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JEG325 Jun 17
walking under a moonlit sky
in the summer night's breeze
fireflies dancing magically
flitting between the trees

days that stretched forever
yet passed by so very fast
the future vanished overnight
a light that did not last

you were my inspiration
my world yours to command
painting a blank canvas
with the touch of your hand

the winds of time turned bitter
and the wintry snows fell
there was no in between
once our love bid farewell

I run to your memory
seeking what can never be
when rainbows still had colors
that shined across blue seas....
Sometimes memories are all you have....
JEG325 Jun 16
rising up from wet lush soil
bursting with bright colors
fashions grown from tiny seeds
creating fields of flowers

thriving in the golden rays
each petal in perfect place
blooming with God's best design
enjoying nature's grace

wind rocking them to sleep
through night's solitary hours
they awaken just in time
to soak in April showers
Fir flower lovers.
JEG325 Jun 15
you look at the sky with longing
dreaming of the day you will rise
your colorful design flitting around
like a butterfly in disguise

perhaps you think it unfair
that birds can soar with such ease
and you ask why you were not given
wings to fly upon the breeze

you exist for your own reason
to bring smiles to a child's day
as she tries to get you airborne
hear the sounds of laughter & play

I watch the kite complete its calling
rising high aloft, a free spirit
carrying its special cargo
of happiness along with it!
Has anyone asked how a kite feels?
JEG325 Jun 15
there is solace in the path untraveled
when it leads to the sea's tranquility

I hear the sound of the water's roar
see waves crashing out on the beach

feel the wind brush across my face
as I taste the ocean's salty kiss

then a perfect sunset paints a scene
of purples and reds and tangerine

watch the stars slowly dot the sky
sprinkling lights across a velvet night

listen as the night birds call to me
fly away with us, set your heart free

and when fireflies are flitting around
like starlets plucked from high above

I return to where this started from
refreshed enough to visit my dreams....
A walk down a lonely path to the ocean....
JEG325 Jun 14
last night it was raining all night long
on my shingled roof a staccato song
I could not sleep thru the unceasing beat
pounding at the grass like noisy feet

the dark of night and the clouds kissed
sliding slowly, silently, an opaque mist
like strange wispy shapes barely dressed
nestling into the earth's cool breast

but a miracle greeted me at dawn
the sun's golden sheet covering my lawn
still air stirred with a touch of breeze
while songbirds twittered up in the trees

life was transfigured in the light of day
though you, more wonderful, were far away
I was left unmoved by this beauty above
blind and  hungering for your sweet love
About missing the one you love so much you can;t even enjoy the beauty of nature.
JEG325 Jun 14
the sea god Poseidon enchanted a lady
of virtue and beauty, her grace did shine
making her a mermaid, daughter of the sea
passing on his joy of the ocean's depths

but the young lady longed for a mortal man
shedding unhappy tears, flooding the sea
trying to be the daughter of Poseidon
yet unable to break her chain to the land

our sea god removed his spell of enchantment
to his great surprise her tears kept pouring
for what good was having a mortal man,
if you couldn't be the daughter of the sea?

— The End —