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Zack Ripley Jun 2020
seeing the fire in your eyes
Is as hypnotic
As watching lightning crack
Across the sky.
And the power of your smile
Could bring disco back in style.
The way you move your feet? Oof!
Girl, there's no way
I can stay in my seat.
So what's the problem?
You make me feel this way
And I don't even know your name
Anonymous Oct 2018
No way
Please stay
You can’t leave me

I’ll be OK
If you just

slow down
Your moving to fast

Calm down
This was not
How it was supposed
To turn out.
No way.
Danial John Mar 2018
In a land of 10000 poems I roam
Wondering if I'll ever find my way home.
I'm all alone.
Does anybody hear me?

Empathy pierces the fog... Nearly.
My visions are unclear... Clearly.
I pull monsters from within, searing.
I attempt to cauterize old wounds.

Also new.
They oft set my world askew.
Don't know what to do.
Will you help?

Writing ciphers in digitized pen, not felt.
Every word a wound, I stopped for my health.
Twisted and turned around, is this hell?
I must find a way...

A way away from myself.
No excaping who you are. At least not for long.
Ma Cherie Nov 2016
So I hear,
just today,
in fact,

I'm not certain exactly when it was said,
a reliable source,

So, I hear that great wall,
the BIG & beautiful one
on our Southern border,
the one HE wanted to build?

The one he raged about,
& of course,
while it was always preposterous,

Anyway he says,

It can maybe be a fence,

Oh my ****.

Huh, interesting,

Well, that's not wishy washy,
At all...
solid guy, he is,
& along with all the other rapidly,
changing things,
that he was so very,
passionate about,

And given,
the absolute myriad of obstacles,
from forcing Mexico to pay,
(haha- good one)
making Mexico pay,

By the way,
do you want to work for his immigration?

Cuz' he's gonna need a bunch of new
if so,

Not to mention,
workers to survey & complete,
that ridiculous project,
the complex geological complications,
in an interesting terrain,
& the endless wordly implications,
that and so MANY other problems
we face,
far worse,
& BIGGER ones too,

check it out,
it would literally take,
FOREVER to build,
true narcissism,

he might have single-handedly stopped illegal immigration by being elected.

Mission accomplished?

Do you wanna come live in the U.S. now?

So stupid,
not REALLY funny,
still good to laugh,


This is who we elected?
were we ALL high,
on propaganda?

God help us in times of war.

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Seriously people?
Ma Cherie Nov 2016
God please help us all,
our future president says,

"I will build a Great Wall,
and nobody builds walls,
better than me,
believe me-
and I'll build them very inexpensively,
I will build a great, great wall,
on our Southern border,
I will make Mexico pay for that wall
-mark my words."
                  - Donald Trump

If you look on the internet
is literally loaded
with stuff that he has said,
documented proof,
unbelievable FACTS
undisputed ones,

Let's examine this statement,
just for a second,

Is HE going to build a Great Wall?
I personally doubt it,
I doubt he's going to be building anything
since he refuses to even pay painters
their due wages,
for work they did on the Trump Towers,
why? Some AD-HOMINEM,
argument no doubt,

And what is going to make this
WALL great?
that's going to make our country great again?
more walls?
Rebuild the ones we tore down for  good reason?
Take us back to the dark ages?
Because we will no longer
accept the tired
the weak and the huddled masses,
he wants us to live in a state of fear?

And nobody builds walls better than me? He really slaughters the King's English,
that aside, me?
Me, me, me, me, me-
personally speaking,
I wish people understood his
Misogynistic, egotistical, narcissistic behavior better,
I have studied behavior,
and I find so many things he says,
so deeply troubling,
at a cellular level,
like a psychic attack,

He says inexpensively?
Who is he kidding?
What kind of costs are we talkin'?
from whom "The" Donald?
Even the fact that he calls himself-
"The Donald" is pretty telling, no?

Why on our Southern border?
This is the only point that we're,
If you think race was an issue,
well it really is now,
& those undocumented Mexicans,
here in Vermont,
who live close by,
maybe I should warn them?

As Canadian immigration sites crash,
as people riot in the streets,

No, it's definately personal.
I'm not leaving,
I'm not giving up,
I'm not giving up my right to bear arms
either, as folks here in my
neck of the woods,
brace themselves ,
literally and figuratively,
for Civil unrest
& war even,

Muslims are shocked,
just keep reading,

And he leaves that opening
where he says wall(s),
being plural,
speaking for one,
going all the way around
the United States,
obstructionist politics,
Senate & Congress,
equals no balance of power,

And it's really scary,
how angry he is,
and how is he exactly going to make,
the Mexicans pay?

By making us all pay.

Sorry, but I can't accept this
it goes against everything I believe in,
that WE stand for,
I am not giving up on that vision,
I may accept the outcome
for now,
but I refuse to be defeated,
this is NOT defeat,

I fight on,
for everyone,
I rail against the tide turning,
we should REFUSE to drown,
to be kept behind a great wall,
as he said he would NOT
be willing to accept defeat either.

Cherie Nolan © 2016
We need to stand together... this is a very scary time in American politics. I'm terrified. Read the TRUTH its there.
thehiddenwriter May 2016
It's all locked up inside,
Bars and barricades all around,
Things don't go out,
Things don't go in.
IcySky Jun 2015
Trust you!?!?
Trust you!?!?
How do you expect me,
to trust you after everything?

Trust is a fragile thing,
and when you lose my trust,
it's hard to get back...
How can I trust you?

Trust you...pshh
You don't even know
the meaning of the word.
Trust you

You have not a clue,
do you?
Of what it takes to keep,
nay, earn back trust.

My heart is *not
a toy,
that can be replaced.
It's fragile, and should not be broken.
But yet... you have.

Trust you?
I can't...
No way...
No how...

See what you have done?
*My Trust is gone!

— The End —