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Chandan Shersia Nov 2018
All I see when I look at life
Is a parallel world different from mine
A world of wonders
Of love, happiness and joy
Celebrating happiness
At every point of time
Look out at the ocean
So vast and blue
Waves singing
The Heaven’s song for you
Reach out your hand
To touch the tiny flashlights
Hanging on a thread
From the Heaven’s floor
Close your eyes
And let the feeling grow
Fly to a place and
Forget about the world around you
Our parallel worlds
Are never meant to meet
But we’ll race along
To the lap of eternity
Strawberry Aster Oct 2015
in a parallel world,
alarm clocks--
were made
to wake us up
from reality;

I shall
wake up
each time
at the first ring;

we shall
be together,
in the amber glow
of my every dream~

— The End —