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Yash Feb 2020
One full pill.
Prescribed from,
the white hell.

Antidepressant from the back store,
elevate life to the top floor.
Forced prescription, out of stock.

Oxytocin pumped, hidden cortisol.
Might as well walk the red carpet,
in celebration of Parasite.

As the clock struck,
the midnight hour.
Take the happy little pill.

**** ****, don't swallow.
Heavy eyes, don't fall over.
Lies, deceit, promises hollow.

Been 10 years,
time to catch up.
Rewind the clock.

Like a jar of fireflies,
shut it before any escape.
Rogue eyelids,

on a mission to shut.
Weak resolve, strong dose.
Drifted to dreamland.

Summer sun in seasonal switch up.
Sun rays like holy water,
hiss like a vain vampire.

Shops in an anarchy riot,
open the door to the sockets.
Oh, blind justice lady, I am blind too.

Shuffle Shuffle, like the undead.
Dragged the dead body to downtown.
It's a miracle, failed to faint.

Crude world, crude demands.
Have some respect for the dead.
By lord´s grace, limped home safe.

Met the coated monster today again.
Struggled to even stay still.
Advised to adapt, showed nothing but apathy.

A parasitic patient, eat away.
A death drain, drip away.
A strained stranger on a stretcher, carry away.

Tiny changes in hopes of conformity.
Circular cycle starts once again.
Half a pill today.
Yash Feb 2020
Summer reds, winter blues.
Day flashes, night breaks.
Ever swinging pendulum.
Creak. Childhood swings,

sky highs and dirt lows.
Adrenaline rush, knee stump.
Back and forth, back and forth.
Push it harder, papa.

Touch and go, relay race.
Newton´s cradle, click.
Back and forth, back and forth.
Momentum, please stop.

Tick tock, grandfather clock.
Death´s clock, tick-tock.
Life and death. Like a pendulum,
It all comes back around.

Reincarnation. Old life, new vessel.
Crash! Comes the wrecking ball.
Destruction, demolition.
Overnight breakdowns.

Broken clocks, stuck time.
Keep my seconds, metronome.
Music of deathly nights,
noise of bland days.

Spring dreads, autumn excitement.
Flipped, the reality of retina.
Swing, its a pendulum.
Serene sadness to hearty happiness.

Friction. Broken. Crash!
Dawn of downfalls.
Agent of adjustment.
Home of homeostasis.

Pandas and penguins.
North and south.
Cracked compass, Haywire.
Manic. Bipolar,

Gemini destined, Janus faced.
Tragedy & Comedy.
Welcome to the
Theatre of Two lives.
Yash Feb 2020
A beautiful day
Isn't it?
Valentines day
14 February isn't it?

Cardinal rose of love
Cupid´s arrow.
Flamingo flowers of affection
Aphrodite´s blessing.

Lips passionately becoming one.
Confessions of undying love.
Eyes sparkling like pink fizz.
Celebrations of commitment.

A ballad of love.
Dance of desire.
Salsa of lust.
Tango of joy.

Cupid, master puppeteer.
Puppets of permission
Strings of ***.
Dolls of wild desire.

Set of school.
Costumes of conformity
Stage of society.
Theatre of time waste.

A day too late
Isn't it?
Single day
15 February isn't it?

Raven rose of loneliness
Cupid´s curse.
Crow crown of isolation
Aphrodite´s apathy.

Masks of memories.
Lovely lights of love.
Beautiful ballad of breaths.
Slow dance of dedication.

Dress of dreams.
Halls of happiness.
Queen of diamonds.
King of hearts.

Isle of isolation.
Lake of loneliness
Welcome to the
Lonely hearts club.

Home of hollowness.
Eyes of emptiness.
Please enter the
Lonely masquerade ball.
Yash Feb 2020
A lost minor in the mall.
An abused child in the house.
A neglected boy in the world.
A lost boy in Neverland.

Big bad wolf, howling orders.
Mummified monster, dry smiles.
Frigid rigid winter yeti, ice embraces.
General parent, straight salutes.

House of dreams.
Land of imagination.
Kingdom of make-believe.
Imagica, Fantasia, Traumland.

An escape, a path, a relief.
Hypnos, watch over him.
Morpheus, bless him.
Epiales, stay away.

Where scars can't be seen,
sticks and words can't hurt,
wounds can't bleed.
Only engels reside,

erwachsene demons, be ******.
Go back to Dante's hell, neun kreise,
continue your corruption of the Earth.
Your trauma killed them, their Träume saved them.

At least, leave them free here.
Melatonin, save them before it's too late.
Hypnos has to come himself
to put the kids to sleep, Lullaby.

Twinkle, twinkle, lost boy,
how I wonder how you are?
Up above the hell so high,
like an angel in the sky.

My hope is
for you all to reach
land of your dreams.
Lost boys, forever, be lost.
Traumland - Dreamland
Engels - Angels
Erwachsene - Adults
Nuen Kreise - Nine circles
Träume - Dreams
Yash Feb 2020
Deceit, false flags waving.
Accusations, Gavel of Injustice.
Apate controls your mind.
Mentiras, Você mente.

Crying witches
bodies in the river.
Forest rituals
laughter and dance.

The Crucible, great Aurther.
White coated, glass-eyed
Judge John Hawthorne, you are.
Don't believe Abigail Williams

Salem witch trials commence.
Screaming ****** ******
Witchcraft! Sociopathy!
Don't throw me in the river.

Believe the innocent.
5 lives, central park 5
liars are adults, kids are angels.
Don't throw me behind bars.

Erro de diagnóstico.
White walls, white lies
empty promises, filled pockets
lamb in wolf´s cave.

Happy little pills.
Serotonin, mess up his mind
make him an empty shell.
**** him up, porque quem se importa.

White angel in white hell.
Josef Mengele, don't touch me
evildoer, you are. **** salute
go back to screaming Heil ******.

Touch me once, I will resist.
Tell me twice, I will talk.
Tame me thrice, I will scream.
Trail of final letters, suicídio.
Mentiras - lies
Você mente - you lie
Erro de diagnóstico - Misdiagnosis
Porque quem se importa - Because who cares
Suicídio - Suicide
Yash Feb 2020
Big bad wolf, how scary you are.
Beware, your prey has grown nails
and patience for your hunting is low.

Beat your chest, thump thump.
Practice your throat, ahem ahem.
Check your growls and grunts
because the final battle is nearing.

Alpha, head of the table.
Papa, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
The hunter, provider of kin
Blood, Zorn, Red for dinner.

Oh my, What big hands you have!
Oh my, What sharp teeth you have!
Oh my, What little mind you have!
Oh my, What black heart you have!

The red balloon, pop.
Scarlett, Crimson, Ruby in sockets.
Bloodshot, bloodlust to the bloodline.
Blue and red sirens nowhere to be seen.

New life, pup
Joy and life for once, yip yap.
Dragged by the scruff
across the ****** spiky path.

Blessed by the doves
Raised by Rainbows
Outsider to the pack
Warrior nonetheless.

Challenger from Childhood
Aggressor from Adulthood
Ares, Mars, Athena
Feast your eyes.

Grunt grunt, deja vu. Repetition of memories.
Snip snip, Bloodlines. The Dam gates have opened.
Emancipation, freedom. 1863 proclamation.
Clank. Down, come the shackles.

Owoooooooooooooooooooooo, Lone wolf.
This poem is about a child who has been pushed and shoved by his father. The child then finally grows up and challenges the big wolf and takes his freedom. The poem uses wolves as a metaphor for the family.
Yash Feb 2020
Bleeding, missing platelets
Like a fountain, Exsanguination
Carcass, skin and bones left
Bury me, burn me, you better remember me.

Boy, get your paws right off me.
Growl, howl, gnaw, all you want.
Do not defile me. Leave, run for your life
Go face your reflection and scream, monster.

Snaked Nile, blue and white
carry the scratched Sarcophagus
to the end of the world.
Mummified monster.

Relic of the dark past
Monster of today
Destroyer of the bright future.
Don't let him escape, I pray to Horus.

Oh, the divine one-eyed one
heed my prayers.
Isis, guard him like Ra
Fear him like Apophis.

Otherwise, like ISIS
he will destroy your dreams, Mesopotamia.
Possessed by Set, blinded by red
Constrain him before he kills your Osiris.

Swamp, sudden snap. The jaws of Sobek
One monster to the rescue of the other.
Great Khnum, carry the golden coffin to the sea of chaos
destroyed by Isfet or swallowed by the black snake. Keine pflege.

Nephthys. Water, flood him
bury him deep within the death bed.
Vater, Moustached black man
Ich werde dich nicht vermissen.
Just to help understand this, this poem uses a lot of Egyptian mythology references and the end of the poem uses german words.
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