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Kole J McNeil Jan 26
Broken words up on this page
The more they grow of my new age
Sad songs on a ballad of hope
Around my soul a necklace of rope
Along this river of unseen pain
The red of blood has left my vain
Broken words up on this page
One more day of broken age
A generation of broken souls
Broken words up on this page
The lost hope of a new age
All I wish to see in this life is change but it's impossible with the standards that life now has and kids being trapped in schools that haven't changed in centuries and curriculum's that make them feel lost and stressed. Adults being trapped in a life and job that they don't want all so they can have the smallest bit of freedom and feed their families. I want a new hope for all of humanity. I want all races to be equal all genders and sexuality's to have the same rights. I want everyone to be able to smile for real not a fake one they have been wearing for far to long.
Daniel Cuzzo Dec 2020
Thank you, beautiful soul
for understanding this.
Sadness exists for a reason,
and it's not only there
so we can fool ourselves
it doesn't exist,
that we can dispel
our darkness with fitness.

Many are afraid deep down
that we’re not good enough.
And since “love” and “light,”
is SO PC in New Age reality
we tend to resent darkness
as if it NO longer has a place
except to be displaced
with brevity, and grace.

Disingenuous thoughts are
reserved for
members of our race
who don’t seem to “embrace”
this ideology.
And we just make sure
not to go too far
in elevating ourselves
above mine or your
perceived sadness:
the “negativity.”

Just a TIP going forward,
no need to believe.
Being free is one step closer
to who we want to be.

NO need to be discouraged
by Ecco-chambers of
what you “should believe,”
how you “should live,”
in order to reach 5D.

Be real, be what you feel.
Find YOUR definition of love
and live it to the fullest.

Don’t exchange
your 3D critics for 5D ones.
Unless, you really feel inside
that what they say has SWAY
on ALL you want to embody.

It’s unlikely to be as happy
IGNORING darkness,
pretending it can be dismissed.

LIVE it, LOVE it, LEARN from it
until you UNDERSTAND
why it clings so determinedly.
Let it go with tears, blessing, a kiss.

OR we can spend our lives
not understanding this.
Banishing it every night,
perhaps it MIGHT not
come back.

UNDERSTAND darkness,
THEN let it go.
It’s not light in isolation
that’s meant to show something.

I believe you are already
on that track.
Otherwise I’d not be
tapping my right thumb
and rhyming ad-nauseum.
Live your truth. Be well.
Perhaps hell for an Earth-spell
is enough for the populace.
I have a feeling
within levels of light
there are levels of UNDOING.

THAT “undoing” is not,
feeling sad, sorting out thoughts.
The “undoing,” is the feeling,
That THIS, is ALL I AM,
THIS is how life will be
THIS is what makes us happy
AND GROWING is only defined,
when played BETWEEN lines
of ALREADY “verified” facts.

And ANYTHING else,
is a recipe to remove
this new precipice,
BRING us back

yet this is not likely
to keep us from being happy.

BECAUSE happiness,
for some,
is MOST liberating
when smiling
into that abyss.

when ONE can
they can ALSO,
flick their finger
and MAKE it
BECOME beauty.

But to think
Even BEFORE 5D –
I mean, we looked down on people
ON “happy pills,” didn’t we?
And NOW, we think, our HEARTS,
our wills are so STABLE.
(You’ve got to chuckle a bit).

This split is not the END,
FAR from it.
Dig in my friends.
I’m not the ONLY one
who has big dreams.

Have a guidebook.

“Guidebooks,” may exist,
but they’re for
those who come after.

We’re not the first race
the second or third
to enter the Galactic Federation –
but BLAME the writer in me
for saying you won’t get everything
from someone else’s words,
someone else’s songs,
someone else’s pictures and dance.

Sharpen your stupid New-Age
equivalent of pencils.
Put on your Pleiadean anti-grav boots.
Jump in those medical off-shoots
that make us younger, healthier
grow our hair back and straighten
our crooked spines.

Do ALL of that,
then it’s time
to find the RHYME
the anti-rhyme,
the rhythm,
the broken beat
or move your feet
that are NO LONGER
flat, no longer, heal spurred
whisper in your voice
that’s now filled with choice
each and every one.
DON’T follow
each and every decision

Because when we see
some semblance of happiness,
it’s natural to fear for this,
believe EVERY deviance
will bring us closer to what was.

Because, “what was,”
was pretty bad right?
I mean,
you can get arrested
for dancing,

That sounds EXACTLY
like what I’m telling
you to do now!

Live your own truth:
with 10,000 or zero followers
BECAUSE one TRUE thing
about us all 5D’ing
Daniel Cuzzo Dec 2020
Another Realm of Hypocrisy
December 7, 2020

I asked a question,
the implications?
people are mad at me,
think I’m a joke or crazy,
call me unenlightened
as if with a few words
they’re better than me,
casually introduce
they’ve been to my goal
and still use that label
to characterize honesty
about NOT knowing
and asking for clarity.

Perhaps, what I asked
is NOT a possibility
and not believing in lies
is an awakened responsibility.
Yet predicting ONE who asks
will not move fast enough
to reach that impasse
is that really in your skillset?

And yet other “awakened”
believe it true, their wisdom
not necessarily less than you.
A friend sends:
“The ability to observe
without evaluating
is the highest form
of intelligence”

I’m new to spiritual groups
So far I’ve found them reinforcing
until, it seems they can’t agree
and point fingers just like in 3D
self-evaluate and compare
a question I wrote in my underwear
to their robust and rich life experience
that no one else has.

And that makes them right.
Believe we’re all God’s in the making
Believe that we’re close to winning gold
That’s what we’re told, positive reinforced
in our groups sharing love and light
where we have echo-chambers of insight
that should reflect the whole world
because we are the world:  connected.

Connection is a funny thing.
Some are convinced reading words
is pointless.
I wrote a nice introduction
The man said he was “just like me,”
I received an invite to
his welcome portal.
Then I had to schedule
a phone call.  Turns out,
the man said he never read:
he felt.

While I was busy jumping hoops
and this man was taking a dump
(I kid you not, he said it on the phone)
I had been doing so, with the impression
to GIVE the benefit of the doubt,
let him work his way out,
yet I showed some doubt
to his many proclamations
where I should have voiced
only affirmations.

When we talked he decided
I was not what he thought
but couldn’t say that
and told me to
“come back when
we can talk telepathically”
kicking me out of his portal
(but I’m sure it’s accidental).

You may say this guy IS NOT
spiritual.  So I’ll go on.
Next song:
I met someone in Arcturians group
Who was lonely, surrounded by
the unawakened.  I wrote poetry
in response and said
I’d befriend her.

Perhaps my pretty words
can be enough to satisfy
as twittering birds
but rhymes can work
counter clockwise.

SHE ALSO said,
she doesn’t read
Of course, it’s AFTER
I explain myself
in lengthy text
and she insists
to talk on video-call
which I abhorred
but for a friend’s sake
I was open and demure.

She ASKS me three questions
that I had ANSWERED
in the text I wrote before.
Surprised at the answer
she criticizes:
EXACTLY what I tried
to avoid.

SHALL I Go on?
Because there’s more.
We keep talking
she keeps guiding
I keep learning
and toeing her lines
as best I can.

She asks me for a reading,
worries about the details
I ask spirit and she doesn’t
like the answer
is angered that I’d ask
without her permission.

Perhaps she’s right
but nearly every night
she picks apart my flaws
reads my family through one story,
tells me every bit of darkness
I need to transmute to purple flames
and I was never asked for permission.

Is accepting a call permission?
How many rules do I have to follow?
How MANY times do they say
because when I do and it disagrees
with someone you get angry, say:
“you like to put your head under
the guillotine.”

So okay, now we’re back to Paris
during a VERY dark period
in their history.
And this allusion,
is something that I have to fix
inside me.

I ask a question,
say something unexpected
and I’m crashed on
by similar reactions
to my 3D counterparts.

Except it’s no ***** no farts
no ***** language at all
it’s all metaphysical
my LIGHT is more than
your LIGHT and we fight
the same way we all hated
how the unenlightened did.

Yes, it’s a brave new world
and we haven’t shaken off
the things we wish we had
and I’m happy to be one of them.

Because I’m not here to lie
and say I’m more than I am
you can try to prove I’m lesser
but there’s that internal lie detector
that yes, can’t be relied on all the time
but when there’s enough reason
I rhyme.

And that’s my “transmute”
to all you “New-Age” brutes.

We’ve certainly entered a new age
but those of us practicing meditation
in the light of the sun
better hope that light shines
all night long.
Because despite what they say
there WILL be night in the new world
and I won’t be one with innate blind spots
to everything and ANYTHING
that doesn’t satisfy me.

The New-Age distaste
is levels better than our human race
has climbed in the last century
but LOOK where we’re going.
If we’re to be creating NEW systems
MAKE SURE not to carry the old ones.
Make it true to what you espouse
and fill NOT just YOUR house
but others, even those “unworthy”
such as me:  with love light,
understanding and civility.
Otherwise, we’ll only half rise
to another realm of hypocrisy.

Defense of the Poem
December 7, 2020

I’m aware that I’m fresh
and don’t have enough stories
to fill even this lengthy poem
to completion
but I write it now to say:
prove me wrong.
Be the person you want
in your heroic songs
your namaste’s, crystals
and prayers to mother earth
should cater to how you view
If it’s connected, divine
spiritually wise, casually
walk on crooked spines
to straighten out
every little tic
of the body
as something just as good
worth exploring
we’ve NOT learned enough
don’t settle on the cusp
of this achievement
and leave nothing to do
but dance, husbands, wives
friends:  and shoe off
the rest of us.

And if you still want to relive
the feeling of meeting and knowing
everything good you need to embrace
-I’d like to find that out someday,
maybe it’s the case/ can happen.

WHAT would it be like to TRULY
touch a book and read its contents?
Would 30 hours of enjoyment
COMPOUND into ONE moment?
All the realizations, sensations
jumping up and down, crying, laughing
ALL HAPPEN:  at once?

Because then I think
many people may call it crazy
to see dancing, angry, happy
limbs all doing a different thing
when “reading” a book

Yes, perhaps it is a new world.
Keep reading by touch
and see what comments are posted.

Or perhaps NOT.  We’re above all that.
We can read and internalize the JOY,
NO EXPRESSIONS like a little girl or boy
because the LIGHT is within
and we’re 5D SWIMMING in it…
Or do we really swim?
Maybe it’s TOO slow,
perhaps enlist dolphins
unless we’re exercising:
are we MORPHING,
manifesting perfection,
or OUR idea of it?

What will we do with no jobs?
Barbeques, corn on the cobbs
parties, tree swings, technology
money distributed equitably?

Yes, maybe our job is to sire
the new generation and admire
this creation, feat of resistance
against the greedy darkness before
PRETEND like it’s no more
because WE’VE HAD enough
of the 3D world,
would like to think it’s all gone
but we’re the products and since
all of us are on it: some are clueless
to meditation, still with depression
are we leaving “saving” us
to the “humanoids” and “aliens?”
MANY WILL use that word at first.
Humanoids will get it easy.
Extra-terrestrials will get it worst.

Pleiadians did this millions of years ago
and we have no reason to fear
it’d be different.
Look at the gradient.
Is satisfaction dominant
or are we so tired
need unwinding
stave of finding
until next

Yes, we’re 1G haha
look at me, we know every G
brings a better copy of ourselves
let’s hope we’re not as faulty
as the old G’s, not as detrimental
to the cause we pushed for.

You might claim
after I’ve doubted our aim
our judgment
that I’m the same as cultists
spreading insecurities.

But what do I get out of it?
What’s my fat bottom line?
Am I too embarrassed to shine?
I embrace the darkness
understand the darkness
and let it go:
like this poem.

You may say I AM the darkness
because I don’t BANISH it
as soon as it arrives
when I’m sipping chia tea,
I flick a finger, it flies away.
TO WHERE though?
Where does it go?
Darkness shows up somewhere.
Maybe it’s hiding under the chair
and WHAM!  World light
comes into question.

Or is it realization:
I am me, and you are you
we are one but not the same
we share a heart but not a brain
though we will grow to know
telepathically, empathically,
predicting futures with tech-assist
I still wouldn’t fast forward,
AGAIN, I will resist.
Because this is a free will planet.
And sometimes, I WILL TAKE IT.

That moment when NO ONE ELSE
mentions the elephant in the room,
and perhaps I’ll live in gloom
like I did hiding with video games,
but I’ll never forget the premise
or miss the reason I exist.

I won’t consider it loneliness.

Because God’s presence
is for all of us
and though we grade,
tirade, reprimand castigate
we all are inescapably tied
to THE ONE who gave us
this ride through the universe.
And maybe, you’re happy
in a newly freed territory
on the edge of the galaxy
but lifetimes will pass
and I will move with them
to experience this SCIENCE
of wisdom, light and conscience.

Keep laughing at my question.
I’ll ask them more.
Just like abhorrent comments
there were some who responded
with light, love, or earnestly
with the method patented
by Socrates:
responding to question with the same.
Yes, I WILL play that game
and kudos to you for knowing
we don’t know everything
everywhere we specialize
try to constructively criticize
not put my worries down:
by putting me down.
Hi all, sorry if bored you, or left you confused.  I needed a place to host this poetry is currently here.  (Not all of it is criticism...I write many different poems).
Daniel Cuzzo Nov 2020
To take slight so seriously,
how can earth be so kindly?
To see the fake in every smile
how can I grow the love in me?

Who am I to label simpletons
those who cannot keep up
and cannot digest, the intricacies
of fantasies that I make up?

But these stories have become me
become every bit the expression
that drives closer to a goal
or oblivion.

Should I study food bearing plants?
Will the garden I grow
be the only joy I know
or can I do both and follow

a thousand other threads of fate?
To undo the limits, I have to appreciate...

Only Love

How can I meet slight with it?
Do my needs even fit with this selflessness?
Shall I discover the ways to undue trouble
and broaden my heart

so that every person is a favorite character,
every person I meet inspires past prohibition
so it’s no longer sin to dance in daylight
for no reason or occasion.

But when my delight meets others’ spite
can I escape defensive lines of thought?
My militance wants to break offense
yet freedom is breaking free from that act:

the act of breaking nothing bad or good
forget feelings of lack, being misunderstood
it’s about not needing anything
but being everything.

I still want technology,
I want sustenance, music, imagery
but am I willing to become
the fire and remedy for a family?

My mind is set so wide it blinds
I wonder if perpetual meditation is better
than jumping across social media platforms
searching through norms for glowing understanding.

When I’m spinning my wheels
impatience derails, confidence fails
frustration curtails everything
I thought I knew.

The view of myself is of a confident man
who’s been through storms and would always stand
alone, aloof, dissatisfied, ready to divulge proof
that this crumbling world needed change.

Yet the change I need is…

Only Love

Love will grow the seeds
love may fulfill my needs
love can face harmful words of others.

Who am I to criticize
when my emotions lie
between high and wise?

My uncompromising want to see the font
of possibility available before
has me staring at each door
wanting to divide into ten
to press through and find:
a way to bring them all back.

Back to the me…
who sees his lack of memory.
Back to me…
who recognizes ONE is not enough.
Back to the me…
who has read to devise all of my dreams.
Back to the me…
who wants to feel whole and free:
practically giddy from anticipation of each day.

Maybe with ALL of me I can face
the weight of my own inadequacy.
With all of me I can find the person
who can walk in the way we were designed.

But BEFORE that.  There must be:

Only Love

A million variations of love
that can avoid the scenery of violence
and when you put a Dan in a garden
or in a warzone, the garden is still inside.

Everything good has a space.
What’s wanted is absorbed.
Nothing sacred is wasted.

I’m not scratching notes
and putting pasted articles
but finding my core
that accommodates more
than other thinkers interpreted
through this uncommon lens
of sensibilities tying together truths
and grasping onto some untruths
that carry my fragile body
through the sinister web
even if part of me cries.

My ego will not go off with a wave
even as big as a monsoon.
Even if there’s…

Only Love

For now, I’ll sleep, hoping for insight,
solutions striving, only for one word.
Yet I laugh before I pass out
because the letters got messed up
and I wrote:  “lovely novel.”
I think, maybe they’re not far apart?
Maybe writing will be my start
launching me into a spiritual society
that I had no clue was here until recently
and they really seem to strive for…

Only Love

I stop laughing, to get a start
on what will be, regardless of success
or ******* words to support my nerdiness,
a search for my own quiet, enlightening bliss.

I miss you God.  I miss how close we were.
You gave me an answer
but I did not understand
Exactly what I’m trying to understand now.

Every gift I take for granted,
I’ll go back and praise in retrospect.
I’m learning to see each perfect moment as so.
Just let me see the glow within
to connect me with the hearts of my kin
and let the new world begin.

I do want there to be a way for there to be…

Only Love

This little spark has made its mark
and it's past time to dream.
We are not careening to uncertainty
if we do not fear it…
Inspired by Ringing Cedars book 8 part 1
Rishant dey Nov 2020
Lost lost , everything is lost
The Only thing remaining is, frost
The memories which strike the eye,
Will soon die!
Bye bye lost love , bye bye

All those days together,
All the love letters,
Never hope anything better.
But now , why everything is scattered
Hey,, what's the matter?

All the broken line
All the bad designs
But that was the only lifeline
Okay ..., that's fine
But oh..... lost love will you define !!
Was it because the time was offline?

Why everything is changed now?
Is it because it's the time ,  online.
But ......
She should be his life now
Because she has turned to his wife now

But ,now...
No love ,no pray
The only thing is betray!!
Why lost love ,why please say?

Why the things has changed now?

Why only thing is their quarrel?
Why Both of them think , they have the better moral !!

Can you answer me , lost love why?
It's a poem bit rhyming style , this poem is trying to express the feeling of a teenager comparing older days (basically 90's )  with now . More over that he is talking about his parents and questioning to love  (here love is personified ) . Remaining read and enjoy.
Cassius Moon Jul 2020
There are not any mistakes in the world.
When you look at patterns on the foam of the breaking waves on the seashore, when you look at the outlines of mountains, the grain in wood and the markings on marble; you notice that it never makes an aesthetic mistake...
You are perfect.
Cassius Moon Jul 2020
There are no such things as things, that is no separate things, or separate events; that is only a way of talking. If you can understand this, you're going to have no further problems.
A "thing" is a "think"
Cassius Moon Jun 2020
You only have to understand, that you can't do anything about it.
You cannot take hold of it, but you cannot get rid of it.
And in not being able to get it...

~You get it.~
We are it.
Jordan Hudson Nov 2019
I see all these kids doing drugs
They don't know what life is made of
I never seen a drug in my life
I never even seen real love alright
I just push and keep going on
I just keep showing you are so wrong
Get it together and stay strong
When you fall just play this only one song
Stand up straight let the haters hate
Forget them all and show em who is boss aye
You are your own and you make your dreams come true
And they hate you but you grew to ignore
They wish they could go back to before
But they too late and appreciate that you made it
Fake it till you make it and then be glad that you waited
Goals reached show you are dedicated
Souls asleep know you are underrated
You are better but they are jealous of your dedication
Do what you can do your best now for your celebration
Yeah yeah yeah aye
Drugs really are bad
Drugs truly are trash
Fame don't come from drugs
It came from hard work
Less distractions are for sure
They help you stay focused on your dreams
Stay stuck on a path good to redeem
Make your family proud
Wake up to a brand new house
Brand new ride brand new everything
Let em know you tried you are the king
I see all these kids doing drugs
They don't know what life is made of
I never seen a drug in my life
I never even seen real love alright
I just push and keep going on
I just keep showing you are so wrong
Get it together and stay strong
When you fall just play this only one song
Stand up straight let the haters hate
Forget them all and show em who is boss aye
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