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Parker Poole Apr 12
She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen
And I might yell and scream at times but
She is worth every pain I went through
And if I knew that this kind of love existed
Maybe I wouldn’t have broken my own heart so many times
I kept aiming for a target but missed it
But on this round I hit the bullseye
She looks up at me with her eyes open wide
It makes me feel as if I am her entire world
This little little girl...
Has entirely changed my life
Finally I might be able to enjoy something
Flowers bloom in the cracks that once engraved my heart
There is not a single part of me I wouldn’t give for her
Through this, a realization is spurred:
Finally I might be able to love myself
Because she is just an extension of me on the outside
Like an ocean tide we will ebb and flow
When I feel low I can stare at her face
And understand that I belong in this place
Astrid Annmarie was born March 20, 2019 at 4:43pm, 6lbs 9oz and 19 & a half inches long.
For nine months straight
You carried my weight

You’ve delt with my flaws
I’m forever in awe

I love you mom
Forever and on
Carmen Jane Mar 18
Mommy a bee just stung my forehead
Please come kiss it, it hurts really bad,
Mommy, I was brave, because I used my bare hand
And throw it in the wetland!

I always liked you bumblebee,
but now, I am not!
I used to  to point at you with glee,
but now I hope you rot!

I always liked your honey in my milk
In books,your wings were drawn like silk
I really liked the songs ‘ bout you
That hurts so much,your sting, who knew?!

Mommy I want you to  hold me
On my little forehead I've got stung,you see
Please, quickly come and kiss me
And don't call me more ,your little hunny bee!
True story today :(
What a place, oh what a place
a place so strange to rest one's face.
Three people parked for the night instead of cars.
No ordinary family should sleep in such a space.

This was normal in our case.
This is what we did.
We'd sojourn from here to there.
Sometimes at a nightly rate,
sometimes with men who bore not my father's face.

I remember one smokey spot
where drunk men found women to chase.
There were rows of open green and sticks and smooth round stones.
Crashing and clinking and cheersing
while whiskey went down at a freakish pace.

A steady stream of Shirley Temple and a roll of quarters could keep me busy for hours.
As long as I didn't sit on the stools
or get too tired you had all the time you could waste.

I had to sleep eventually
so you let me sleep while you went and watched the horses race.
I woke in a teary terror in a silent and empty place.
I dialed my dad, hid under the covers

and grabbed a kitchen knife just in case.
That was the end of our run mommy our time together was done.
You fell ill shortly after all this and  you died in a feverish haste, in a feverish haste.
Summer Wright Aug 2018
There once was a girl from a small town
She was a shy, small girl.
She spent all her time on the computer
At the age of 14, she had many friends.
Far and near, she eventually grew up to be 18.
She was still heavily into the computer world, she didn't
spent much time outside anymore.
The internet was all she knew, She grew to be 19
She decided she had enough, she took herself to a trade school to get her diploma.
There she struggled for a good long year to get her Diploma, she was still on the computer.
She had met a wonderful guy, that she was only friends with at the time.
She and he had grown closed, and decided that he would move in with her only after being together for 3 months.
Her mom agreed that he could with them, as long as he went to the same trade school and got his Diploma as well.
Somewhere along the line things got messed up and he didn't end up going to the school but he did move in with her.
He moved from Indiana to Maine to be with this Girl to prove to her that she was worth it. That she meant something to him.

September 2015 He arrived, and this Girls world exploded. They shared things that she had never known before. She gave herself to a man that showed her the world that she walked on was made of gold and diamonds.
They were the perfect pair, for a year he stayed with her. He helped her moms paper route and helped fixed things around the house that needed a little tinkering.
He helped her mom whenever she may have needed it, with Dishes and other little things.
Her family grew to love him as one of their own.
A year later a call came that he had to come back home to help his mom. A big decision laid in the Girls palm, she had to decide if she was going to follow or let him go.~

She had made the biggest decision of her life, she had thought she would stay with her mom her entire life and that's not because shes lazy and didn't want a life for herself but more some because her mother was her best friend and she was her entire world and the thought of leaving her was terrifying.
She spread her wings and on the day of August 16th they set out on their day and half bus ride to the big city.

She was scared and she was heartbroken to leave her mom but she was 20 and it was time to be a big girl. So they went from town to town, to city to city to get to Indianapolis. August 17h they finally arrived.

This small town girl was in awe of everything, she had never seen such lights, heard all the sounds, smells, all the things to look at. She was just struck by it.

They had finally reached her Boyfriends mothers home,
About a month or two later they had found out that they are pregnant and everything exploded once more, fast forward 9 months the day after her 21rst birthday Their little daughter was born. 7/15/17, 7lbs 14oz @10:24am 21 inches long. She was a beautiful baby girl ♥

A month later She married the man of her dreams 8/07/17, fortunatly they had signed the wrong paper and didnt end up getting offically married till April 30th, 2018.

But here we are, sitting at the end of this story, its a wild ride and many thing more to come.

I am happily married, and have the most perfect daughter and husband in the entire world ♥
A life without a mother is like fighting a war

Christopher Jun 2018
Take me to the bus
Hold my hand and tell me how you feel.
Because those moments felt so real.
Mommy and Daddy couldn't so you were my ones.

I can recall curling around your back,
Like a dog does on your bed just to feel that security.
Just teaching me about the world and seeing me reach to a new level of maturity.

Being there to hold my hand and show me the way was the life, until those nights where I said goodbye.
Even on this night it's hard to forget your love and affection.
Now I just long for that same attention.

Momma can't give it like you did,
Daddy can't make up for those moments we spent stealing grapes at the store.
I don't mean to make then sound so low but,
There's no way to without speaking these true words.
Helen Aguilar Contreras 192? - 2015
Emilio Contreras 193? - 2016
I love you
Khushi Batra May 2018
Heart made of gold,
And eyes filled with love,
Her smile wakes up the dead and the old.
Her hand holds an overprotective glove
which makes the monsters disappear.
She sings me lullabies day and night,
And protects me from all the frights.
Now that I’m grown up,
She still sees me as a little princess
But, I see her blessings as the home to my success.
A river of unforgiveness resides in her heart,
For, I don’t, want her apart.
She is a beauty.
She is a queen
With ice in her brain
And fire in her heart,
bringing beauty to this cruel world.
Her arms, when curled
Brings peace to my soul.
For, I thank the lord, everyday,
For giving me the best mother in this globe.
I love you, ma!
-Khushi :’)
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