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I long to taste a sugar plum off the ****** tree,
walk in the field of golden grass just to feel.
I want to feel the sugar plum tree, high at stake and bright with sweet bumble nests.
We all talk about apple trees, but why not the plum tree?
Gracefully swaying it's branches in the summers light.
I long to taste a sugar plum, laced in sweet white crystals.
The juice flows through our mouths, fresh, cold, and sweet.
Deep colors from it's roots to it's leaves, we have brown, light purple to dark purple, which we call plum, green delight how beautiful it is in my sight. I want a sugar plum, to bite into it's fruitful dismay and lay on natures green bed, so soft, so gentle. Stare into the clouds watching them gently float by, a cool breeze of sweet air swishes amongst my earthly face as i fall asleep under the sugar plum tree.
To express nature's beauty.
Multiplication, Tabled
by Michael R. Burch

for the Religious Right

“Be fruitful and multiply”—
great advice, for a fruitfly!
But for women and men,
simple Simons, say, “WHEN!”

Keywords/Tags: Christianity, religion, procreation, multiplication, fruitful, multiply, overpopulation, abortion, birth, control, contraceptives, ******, pill, creationists, global, warming, climate, change, pope, Vatican
keonah Nov 2019
Our fruitful energy

I dream of a fruitful kind of love with you,
where we crave for each others sweet sappy bodies.

Where you bite my lip as if it were the freshest of strawberries your mouth has ever tasted,
where you **** on my ******* the same way you eat a ripe tender plum in the summer, and then watching me melt into my own nectarous juices.

A fruitful kind of love where you love the way my tongue dances on your neck all the way down to your torso, like you are a peach whose succulent flavour is dripping and I have to try with all my attentive mite to not waste a single drop.

Where in the end, we are left with sugary mouths and exhausted bodies but still having enough fruitful energy for another round.
A M Ryder Aug 2018
Nature takes lovers back as if to create them a second time
Anyone deserted might be inspired; that fierce, soaring, object-less love
Perhaps the most ancient of sufferings finally grows fruitful for us
Isn't it time we lovingly freed ourselves from the beloved?
Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
seeds of poetry
fruitful soil

its fruits

hungering hearts
rebecca hunter Jan 2018
Our time here is so very short -
We only realise this when we're getting old.
If only our young self were more mindful of this
And treated time more like gold:

Valuable and beautiful and something to be savoured,
Like someone you love, whom you always favour.
Never waver the flavour
Of that favour we've been given
Of Time, more elusive than rhyme!

From the ridiculous to the sublime -
One piece of time can feel like yesterday or yesteryear.
But it's always going away - never fear
Actually, do fear - that something so dear is frittered aloft,
Disregarding the cost of every day bought for us

For us to use, and choose to be useful
Each day that is new, to be used to be fruitful -
Beautiful fruit like beautiful gold
Valuable, glittering
Let's be bold - and let our Story be told!
Jesica Jan 2016
And she did it again!
The medal glowed around her neck,
Her face was lit up like
A hundred candles burning together.

In the corner of the same room.
He smiled,
His sacrifice had been fruitful.
The girl had lived to become a doctor.

Her mind was filled with gratitude,
For the unknown who had saved her life,

He leaves the room,
Hoping that the truth will never be unveiled.
And thus his sacrifice will be hidden from the world.
Alan S Bailey Apr 2015
There are two kinds of people in this world.
The ones who are quite important and win,
Then there are the rest of us who fail,
Who lament, who need "Dad's" lessons,
Followers who never were worth "a cent."
Who am I? I'm nobody, but in my dreams
I can do magic, I can fly, I'm wise and useful,
To the rest of the world this unsung hero is a zero
To be completely honest, realistic and truthful.
I know...I'm probably ironically the only IDIOT here who can fail at a poem about being "a failure..." SIGH...
I want to feel the warmth
under a swaying tree
along with you while smiling with glee
that picture
I've been dreaming of
it has been lingering in my train of thoughts

I wonder,
when would that day of calmness come?

just sitting there
enjoying the cool breeze
talking about how life is so
mysterious yet enjoyable

that laid-back moment I've been wanting
when might it be granted....
been wondering 'bout this for quite some time now for I have been watching this anime with a slice-of-life genre... If you want to watch it as well, the title is kimi to boku. :) enjoy.

— The End —