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Agatha Prideaux Apr 2020
Within the promise land of calm and sound
Pearls found harbor on coarse, finite-like sand
Now whitened by the faces of the drowned
****** by the berserk billows as they stand

Willows frown upon the unjust waters
Whose surface's frozen in a dreamlike blur
Cradling ghostly hollows like coy daughters
In tender whispers as always, they were

And the world bowed down its head in silence
As Lilith raised the rose of thorns in hand
"My children hearsed in tombs of violence;
my children to be salvaged!" she demand

But nevermind the promised neverland
—No one ripens from their so-called homeland
Day 8 of #NaPoWriMo 2020. Followed the site's prompt this time—borrowing a line from the Twitter bots. "Whitened by the faces of the drowned" is from @sylviaplathbot on Twitter, a line from her poem "Finisterre".
Joy Apr 2020
You were small - the town was big.
Your small hands - the big building.
Your small body - the familliar spaces.
Your small step - the close distances.
Time moves slow - stuck at a standstill.
Nowhere to go - somewhere to be.
The people you know - the whole community.
Being welcomed - near complete isolation.
Accepted - you stay.
Rejected - get out before you're unable to.

Your victorous return - a negligible event.
The people you knew - the people you've never seen.
The person you've become - the people who never left.
Big streets - shrunk.
Short distances - longer than ever.
Things you have seen - engraved with nostalgia.
Things that were unseen - beautiful jewels.
Time is unmoving- now you have space to thing
Nowhere to go - nowhere to be.
Escapril 2020
ali Mar 2020
i feel fragile
amidst the sea
of my unwavering thoughts

as though
to trance freely
around the world

outside these four walls
would be much,
much safer

than to linger upon
the voices
within it
I didn’t think I was gonna be able to do this.
I saw when I woke up that it was still raining.
I heard thunder during MITB last night.
I wasn’t sure if my spot would be dry, but it is.
I even brought my rain jacket just to be safe.
I really like being at this spot each day, honestly.
I’m keeping up with the routine, as I should be.
I even started changing into PJs each night!
I started that on day 3 or 4, but forgot to say it.
I might be wide awake now, but I still forget.
I think the forgetfulness is just a part of me.
I accept that, and I fully accept myself, I like me.
I also like this daily routine, and I’m very happy.
I don’t have much more to report besides that.
I’ll talk again tomorrow afternoon, bye!
I really like how this daily routine thing is going!
Ryzeofthepoet Sep 2018
I miss that adorable gasp you do after i give you deep and passionate kisses.
It could be from the lack of air.
It could be from the overwhelming kisses.
Maybe a bit of both.
takitak Dec 2015
Simple, Curious
Playing, Jumping, Growing
Honesty at its Purest
Day 8- Write a cinquain on a topic of your choice.

my first cinquain!

— The End —