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She dances with her best dress on even when everyone is standing still,
She speaks her mind even when everyone tells her to be quite,
She has a dream even when everyone is looking for a man,
And that doesn’t make her less of a woman.
He cries when he is broken,
He shows his feelings even when everyone is acting tough,
He has a dream even when everyone is looking for a woman,
And that doesn’t make him less of a man.
They sing even when they don’t know the words,
They laugh even when life gets hard,
They love even when the world is full of hate,
Because that doesn’t make them less of a human.
I wasn’t looking for love but it found me.
This was the place where I first saw you,
Now places turning into memories, and memories filling my mind.
Was the nights this long or am I going crazy.
Am I in your head or am I alone, on my own with your smile in front my eyes.
I wasn’t looking for you but you found me.
There is a riot inside my body
My heart against my brain
Fighting over you.
Don’t promise me something you won’t keep
My body can’t take another civil war.
Surrounded by broken promises when all you had to do was to stay
Purple, blue, orange and red these colors of feelings that I won’t be feeling anymore
Because my heart is in flames and my mind is in control.
There is a riot inside my body
A war that no one can win.
YusufKudsi Sep 16
Night comes and million stars lights up the sky, They sing songs that no one heard before.
Night leaves and takes all the stars with him,
leaving the sun all by itself, a lonely star in a strange land.
I looked at the lonely star and saw a reflection of myself.
My mouth started moving but my soul was talking.
“Oh Sun don’t be afraid I will be your friend when the day comes
We will sing and light up the world like no other star can.
Oh lonley Star don’t be afraid, everything will be just fine with me by your side and you by mine.”
YusufKudsi Sep 6
My heart skipped a beat just by looking at you,
It would have stopped if you looked back at me.
Time froze when you smiled like a shining star, we were in the same room but million miles away.
I tried to speak but fear took my words away.
How can I be brave when I am just a lost boy from Neverland.
YusufKudsi Aug 30
She was different than the rest,  A Sunflower facing the moon.
Trying to grow taller than the rest, to have a voice in a windless field, to be what she is meant to be, when everyone is just the same.
Her roots were the strongest but she was the weakest
How can you blame her when she is just a sunflower facing the moon.
A wild wind took her off, now she is lonley like never before.
All she wanted was to be heard but she was just a sunflower facing the moon.
YusufKudsi Aug 5
Walking through the city of souls
A city where it doesn’t matter how you look, because only beautiful souls shine
A city where people don’t care about the way they will look when they are older, they just try to be a better person than they were yesterday.
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