to believe you
Never did I deceive you
A mean a couple of times I lied
But that was only cause I hate to see you cry
so of course I proceed to
Continue to mislead you
Girl I tried
To be the man
Always by your side
And provide
Even had thoughts of you being a bride
But  this pride in boy
Was to be the reason for losing his pride and joy
relationship more slippery then olive oil
Even though I loved your
That you put in
But You shouldn't
Have decided
That we were better off divided
Which ignited
A flame that I couldn't
put out
Look how
Our loves took a tumble
Till it hit rock bottom and crumbled
You use to yell I love you  
Now all you do is mumble
Whispers of sweet nothings in the wind
Look how it ends
Told me you would call me right back
Hang up
Then go and cheat right behind my back
Try to act
Like it didn't phase me much
Seen a girl I was tempted to touch
But I let her past
Cause I still seen a future for us
You thought different
RG The Visionary Mar 2015
I hoped you were the one but you wasn't
When you wre alone
My phone buzzing
Other then that we barely tlk like distant cousins
You were fronting
Which made me do the same
Till I grew up mentally didnt want to play those games
So I stepped up but you stepped out
You figured I was lame
Or wasn't ready to think of baby names
So from then it changed
But little did you know I was getting my self in order
Ever since I had that dream
Of having a little daughter
figured I oughtta
Make my self to be the man that my father wasn't
And hopefully shed be rich and spoiled like warren buffet
But when half of these girls trynna have a baby by a baller like Latoya luckette
It gets way harder to trustem so I'm like **** it
Only worried bout me until that time comes
And to think you'd be the reason why I run
from relationships
Can't deal with it
they never go in my favor
so now I'm serving every girl around like a blind waiter
My Savior will guide me through the danger
That may wager
my life
Like a bet
But none of it will ever matter
Cause since I was born I knew I would never get that silver platter
But you I thought was my first success
But dumby me never second guessed

See as Andre put it together
You were my prototype

The girl I thought I would never lie
Now forever ever I'm
Paralyzed with fear of this word called love
Cause ever since  I used it its been a disaster
but I seem to have mastered
the art of repetition
Of being in a mission to get a girl that feels the same way
But every time I swear I dig my own  grave
saying I love you and the response you gave me I never understood
Till now so that word is cut out of my vocab
Cause these emotions that get stolen never find its way back
I need LoJack
*** I loathe that
But you know that
And still those
Words sprung from your mouth
After the fact
My response I had none
Her face froze
She was appalled by it all
She said it again I pretended
That those words didnt
Affect me
Till they really didn't
RG The Visionary Mar 2015
Tears down her her face
as she ask me why
sat there face of despair saying I
took a moment as time passed by
you lied you lied was all she say
but still no reply
from me
why cant you be why cant you be more of thee
old guy that you use to be
don't say you love me like you use to
all you ever do is hang with your new crew
ironically singing no new friends
thinking you to cool
but you  fool  
just another tool
but who knew
You I would lose you
you different now
never getting loud
always sitting down
everytime I look at you
I wonder who's who
is this that nice and generous sheem
who fell in love with a Nubian woman  and treated her like a queen
made her feel more important then life itself.
stop....I cut her off
For a while I been feeling like ive been in love by myself.
thinking you've been down  looking sad thinking to my self
how could I help
would  I ever please you
see you
was so intertwined  from what you heard in the vine
didn't even care if I intervened
tell you I loved you
you didn't care
taking you out
getting you things
made you dinner and walk by like I wasn't there
there was times that I thought you wouldnt notice if I disappeared
what we shared been gone
Im surprised it took you this long.
But i guess you did when I stopped
That word love got
Stripped from my vocab
Burnt to a crisp never to rise from the ash
No rise of the Phoenix from old flames rekindled
You mingled and sparked infatuations of your own
While I thought of you at home
In a world so cold
who knew I get freezer burned
But you live and learn
I guess
RG The Visionary Aug 2014
I was a lost soul
In this world so cold
Where everyone knows the mind becomes corrupted
Because everything in life is about money cars
and that ****** seduction

Just becareful bcus if u get ****** in
Ull cnfuse love with lust
Money for power  
In it's self a contradiction
But still has Everyman wishing
For the life of a superstar when really it's the little ones that make galaxies

but see we are confused by our own infatuations nd a touch of insanity
So here I am trying to figure out my souls anatomy
RG The Visionary Aug 2014
She was blessed from the start like a christening
Aura glistening
Her vision is
Very humble still grounded
Well rounded
Well known
Not for getting *****
But rather for how shes sounding
On the mic every night
Harmonic tunes
Melodic boon
Has every one in a trance
As if she was a muse
no daughter to Zeus
But a goddess in her own rights
In a dark room she still consumes eyes
As if she's in the spot light
a little lime and still bright
Life gave her lemons
She created her own zest
quality is her smooth characteristics
Or is it
how she styles with finess
With out trying to empress
The next
Man she  just do it for her self
**** here I am thinking I could help
But can't even help my self
Why cause her
Intellect matches her beauty
I'm talking she got brains and her *****
**** see that's not really what attracted me
It was that crazy **** cool personality
Not exactly
a role model
But who wants perfect
Cause honestly
Sometimes a woman's flaws will make her worth it
Even if a future isn't certain
Instead of saying you working
Over time
Give a reason to put work in and overtime
You gain connection
Type of girl to be your lover and BESTFRIEND
Treat her nothing less then
The best thing
you ever had
Make sure she never mad
bad in their own view
But to you she beautiful
Woman not a *****
But that's a word most men are use to
Plus trying to get
a women as Devine
as I define
Is hard to find
So a good women we become immune to
But see if I get that I won't let go
but that's the funny thing about is you'll never know
feelings will never show
If they do  
You'll feel clumsy  
never look before you fall
You just close your eyes and say

— The End —