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Sami Dec 2018
A place
That only exist
In the heart
Of those who believe
A heart that is young
Such as the single rose
beautiful, but needs
To be cared for
For those who feel
Like there's no hope
Close your eyes
For there is a Peter
In everyone
And Neverland
Is inside our spirit
Waiting to be found.
Emma Dec 2018
I just want to go deep into the hundred acre woods,
Take a left turn into neverland,
And live a jumbled life with jumbled people with a jumbled heart
Bragi Oct 2018
He smiled a smile I forgot existed.
A child grinning like the sun had risen for the first time and the shimmers and glimmers of a shining haze which might have been stalactite-like light, bouncing off the walls in rays, reflected all the joy of the world back into his puppy dog eyes. Wise to their existence before their time, typically to be lost again when falling in line with what society tells them to be. A crime to see but it happened to me, to you, and yet this little smiler chewed away at my heart until all that was left was a pulsing goo used to spark the ignition to an engine that motored my mind into gear saying ‘wonder. Wonder is a beautiful thing’ and I knew then that I had found my Neverland. And all the while thought it would never land so clearly, right there, in a child’s smile. So sincerely.
Armand-DeamoJC Oct 2018
Was it your alluring eyes
Or your mellow lips
Your crisp mellifluous voice
Or your ever sweet embrace
Your addictive love
Bound with
Your comforting embrace
Or being caressed
By your short arms
That left me, hiraeth,
but it got me
And it grabbed me good
Till this very day
I'd wish for a "hey"
Not the priveledge for me
For a priveledge only for he
Close to 8 months Belle. You'll never see this, and you'll never believe this, but I lied. I know and I know, that I'm not over you. The promise was forever
Joanna Charis Aug 2018
Someday, I’ll go to Neverland;
flying to the second star in the right.

You’ll be my Peter Pan,
and I’ll hold you so tight.
Kyla Duncan May 2018
I wanted to believe
I could fly
but I was out
of happy thoughts
Scarlet Rose Apr 2018
Take hold of my hand
And help me fly
Over crystal oceans,
Through a violet sky.

Let me hold a fairy.
May I give her a kiss?
I’ve never seen a glow
As beautiful as this.

Sit with me on clouds
Over the Mermaid Lagoon.
Let me kiss the stars;
Help me touch the moon.

Let me run with Lost Boys,
Give me a pirate sword.
I’ll obey your every order,
You have my solemn word.

Do not make me leave—
Please! Let me stay!
Better yet, come get me
And really take me away.
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