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i am in love with
the feeling of nothingness
alone with myself
On a pallid afternoon, interspersed with thoughts of occult days,
I, my palettes and brushes sit down with the hope of splashing colours on the white void surrounding me...
Yet like a white hole it absorbs all the colours leaving behind a blank space!
Perhaps some days are like a dense fog inside and out...
And I am not yet certain whether to be proud or to regret,
What such days of gloom has taught me...
But one thing is certain, that all the moments coalesced together has taught me to paint a portrait of nothingness-
The thing that does not exist yet which threatens to live in the deepest chambers of my unruly mind!
And when I feel empty, I empty my soul into paper... Perhaps then,I can become full!
Hope you all are doing well, dear poets! ❤✨
Void Feb 8
Some wounds
Cut deeper than flesh
And tarnish the soul

Feelings get hurt
Relationships lose their worth
And the actions are haunting

This is the trauma that will last a lifetime
These are the instances which make or break us

Fight or flight
Fight for your life
As your sanity slowly slips through your fingers

Strike a match
To light a candle:
A memorial of your life
Before it went astray
Yusti Dec 2020
Nothing has never been scheduled,
but the power of the question.

Itself, the world makes no sense,
without scheduling it doesn’t.

And it’s not the freedom to think,
or even the calmness of free will.

It goes deeper inside with no trace,
so people use to believe what they don’t.

When hopes become the sole odds,
when the odds become triggered defeats.

And so, people will forever value and worry,
but what’s the beginning and the end?

The past seemed to not be determined,
and the future; yes; it does.

You all forget your past was your future,
and your present never dies.

Arriving to the conclusion of non-caring about that,
to just live or feel comprehensive about your now.

And never about your after or before,
exclusively about your then.

This could lead you to madness.

So what’s the right thing?
Should I care about?

I am not frightened,
I am just curious.

But nobody seems to believe it.
Kaitland Dec 2020
Contrast and compare between the busy ones
And the ones that don't care
Until there is no one that you really know
So I drift through these days of appointments and wasted time
They will all end up broken and quickly replaced. With pills and empty promises
I can’t seem to not take
The Weeks are slow, days drag on;
Even love making and parties seem too long
But I find myself on going
I guess there's nothing to do
Oh well......
Hannah Oct 2020
If ever.
Float and float
Into my brain
My cells bomb
My head is heavy
My thoughts are fast
My heart is pounding
My nerves are aching
My love died
It was burried
Long ago
My past was filled with
I was manipulated to
Drink poison
I had no idea
It would lobotomize me
Through my adulthood years
I cried
Although, I could not feel
The drops rolling down
My face
Confusion, between
Numbness and misanthropy

I died
I died
Long time ago.
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