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Dee Baylon Feb 26
My heart stays in somber as emotion leaves my body and my mind fills with things that hurt me..
Im happy i know i am i just get this crashing wave of hurt and i'm just stuck..
Back at the start i thought i had passed this..
I want to tell you how i feel but i cant bear of the thought of you thinking it is your fault that i feel this way,
It's not i'm just broken but you're starting to fix me i just have a habit of tearing myself down and hurting myself mentally....
I was contemplating not telling you but that would only make things worse but for me to explain myself to you i'd have to say
that I feel worthless,
I feel Empty and cold and numb and i think that you're so amazing that i don't deserve you, you're a beautiful person.
And i'm just a broken person with My Broken Mind
Lieke Jan 2019
It's a dark night
Purple veins are conquering the sky
The haunting thunder is surrounding me

Teardrops are falling from the sky
rolling down my icy cheeks
The cry of piercing wind is petrifying
slithering in one ear
crawling out the other

I kept inhaling
Not knowing which breath would be my last
My head light
My vision faint
The last bits of life were bleeding out of me.
July 2017
maddie Nov 2018
You convinced me to go home with you
After a night of good fun
I knew I shouldn't have trusted you
How could I have been so dumb ?

It started out with a kiss
A little bitter from the wine
I was in a state of bliss
Everything was just fine

But then I froze in shock
Your hands were down my shirt
I couldn't even move
As your hand went up my skirt

I wanted you to stop
But I was petrified by your actions
The sweet man I knew
Became a monster needing satisfaction

You took what you wanted
I couldn't stop you
You left marks on my body
***** my mind too
K N Brown Jul 2018
she was petrified


and she still faced her demons

like she breathed air--

not with ease,

not with tranquility,

not because she wanted to--

because she had to
Bailey May 2016
by you"
---*A Beautiful Mind
This movie has given me such such relief in so many ways. I feel so much better than I have in a long while.
gene Sep 2015
“But I am petrified of several things,
I am petrified that I am badly smitten,
I am petrified that I am sorely into you,
I am petrified as this kind of feeling arise from deep within,
I am petrified that I am completely, utterly in love with you.

And someday you’ll wake up when reality has finally dawned on you,
That I am just another mistake,
I am petrified that you are my ocean,
And I’ve never loved drowning
…so much.”
Good morning, fellas. A brand new Sunday awaits for you. God bless us all. :)
K Balachandran Jun 2015
She turned to a stone, before his unbelieving eyes!
in earlier times this would be counted as the result of a  curse,
an analysis, on how it happened seemed futile, so he didn't pursue
He chisel and hammer ominously were left somewhere,
she was irretrievably trapped, within a queer shaped stone .
Kennedy Taylor Apr 2015
He’s always been afraid.
She was always petrified.
They both always craved control,
They were similar in that way,
We all are.

You know,
Something I‘ve been meaning to tell you is that
The devil isn’t red and he doesn't have horns.
He’s got brown eyes and a charming smile.
He won’t lead you to do evil things,
And he won’t make your life hell.
He will make you do that yourself.
His role?
He’s there to comfort you,
Bring you in,
Hold you close,
He will tell you that he can save you,
Only him.
“Without him, you’re nothing.”
You’re worthless, he’s made you believe it.
“You’re lucky to have him.”
He’s a parasite.
He will say anything to make you stay.
He’s afraid.

And another thing,
She isn’t all scars and sad poems.
There are stars hidden in her lungs
That she whispers into sweet poetry
Hoping that one line, just one, will be enough.
She won’t write you into stanzas,
She won’t be your muse.
You’ve been poetry this whole time.
Her role?
She’s there to make art,
To feel every emotion
Deeper than the bottles she drinks to make them go away.
She will write,
She will turn him into midnight poems
And cries to be set free
From all of this.
“Darling, the moon doesn't shine for you.”
She understands this and he won't accept it.
“You’re the only poem I know how to write.”
She’s a poet.
She will do anything to make him stay.
She’s petrified.

He tore her down and bruised her soul,
And she turned him into art.

The world might not remember how she felt,
But they will read her poems and know,
The devil isn’t red and he doesn't have horns.
He’s got brown eyes and a charming smile.
She isn’t all scars and sad poems.
There were stars hidden in her lungs
That she whispered into sweet poetry.

He was afraid,
And she was petrified,
We all are.
Why do we stay with the ones who hurt us and tear us down? Is it just our role to play?
When the lights go out
and darkness swallows everything,
you will find me panicking.
I am petrified
of what could be hiding,
waiting for me to fall asleep
so it can **** me with ****** claws.
I have been recollecting our shards
Shattered glass of incandescent past
And I do not care if it cuts
My porcelain hands do not feel
For you have drained my blood
I have nothing left to bleed
But somehow I'm glad that
If you are reading this by any chance
Know that I didn't love you just once
From the first meeting until the last
And all the days in between
My love will stay unthawed
Frozen and locked here

-Petrified Heart, Margaret Austin Go
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