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Gemineyed Gypsy Aug 2016
In the Old World, those of our kind had to keep ourselves hidden and work our magic behind closed doors. We were to be secret sorcerers. A mysterious kind of folk. We were accused of darkness and exiled to despair if our covers were blown. Thankfully these times are changing.

With this New World Order, our fate is changing for the better of us all. And more importantly, the fate of the earth and the cosmos beyond. While dark magic is something we are all capable of portraying whether intentional or not, there is so much more good that can come when aligned with the magic and mystique, connected with the powers of our earthly just as our heavenly realms.

As above, so below is a saying we all know.
As it is in the heavens it shall be on earth.
Peace and Protection are granted for all who believe.
Gifts from nature given as tools and symbols so we may live a life of leisure and ease.

For now, we are teachers shown through storybook tales. To prepare you for your future in magic that comes with being born into these great times of change; for we will one day pass our torch to you; just as you will to every indigo, rainbow, soul-healing, spirit-weaving, wondrous light-working child.
Gemineyed Gypsy Jul 2016
Can you remember before we tripped and fell out of stride? Over-paced, the human race, our twelve-hour clock wound up tight with our world moving two days too fast.

Can you imagine a world with dirt roads and infrequent cars? Silence from the propellers of planes with air so pure, crisp and free from the fumes of exhaust and burning fuel that continues to fill our atmosphere at an extraordinarily fast-paced race to the end before we can even enjoy the beginning?

I dream of going back to such a place, building these dreams and grand illusions in my mind from the stories of my elders and great ancestors of old times.

When working was nothing about sitting at an office desk or making the most salaried income in this hectic life of no rest.

When mornings were spent gratefully tending to the fields and afternoons to the flocks. When in between, you let your eyes rest as you lay on fresh hay bales using only the sun's shadows as your clock.

When nights were filled with belly laughter and passionate kisses creating harmony with nature's own chirps of crickets and coyotes making sweet symphony to the skies; to Mother Moon herself and to the Great One hidden from our eyes.

A time of ease and inner peace amongst our day's hard work. Where the silence of zen in utmost meditation's only disturbance is of nature herself... A dragonfly zipping across your line of view... a horsefly buzzing around your ear... The bark of a pup or the sly movements of the cat as he makes his way into your garden to mess with your plants...

A world where your surroundings are as vastly colored as the most glorious sunset sky of orange, fuchsia, peach and yellow rainbow-dipped flowers, sending their love in sweet floral aroma as you breathe in; lifting your head, heart and chest in joyful adoration as your eyes glance in reverence to the heavens up high.
© 2016 Gemineyed Gypsy
All rights reserved.
Intellectual property of the author.

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