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Seanathon Apr 2017
You’ll have to let me know,
How long that fragile peace will last.

How long you’ll be content with not knowing why something bothers you,
And why such thoughts will not settle and pass.

Would you let me know then, and how that was?
So that I can say, I've been there as well.

For the truth is that, most people are meant, but not for us.
Such people are nice, but not enough.

That is, in time.
They are dulcet and sweet, but cannot satisfy the vastness, or thirst of an ocean mind.
Not today, or tomorrow, or next week. But in due time. Perhaps also in mind. You'll see what I see from this other side.

*slow and honest nod*
Seanathon Feb 2017
If you mind
Their small mindedness
Their mindlessness
Will become the beast which kills the creative genius
Devin Ortiz Nov 2016
I'm sorry you think me offended
I'm sorry you refuse to see
I'm sorry when I show you the mirror
that its white fragility you see
I'm sorry that I don't fit your narrative
that America is the greatest to be
I'm sorry that it hasn't been, not for people
like me
I'm sorry that you can't accept it's different

But I am not sorry for who I am
Nor am I sorry for what I believe
Not sorry for the truth
Not sorry for my protest
Not sorry for the bruising words
Not sorry for the wounded ego
Not sorry for the things to come
Not sorry that I'll never quit

Just sorry for you.
Mel Sep 2016
Sulfurous smell
Please seal your lips
Not a word you shall tell  
Nobody would heed your tip

Narrow mindedness,
Selective thinking
Has caused you blindness
Do us a favor - please stop speaking
jennifer ann Jul 2015
i don't need your judgements,
i can't stand this place,
& the next person that rubs me the wrong way,
is gonna get punched in the face,
oh you''re just a waste of time and space,
same person, different face, sometimes i think
i hate the human race.

i don't need your ego,
i don't need your lies,
and i don't need your approval,
see, it's you that i despise.

shallow and hollow, ignorant and weak,,
i'd rather live in silence then listen to you speak,
arguing with you is like screaming at a brick wall,
you look at us like we're freaks, you don't understand
us at all...

so closed minded and cruel, just a bunch of brainwashed clones,
i will not follow the herd, mark my words, i would rather walk alone.
i just felt like writing a song, i hope you guys like it, thanks for reading :)
Nameless Jun 2015
It starts
with the little things

the long car rides
the you're never too old
and the new generation

I look back

when they say
I'm just a kid

I crinkle my nose
and narrow my eyes
as they look at me

I wonder
if they enjoy little things

the all nighters
the wishful
the benefit of the doubt

I shake my head at them\
it was very unlikely

they look down at me
small minded
and irrational

they don't think like me

because if they did
they would not
look down at me
call me
"Just a kid"
Kane Jan 2015
How fickle
emotions are
Elation and joy
seem so far

Darkness perceived
by others
inwardly ignored
hiding true colors

Concerns, meaningless
Help, ignored
Time, limited
Pride roared

Ultimatum faced
with grim humor
Appointments faced
with bold horror
Trying to expand yet I feel so diminished
Tomorrow's a new start yet I feel so finished.
Why say more, you already get the gist?
I'm onto something new, I don't need this ****.
Shelby Azilda Jun 2014
"How dare you like coffee!
How dare you like tea!
How dare you like anything that isn't okay with me!"

People these days.
I don't understand the fuss that is made about absolutely every little thing. Everyone is different, everyone has some sort of preference. Get over yourself and open your mind for two gosh **** minutes!

— The End —