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NR-MAN Sep 14
Plenty thoughts cost
A Piece of Mine
loose change  to A lost
peace of mind
Jenny Gordon May 3
So...pretend I don't care about you, you, you:  


They advertise white dresses now, t'avail
Was it the thought of virgins, in a sense?
Cuz lo, "tomorrow's May! What shall you thence
Wear?--" and what of that--was't a fair detail?
I chanced to pick it out, and's perfect, frail
As every soul's half question, for intents.
His parting comment was, "A white dress...?" Whence
Eh?  And I said "Ya," and wherefore (like's bail).
Cuz when I wondered "what to wear?" That fer
Ne cause seemed sheer perfection.  I ne'er knew,
Save that twas light for Spring, and twas in tour.
I'm sick of Janry's darker tones.  I do
Not want aught Winter shades.  What spirit, poor
As that suggestion, whispered 'non white's hue?

...and write about a momentary distraction--as if you did intend to let me go so easily.
a hesitation
an inhale,
an exhale
one word
and then the silence
I love you.

But nevermind.
Like nobody I ever loved before.
Stronger than I ever loved.
But nevermind.

You deserve my love.
Every lovegram of it,
You deserve.
And anything that I can give.
And everything that I could give.
If I only knew that on time…
If you could only keep that on your mind…

It would be too much
Love and understanding
For you to (under)stand.
And I wouldn’t have no love left for nobody else.

I’ll learn to love the others
By loving you from far.
Like I always somehow did.
I always had you in my dreams.

Before I knew you.
I had you.
Before I knew you.
I had you.
But I can’t have you now.

I’ll just shape another one
Towards you.
I’ll enjoy it.
And you.
Don’t ask me how.
Never mind.
Gianna Dec 2018
your honey and milk skin
against my lips
wait, nevermind
i’m just daydreaming again
will i ever be able to call you mine?
Solaces Nov 2018
Forget about this soul grind...
So much wasted energy on songs about stars..
So much imagination seep through these light scars..

Was I so blind...?
I can't believe I created fractals of shadows and light for you..
I was blind and never saw things true..

No more sad darkness, just shine..
I am free from all of this sadness..
I have found my way through all of this madness..

Some of the time..
That I set aside for you..
I am one in my mind now and no longer two..

I no longer feel confined..
Thank you for not missing me..
And showing me what I needed to see..
My light will shine forth soon...  For all who truly want to see..
Would it really have mattered if
still, today, every day,
I told you you're in my
Hopes and Dreams? Unending
Even if I was the one who ended it?
Even if I was the one who walked
away and set you all free? No,
I didn't let you go, I never did
But you can't have me, and have you
tethered to me; no, my reasoning so
I could tell you only if you'd ask
Nevermind - that's all in the past
it doesn't matter now, that was years
ages ago in Love's time, the 'us' that's
just you and him now, and me alone
Stuck, but you know, I had to let you go
You deserved so much more than just
an every day disappointment such as
myself - yes, you deserve life, I only
Ever offer a small and slow death.
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