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Paramount Pawn Jan 2017
she is the devil
always ******* on about her crap
doesn't understand the commoner's way
thinking she should be #1
***** her and her ****
let her have fun in hell
freaks like her deserve worst things
sisters, am i right?
Rambo Sep 2016
No smoking,
It’s bad for business—
Unless it’s beef or pork or something of the sort

But in my booth,
I bicker back and forth with peoples’ busted lips
Puffing butts between impolite breaths; ******
Conversation pits brain upon
Besieged brain,
Neither knowing
Quite what to say, and the words just keep on a-comin’

These fools’ flows flail desperately,
And thusly fail to fulfill their purpose

Such unintelligible folks spark my plight—
Oh, I can read just fine, but I could use some light—
I need a cigarette!
Esfoni Jun 2015
She finds something to cavil at in everything I say
Winter, summer; spring, autumn; night or day
I will love her, more than life; no matter what
Every April; June, July, August; even May

Saturday, June 20, 2015

— The End —