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"just love."
It is hard to for-fill such a "command"
When one has "lost" more than "He has given"
Since the He was "the odd" "Number"
To the "Even" reactions in time.
Having to "Fill"
"Predefined " "Shoes"
A map is askew
When the landmarks are "marked"
In writings that "fit descriptions of the clouds."
He has a heart. It beats.
He has "cared for those"
"Who have cared for him"
"In return."
As these "somebodies"
Who "decided to trust" in his
Looked past "what it appeared like"
and used their "gut" "Instinct"
To Share what "is known" to the opposite
of a "first" glance."
There is a way my heart cringes
When you are not with me

My own thoughts scare me
They make me see you in everything

Let’s hold hands
Till we are lethargic;
When we become bad for each other
I seem to be engulfed in an exciting conversation
Topics of sports, politics, creativity, and relation..
The partner and friend that I am enjoying this "flow with"
Is me,myself, I, and the situation of Seclusion.
Brainstorming my escape.
My partner draws in his ideas that are of worth
He is so smart
While the other conversationalist in this duo
Feels like jumping the gun, going on the flight, and leaving people cold and cruel.
I satisfy my urge to release my steam at my partner as he is only the reflection in my mirror.
He sees me so much more clearer
He never talks back or denies a chat
as we are one in the same
A brain hungry for another to plan, create,express,and debate with.
Exactly where to find the moment and place to find such an entity is quite narrow.
As I'm here, there, and I'm almost everywhere
where the right people seem not to be
So, until then, I love my conversational partner
He stimulates and entertains me.
I never feel alone
As me,myself, and I have a date to be and stay free.
Pragya Ranjan Apr 2018
It's my life,
It's not an outcome of anyone's slavery.
And that's enough to tell the world that..
I'll LIVE my life at my own expenses,
Why to dwell on other's way?
I'll LIVE it with my own decisions,
Why to listen what other's say?
My life is my own Kingdom,
And in this Kingdom..
I'm the Queen of my own self.
Apollo Hayden Feb 2017
No matter what, I won't let go of you.
You make my winters warm and my summers so memorable.
The second I hear you speak to me
I scurry for a pen and let you out through the ink on the sheets.
Already written on the walls inside my head,
I let you out so that I may not be so stressed.
You're therapy, the air I breathe; they'll always hear you when I speak.
You're like calm waters for a heart that's filled up with raging seas,
and that's how we connect, the magnetism so deep that I let you do the pulling as I let the pen bleed.
There's no difference between this blood and ink, within both life is carried.
So when the flow stops don't burry me, burn me along with my word's
and throw my ashes into a swift wind,
So I can be heard across the universe, and speak to those whose inner worlds are listening.

— The End —