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Roxxanna Kurtz Aug 2018
My universe is collapsing
at the heart of the sun.
My skin scorched to
bare bone;
the weight of the world
coming undone.
The cells of my existence
as gravity pulls stardust
into my lungs.
My last breath a whisper, of
"Will you miss me when I'm gone?"
Roxxanna Kurtz Jul 2017
I try to grow wild flowers,
in the empty spots of my chest.
The sunshine tricking my eyes
into planting seeds,
beneath clouds that have
darkened around the edge.

A hope starts to bud,
as the light breaks enough through
to sprout dreams inside my head.

And just as roots settle into place,
the loneliness cracks across my skies,
and I break.
My weathering heart opening at the seams;
I'm a storm, ready to rage.
Roxxanna Kurtz May 2017
I am a glass,
sitting full on a mattress,
ready to spill across
your linen sheets.
I feel your heart shift,
and it tips me.
Roxxanna Kurtz May 2017
I used to draw us together;
graphite lines stretching
across our empty skins.
And like a pattern
we found ourselves connecting
to one another
like tiny constellations.

Then, one day your hands
began to erase away
at the lines that once traced
our pencil pressed affections.

Now, I find myself shading you
the darkest of blues
like the way my heart breaks
on those cold winter nights.

My fingers ache to forget you
as they erratically color
outside your dark lines.

I try to tear up our image,
but cling to our broken pieces
in hopes that they may
come together one last time.

But, they never do fit quite right,
and I draw you out of my life.
Roxxanna Kurtz Aug 2016
I can't sleep.
3 a.m. crawls into bed
next to me,
weighing down the sheets.
Its prying fingers ****
my eyes and pull me
away from tender dreams.
I lay until the earth ticks
and rolls over,
watching as streetlights
become a sun that peaks.
I'm over the edge of the world
lost in thought,
and my soul feels heavy.
Roxxanna Kurtz Aug 2016
I was jealous of
jade green oceans,
and the way they dance
when the sunlight hits
them just right.
Or, how I've ached
to wear a shade unbroken,
like the clear blue morning
with its cloudless skies.
I've even dreamed of dressing
in that cold steel gray,
that makes you want to stay
on those lonely rainy nights.
But, I've come to embrace
my amber sands,
that pull you in like the warmth
of the sun at noontime.
Only can my brown eyes
blossom and burst,
like the earth,
so tender and soft
after the storms subside.
Roxxanna Kurtz Aug 2016
You slip over me
like a velvet dream
that drives my senses
into dizzy circles,
as you remember
what it is like
to hold me.
I am caught inside
your tender grip,
as you allow yourself to seep
into parts of me
that have missed
your existence.
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