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YusufKudsi Apr 2020
All I wanted was to build a sandcastle,
Deep in the Sahara desert,
But the sandstorm took everything away,
Now I am on my own in the Sahara desert.
I lost my way in this endless desert,
And I can’t get back to my town.
Is my loved one worried about me?
Or did she already find someone else.
Yesterday I was in the middle of the soft desert,
Happy and excited,
Today I am somewhere deep in the desert,
Lost and broken,
Does she still care?
Or did the sandstorm change her heart.
Yesterday I was sane,
Today I am talking to the stars in the Sahara desert.
YusufKudsi Apr 2020
Many faces in a subway train,
Non that I know,
Non that I recognize.
The train passed by me and my eyes searched for a familiar face,
Still non that I know.
I came eye to eye with strangers,
But non of them saw me,
Non of them noticed me.
I got on the train and my eyes kept on searching while my heart kept on hoping,
Just to see your face.
YusufKudsi Apr 2020
All I need is,
The stars,
The moon,
The sea,
The night,
All I need is,
YusufKudsi Mar 2020
Stars, oh stars,
Teach me,
Teach me how to shine even when I am surrounded by darkness.
Teach me, how to be strong just like you.

Sun, oh sun,
Why are you here?
When you can be singing with your friends.

Sky, oh skies,
What make you so beautiful?
Is it the stars or the darkness?

I stare at the sky full of stars,
with a sparkle in my eyes,
And suddenly God’s words started echoing in my head,
“And We have certainly beautified the nearest heaven with stars.”
YusufKudsi Mar 2020
The kids in the village asked me, if I have ever met a hero.
I told them about the cape-less hero.
The one who sacrificed all his time to make mine better,
The one who who gave all his energy to boost mine,
The one who didn’t sleep at night so I can sleep peacefully.
The one who left his world to save mine.
The kids listened to my story with a shine in their eyes,
The more I talked about him the more excited they got.
Now he is far away and the world is more cruel.
YusufKudsi Mar 2020
When a woman walks,
Flowers blooms under her footsteps,
When a woman smiles,
A star explodes out of jealousy.
Wherever a woman goes,
Colors follow her.

They are soldiers born ready to fight,
Against the injustices,
Against the inequality,
Against the world that tells them how to act and who to be.
YusufKudsi Mar 2020
I am a year older now,
Yesterday feels like history,
And tomorrow is too far away.

I am a year older now,
All this knowledge but still know nothing,
Seen too much but still saw nothing.

I am a year older now,
Don’t know where I am heading but I know where I came from,
Don’t know who will stay but I know who was with me,
Don’t know who will I become but I know who I am now,
Don’t know about the future but I know about now.

I am a year older now,
A year closer to my death,
A year away from my birth.
Today is my birthday ^_^
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