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Deep May 5
The 'gyre' hints arrival-
Twenty centuries making room
For a new epoch,
I’m modern bird now,
I may sound haphazard, troublesome and brooding
unimportant topic for hours,
It's up to you to lend ear or not;

I was winged rooster confined to land only,
Now I’ve become 'hawk', with knowledge of flight
perhaps power too,
Seeing the world from far above
Envisioned me a seer sight;
I see the world functioning; the lowliest on top,
the best in daze, and mediocre relishing mediocrity,
One or two good men wasting
life in poetry; Of which none cares.
Oblivious armed men guards the periphery;
At centre white termites gnaws the Door.

At this height, all seems different,
I can’t relate with my earlier self;
My knowledge seems nothing but
a frail sound in vacuum.
When I became 'conscious'-
My dreams stopped being dreams—
My thoughts were invaded daily—
Life evolved in million years—
'God is dead', universe all naked.
We’re the supreme, the Satan both;
Busy in triumphing Nature.
Converging all— blazed my beliefs.

We’ve progressed too much, portends
the trembling of earth
And smoke eclipsing the sun.
'Death I breathe',
War looms again,
Life is traded in forfeited currency.

I see the world functioning,
I know one or two tricks too to cheat,
To assault, to ****, to loot.
I can foresee the end—
Its good to die starving then
To fly in proximity of land.
gyre; comes from WB Yeats,
Hawk; Ted Hughes (Hawk Roosting)
Freud's term - Conscious, Nietzsche's quote 'God is dead'
George Krokos Dec 2018
He carefully watches what food he's chosen to eat
avoiding those things his standards don't really meet;
he doesn't eat any meat, fish, eggs or other seafood
as they represent nourishment from a killing mood.
Yes, he's a strict vegetarian and a borderline vegan
with convictions that seem to go beyond all reason.
He also doesn't drink any type of animal derived milk;
as it isn't considered fit for consumption by human ilk.
He usually only has at the most just two meals a day
often getting by with only one for both work and play.
He conserves energy by the discipline of body and mind
and is a lot better off for it than all of those ordinary kind.

The ideals that he lives by are above the mundane breed
unwilling to compromise them with those below his creed.
Knowing from past experience the vagaries of the mind and heart
being confirmed on a daily basis by all the reported news in part.
Too much casual association with ordinary people he tries to avoid
and would rather go seek those whom he has previously enjoyed.
He also doesn't drink, smoke, gamble or indulge in sensual pleasures
as those activities aren't conducive to sustaining heavenly treasures.
Maintaining thereby a clean heart, mind and body living in the world
because they're the main objectives by which human life has unfurled.

He tries not to hurt any fellow creature by either thought, speech or action
and extends a good will to all with or without their returning satisfaction.
With silence, solitude, study and meditation he practices a daily routine;
seeing into the darkness of closed eyes what few others have ever seen.
All the mainstream religions he acknowledges and respects but doesn't really follow
regarding them as stepping stones by which a better life is had if one's own is hollow.
What he does believe in is in fact the One Eternal Truth which is common to all
of an Infinite Supreme Being and Existence that underlies and supports them all.
The very nature of life he comprehends and perceives as a long or short journey
all creatures have to make with their own vehicle of a body that is evolutionary
while they find their way back home to that source of all being and existence
within the creation of this world in which they all do struggle for subsistence.

He considers that there are five main stages of life in all the universe and creation
regarding them to be formation, evolution, reincarnation, involution and realisation
that every soul creature has to go through as it becomes more evolved and aware
of the purpose and goal of existence in which it finds itself travelling somewhere.
Though only as a human being this soul creature can complete and realise the goal
having to undergo many tribulations nevertheless on the way in its existential role.
The soul of course is the creature which evolves through an infinity of forms
and is a unit of eternal existence that so underlies and supports all the norms;
starting from the very basic level of life at the primordial stage which is seen
then evolves and develops into a higher form until it becomes a human being.
This unit of eternal existence is the divine spirit or essence of every soul made
and carries with it a true image or status of its own immaculate original grade;
which is why every creature has to sleep and return to some unconscious state
being the very source or image of its original divine nature to there recuperate.

In that state of unconsciousness which is experienced as nothing in sleep
is the place where originally everything has come from and is very deep.
So deep in fact that it's really unfathomable and impossible to comprehend
unless one gains that inner Light of knowledge and love of the Enlightened.
That Light then serves as a supernatural body or beacon to plumb the depth
of one's spirit which is non other than the image of God within the dark kept.
This Light which is also known as “the Blue Pearl” is indeed a blessed sight
and if one can keep on seeing it then there's no more blind darkness of night.
Written in 2017 and inspired somewhat by the appellations given to a contributing poet or writer on another website depending on how much stuff  one has managed to post there, It's also about some of the philosophy which has been the focus of the last 40 years or so of my life.
Jordan Hudson Dec 2018
(You) Left alone in a world full of
Angry people and sad ones too
None of them happy, what did they do
Sitting down depressed, sitting alone
Breathing out their chest, what this shows
That me and you made it out alive
We survived this hellish landscape
I will die in a matter of time
Everything around seems to fade
It falls to the ground someday
Even mine die and fall and decay
Fall to holes and break down someway
I know this first hand and today
I will show all of you the way
To push obstacles and I may
Show how to crush them and rush them
Until they betray teachers, parents, friends
And all of them say phones are the things to blame
The users cannot be tamed as the phones claim
Their soul became attached to the games
And some only care about fame
I can't explain the shame, what have they all became
Beasts behind the shadow of yesterday
History, time, phones are why
They will die and be memorialized
In a stone cast shadow like
Medusa and her art and minority rights
A shadow dwelling the sky, shadow (shadow)
A shadow dwelling the sky, shadow (shadow)
A shadow dwelling the sky, shadow (shadow)
A shadow dwelling the sky, shadow (shadow)
Shadow from the sun
Shown upon the wall
Upon a temple called a school
Public school is all
Corrupt teaching, corrupt leaching
Brainwashing the kids of tomorrow
The kids we count on
Their little developing minds are being destroyed
By school, phones, and other little boys
It's a chain back around and back around again
Their brains are being cracked down and down again
And we sit and watch, stop the corrupt leaders and stop their sin (sin)
Betrayal from the king
A day old stop and sing
Pray to end it all
Watch this world fall (fall)
Betrayal from the king
A day old stop and sing
Pray to end it all
Watch this world fall (fall)
Betrayal from the king
A day old stop and sing
Pray to end it all
Watch this world fall (fall)
Betrayal (betrayal)
Betrayal (betrayal)
Phones take over everything!
B Young Apr 2018
To the Age of major gains,
But no progress.
Abundant selfies,
But harshly any selflessness.
Delectable boomerangs of delicious dinners,
While many suffer starving in foreign winters.
Become the end-all-be-all of the winners?
Chicken Dinner
Chicken Dinner
   I          R
    C       E
     K     N
      E    N
       N  I
Aaron LaLux Nov 2017
Tourists touring temples taking #selfies,
body’s there but souls not,
like Techno Ghosts back from the future,
not here to save the world just here to take a few shots,

but my body is my only temple,
and true enlightenment comes from the absence of Self,
so selfies seem silly to me,
in the same way as trying to wear pants 2 sizes to big without a belt,

or I guess a better analogy would be,
trying to wear a heavy belt without a buckle,
and that thought’s deep better yet heavy,
like Axel Rose those thoughts are heavy metal,

which makes sense especially if you’re an alchemist,
and believe what the Kyballion says about how everything’s metal,

yeah that’s heavy,
heavy as Heavy Metal rock,
being played by the US Army,
in Baghdad with the volume all the way up,

all the while spraying heavy metals,
in order to weigh down moral,
but what does any of this have to do with #selfies you ask,
well listen and I’ll tell you,

narcissist egos created this mess,
force used to push an agenda,
because when we’re too focused on our “selfs”,
we lose sight of the big picture,

like taking #selfies at temples,
and not seeing the beauty around you,
like drowning out the sounds of nature,
with the playlist on your iTunes,

it’s all kinda ironic isn’t it,
it’s tough having morals when complicit in any empire,
so I try and escape to exotic landscapes,
like Malagasy rainforests or Tibetan Temples,

but when I get there I find,
to my disappointing surprise,
a bunch of tourists on their phones,
only remotely living their lives…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Janelle Mainly Sep 2017
A new age is arising,
a new page is unfolding,
and there's always been a spark,
now it's time to make your mark.

It's all about action! No distractions anymore!

In the kindness of your heart,
in the yearning of your soul,
tragedy is bound, to always take it's toll.

But it's all about actions, no distractions anymore!
Picking up the pieces after a natural disaster.
This generation is like the new age,
And it's mostly with the teenage.
With computers in our pockets,
Burning our brains like the fuel on rockets.
What is our world becoming?
What is planed for the upcoming?
Will there be flying cars?
Or will there be life on Mars?
What will happen to man kind?
For we are rotten inside, though we can't see it, for we are blind.
this poem is here because my friend dared me to write a poem as quick as a could
Aaron LaLux Sep 2016
In Sintra,
feeling like a New Age ninja,
can barely type I’m so high,
today I climbed three mountains,

we were a trio,
a girl and another guy,
now I’m alone at my castle,
with nothing but these words I write,

see I’m alone tonight,
and alone has never felt so good,
I’ve made a conscious decision to dedicate my life to these writings,
so that hopefully eventually the unexplainable can be understood,


I write the collective pieces of this puzzle,
that we experience as we exist,
each poem is a piece that falls into place,
until the big picture is what we get,

is not a poem,
is a message in a bottle,
carried across the seas of time,
or actually an ocean in motion,
this is the not so secret ingredient of love potion number 9,

I’m doing fine,
trying to stay on subject,
to appease the public,
without getting to deep into symbolic numerology,

trying to keep it simple,
so we can all understand,
I don’t want to write words that confuse people,
I want to write words that enlighten them,

and in them I mean you,
yes you,
I want to feel you see you hold you be you,
I want to want you without wanting to want you,

and I’m wondering if you’re wanting to want me,
without wanting me too,

it’s starting to get complicated,
I didn’t mean to make it personal,
honestly it could have been anyone,
that received my message in a bottle,

I just wrote it,
I didn’t think anyone would really read it,
I didn’t think I’d sell 100,000 copies of my books,
I didn’t think that you’d look at me and believe I’ve succeeded,

see this,
is all becoming a little much,
so I’ve escaped to Sintra,
where it’s the simple things I love,

and you can find me here,
amongst towering trees and fuzzy ferns,
writing words faithfully,
because I’ve learned you get what you earn,

you get what you earn,
as in you reap what you sow,
and the peace from the tree tastes so sweet,
when you take the time to let it grow,

the Tree of Life,
bears the fruits of our labors,
and all I’m really trying to say,
is you are you’re own best savior,

so see you later,
or not either way it doesn’t matter,
we’ll all be gone in a hundred years no matter what,
but that doesn’t matter because there is no later,

there’s only this moment,
right here right now,
and the question is not if we die,
it’s if we live and if we live then how,

how do we live,
and what do we leave for our children’s kids,
well personally I leave these puzzle pieces,
in the form of poems such as this…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Just a question, okay, well, maybe more than just a question...
He stands and walks, and makes himself as hard as rock,
He smiles and waves, at beauties and babes,
Then whispers into a quiet boys ears, makes him excited and confused with fear,
Then screams and shouts on the worlds redoubt,
I do not engage in a sinful dance, while his hand holds the young boys stance,
Caressing it up and down, while the eyes set on the young boy and frown,
He rapes the young one through and through, Forgetting we are in the Twenty-first century too.
When they still be in the closet, but they gayer than your *** brother, more homosexual than your active lesbian lover, and more decietful than a profesional corporate lawyer.
Hayley Jun 2016
Psychedelic souls
Connecting together, making a flow
Sharing what we know
Creating an awakened show
Gather round and watch the smiles glow
Talk to people and help them grow
Give them something to believe in
Help them stop the constant grievin
People need a break
This world can be hard to take
Show them how happiness feels
Show them that its deeply real
Access the love and higher vibrations
Teach them creativity and concentration
Be the change you wish to see
We have the same purpose, you and me
This worlds a trip and we should treat it as much
Teach people to heal with a gentle touch
Energy flowing through our bodies and all around
Manifest with imagination, art, and sound
Create what we want to exist in 3D
Connecting with higher dimensions is the key
You have everything you need inside
Don't hurt your brain looking far and wide
The collective consciousness is overflowing inspiration
For the world it's an invitation
To express what you see
Keeping your mind open and free
Heal yourself and your energy
Take some supplements and drink some tea
Create a world we don't have to flee
Decalcify your third eye and join me
Embody the expansiveness you can be
They're not coincidences they're synchronicity
Everything is connected here and beyond
Your own body is the magic wand
A conduit of energy and the divine
Anyone can understand what I'm saying if they open their mind
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