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lua Oct 2021
before i knew it
the pink shatters
the filter of gold disappears
her curves, bittersweet and angular
unlike what i thought before
her soft voice
now sickly
coarse with demand
how come
i never noticed it before?
must have been
the tears blocking my vision

i think he's noticed it too

solEmn oaSis Oct 2020
when in the wilderness,* then the portal seems so long and wide
no matter how heavy the distance is, let go of your deepest sigh ...
at the signal of the time, the wounded mind will exhile in the heart and heal any sore!
because for every success is worth the celebration!
no matter how big or small
even when the lines are not rhyming anymore!

do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, do not let your words slip,
express how you feel by looking up or kneeling.
and when you hold your pen and its loose ink ...
kindly convey your thoughts to a lifetime place that can grow around different corners!
howsoever ...
selfishness can correct the colorless mixture of fire and water
covered by heaven and Earth
and made thru the collision of Love and hatred
until a massive light fades, and obscures the limit of fading *views
detour to }!{ my alter ego!
when my own familiar world lost inside my left brain
but boldly came out to face
what is parallel with
unknown right in my future reality!
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2020
Tune In

And believe in
The possibilities
Even if
Living in
The land of

And that is everything
Genre: Experimental
Theme: REASONS|| The Mindset
NR-MAN Sep 2019
Plenty thoughts cost
A Piece of Mine
loose change  to A lost
peace of mind
I love you.

But nevermind.
Like nobody I ever loved before.
Stronger than I ever loved.
But nevermind.

You deserve my love.
Every lovegram of it,
You deserve.
And anything that I can give.
And everything that I could give.
If I only knew that on time…
If you could only keep that on your mind…

It would be too much
Love and understanding
For you to (under)stand.
And I wouldn’t have no love left for nobody else.

I’ll learn to love the others
By loving you from far.
Like I always somehow did.
I always had you in my dreams.

Before I knew you.
I had you.
Before I knew you.
I had you.
But I can’t have you now.

I’ll just shape another one
Towards you.
I’ll enjoy it.
And you.
Don’t ask me how.
Never mind.
Gianna Dec 2018
your honey and milk skin
against my lips
wait, nevermind
i’m just daydreaming again
will i ever be able to call you mine?
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