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Trusting into, listening to,
and employing
Moon Medicine.

I accept such Light
as comes my way
from stars this night
reflect it all
to those who
find themselves lost

in the Dark,
in some Dark,
in their Dark.
Haylin 1d
I faced the demon of lies who lives within my soul
Now there’s no way in **** I’d let your people go
I mortify my love in the fires of your pain
Burning eternally hot, did you spread my fame?
Blood red those evil eyes, sing a wicked lullaby
Relax, don’t cry, there’ll be time to pay when you die
Do you believe in sins redeemed, do you believe in dreams?

Let the sun beat down and shine on us
While we sing and dance, in god we trust
And when it rains which it eventually will
Let’s blame the devil for the rage we feel
Let every man, woman, boy, and girl
Find their place in this crazy world
And crazier yet before we die
Let’s take a chance and believe some lies
She said our life doesn't matter.
Our happiness doesn't matter.
She found me inside me.
She told we will be ok.
Once she said we will find the one
She said we will gal up to see their smile.
I thought she is the one who understand me.
I thought she is my soul mate.
I thought we are brothers.
She shared her thoughts.
I shared mine.
She said she is going through the same.
She said she can understand.
She said she can relate.
Dear moon
Why she said that?
Why she said our life doesn't matter?
Why she said we will not gonna be happy?
Why she said we have to live as per society or leave the world?
Dear moon why she said that.
Why she said we will not get anything?
Why she said we have to Stop?
Why she said we are dragging people in the darkness?
Dear moon why she said that?
Once She said ending your life is not the end.
Now she said we have to choose.
Our family doesn't understand us .
No one will understand us.
Dear moon why she said that?
Why she said that?
Dear moon ask her...
Why she said that?
She is sad. I want her to be happy.
I am sad. I want to be happy.
I know she is awake.
Tell her I hate her.
Tell her we are not brothers anymore.
Just tell her..
Dear moon tell her I hate her.
Friends who shared darkness
Nights when the Sun bereaves
The moon in between the graveyardshifts
He is boundless enlightening her
While her baits are never unleashed
Moon,"A Midas touch,
Burns who touches him as me.
He's the Anno Domini worshipped,
While I'm a mere eclipse.
Perennially furious,
I stare at him."
The moon hoards his strength and perquisites that she gives.
do you see me now ?

i'm setting on west
and you're visible on east

completely facing each other
giving you light to shine thither

do you see me now ?

see here
let you hear

i love you
won't you too ?

do you see me.... now ?
look ahead... look overhead... i'll shine forever for you...

but do you see me now ?
ChrisE 1d
I have scar patterns that cover me like a duvet
I laugh about them with the moon in the night
the night is when we are both awake
at night my scar patterns are more illuminated
framing every inch of me
so bright that I can't sleep
the moon says they are pretty
she says that I look just like her
she said she has many *** holes too but she still never stops illuminating the dark sky every night
her *** holes are what make her the moon
acacia 1d
moon, will i ever be perfect?
or, should i say, will i ever be enough?
to anyone? to myself?

will he still love me when i’m no longer beautiful, moon?

why can’t i be like you? staying glowing, staying daunting, staying beautiful?

but i’m not a moon, i’m not a planet, im not you. i never will be.

this is just another example of my plea:
i should be a star, a plant, or a bee.
anything but me.
something free.
do you care to propose to me?
City night lunar crest
shines a hazey reflection
on winter's icy sidewalk frost.

Under street lights, in a lone pace
a crowd of thermal shadows
accumulate, continuously
narrowing my walking space.

Their collective condensed breath,
a hovering fog
floating around my shirt collar
with them so near, and I so far,
like the moon without stars.

In radiant solitude,
it glows, without admirers,
since city lights dilute its halo hue.

Now out of sight
of artificial light,
countrysides, illuminated
in celestial bright.

In the sky, appear
patterns of before,
connected and close,
the moon forlorn no more.

For a genuine sky, travel far,
since the city lights
make it hard to see
your glistening stars.
Oh, star born beast, will you cry at the moon? For she is your mother, who made you beautiful and perfect, and yet she left you on the dust plain. She loved you but you pulled, and pulled, and pulled away. You didn’t believe in yourself or your beauty, you gnashed your teeth into her delicate skin. Until finally she put you away, so you will learn about your worth. And finally so you will put blame on yourself. Tell me celestial beast, what do you fear? Change or yourself?
You know who you are.
Star BG 2d
The moon did gobble up
the pinks and blues of sunset.
Winking to stars with, "hello"
as it voyaged upward.

Clouds separated
wind released its song.

The stars in turn sparkled escorting
luna majestic sphere to its resting place.
The place it will usher in the night
with its veil of beauty.
Inspired from Emily
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