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Arden 3d
You call me
She, her, daughter, girl
You speak with a blind mouth,
Look at me , see me
She isn't me
Only a fantasy that you clutch till you knuckles grow pale
I'm not broken, im free

Long hair lipstick lace dress
You question me every time I show you my truth
"Are you trying to hide your femininity?"
No my femininity is simply not my definition
Spend a day in my skin, in my cage
And don't cry when the words start to pierce you like daggers.
Shhhh… stay silent, don’t worry its just a phase
Now do you see the "She" just doesn't make sense
You speak to me but your voice seems distant,
Bouncing off of me and echoing
Lucas Ennis Feb 18
We transgenders are not *****,
nor *******.
We transgenders are not tools,
nor autistic or *******.
It is not funny to spit at us.
Or stick notes on our back.
It is not funny to misgender us,
or harass and assault.
It is like we are a fish out of water.
Watching everyone swim.
As we suffocate and die.
See, we transgenders are just like you.
And you see,
We all speak it.
The truth.
Just a lil poem~
aaron Jan 10
we have the meetings
we fill out the papers
we go through the process
we are told
"our systems take time to update"
"it'll be a few weeks"

we wait

and wait

they promise:

and wait

and wait

and yet what we receive is:
backwards progress
no education

i have now waited an entire year.

several meetings with the school's social worker
two meetings with the vice principal
this will most likely not be the last but
today shall be the first meeting with the principal

their system says we don't exist
we scream back

this war is long from over
this i know for sure
but this here
is the start
of a
i'm meeting with my principal today to discuss issues among transgender students. enough is enough.
Adrian Sep 2018
.madame's stifled feverish
voice raucous as tamped in a
translucent skin akin to pellucid
overwrought hands entwined in champagne
madame's eccentricity is her
.the mellifluous static of the ebony
            dulcet hallucinations imbricate in her
ephemeral visionary of the
Madame’s a suitable fandangle tenant of the
.madame scrutinized the greenwood through the
appetency for the veil of sea
   imperceptive to her
  .ensnared in an austere
madame’s urbane actuality,
.the exuberant dimension of reciting
Adrian Sep 2018
Stitched into this sac of skin at birth.
That fused to your bones
Fabricating a narcotic seamless facade

We pluck at the seams, with crude claws.
Laboring to unravel the lace seams
In vain

Whirling, flickering, suffocating nausea aimed at
Misuse of our pronouns of
Our echoing repulsive abnormal figure.

Funding a doctor to shed our skin.
Mutilating skin and bone to perfection.
For self-acceptance.
out of everyone
it could've been anyone
but i was chosen for this task that no one wants.
as i walk to the door
i wonder why
as i turn the ****
i wonder why
as the dreaded creak means my entrance is now
i wonder

dragged in here
i float
as i hear people scream
defending their side
i just can't decide
but maybe they aren't screaming
i think that might be me
because of the pain it brings
when they pull me in their opposite directions..
until i fall apart
but i was never really together.

raw in pieces
they keep giving me evidence
to prove that they are right
right about me

i guess i'm the guest
that doesn't want to be here
but they sure feel like unwanted guests
inside my head.

"she's a girl"
"he's a boy"
"because of this"
"because of that"
this can't be true
that can't be true

i'm just an observer
in this court room
but then why am i in the center?

i'm was picked at random,
the chosen one
and i really wish i wasn't.
Ashton Ard Feb 2018
Help me
by Ashton Ard

Help me,
is something I wish I could say,
Just waiting until the day I can finally be freed from this prison I built around me.
Everyday gets harder to breathe,
I tear at my skin
ripping off the weights holding me back,
making me hold my breath.
It's too late for me to be better,
I've been bottled up for way too long.
I wish I could be strong,
like you all want me to be,
choking back my tears, I wash away my fears,
hoping to leave no trace of who I was.
Who was that girl,
who everyone thought was a *******?
I don't know,
because that was never me.
I forced myself into a box,
girls wear pink,
boys wear blue,
Help me,
is something I wish I could say,
just waiting until the day I can finally be freed from the prison I built around me.
Boys play sports,
girls play dolls,
I scream,
This world doesn't see the many colors of who you can really be.
I rip at my chest,
I rip at my hair,
why can't I just be happy?
it's the worlds fault for pushing us back.
We're people too,
We love just like you,
Help me,
I whisper underneath my breath.
The prison walls around me fall down,
I stand in the middle of a field,
A single rainbow stands before me.
I'm accepted,
I'm loved,
I'm happy.
Thank you.
matthew Feb 2018
unspoken words,
years of silence

it is time
to spread my wings

to embrace;

i am transgender
matthew Mar 2017
A shout out to the transgender people,
to the strong women and men,
may you see yourselves as self-made heroes.

A shout out to the non-binaries,
to the gender less,
the in between,
may you take pride in who you are.

Happy Trans Visibility Day.
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