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Sean Achilleos Mar 2022
I'm really not interested in your bigotry
It's not my fault that you've spent your life standing in judgement of others
You wouldn't recognise God even if you had bumped into Him at the supermarket
Because you're too busy trying to find the devil behind every rock
Written by Sean Achilleos
31 March 2022
Spicy Digits Oct 2020
You are,
You are,
Quite frankly

Your words meander and diverge
Till they mean nothing

You and your energy walk in the room
And the walls wilt somehow,
The air defies nature's laws and recoils.
Mould spores attempt escape.

Your lack of self awareness, your ego,
Is an oozing cancerous lump atop your nose
And not one of us can look away.

No volume of bile could digest
The orange fat of your arrogance

You are,
You are,
A killjoy,
A **** on the dancefloor.
777 Jul 2019
Time is limited,
Use it well,
Don’t be bigoted,
live in hell,
Your hours are
Should ring a bell,
Minutes used right
can be pivotal,
don‘t live in a shell,
These few seconds can be

do not create your own cell
Sam May 2018
You're stupid.
A bigot with nothing better to do
You just want to upset people
Because you got your ego crushed
You're just an
Brent Kincaid Aug 2017
You are a 2017 conservative?
And proud.
A dedicated believer in Jesus?
I say it loud!
You believe in the Constitution?
As far as it goes.
Is there something wrong with it?
Every Conservative knows.

What would you change if you could?
We’d throw out foreigners.
But weren't all Caucasians foreigners once.
Don’t be a dunce.
But, we were. We came from Europe.
That’s just an excuse.
You doubt what I just said to you?
No, but it’s a ruse.

In what way is what I asked a ruse?
It doesn’t fit the issue.
So, equality for everyone is no good?
It’s as thin as tissue.
There are people who are less deserving?
You **** right.
Like who? (I find this all most unnerving.)
Anyone who isn’t white!

So, just the white people in our land?
You got it now.
Doesn’t the Constitution say they are equal?
That’s for those who bow.
Bow to who? Of who do you approve?
Christian Whites, of course!
And the rest can just go die or move?
I’ll say it until I'm hoarse.

It seems that you don’t approve of this country?
Just the government.
But, isn’t it built to serve and protect all of us?
That’s not what they meant!
The founding fathers didn’t mean all of us?
No, they meant Christian Whites!
And what about the rest of us citizens?
You were never supposed to have rights.

So, non-Caucasians are God's only people?
That's what I said.
But Jesus was a Jew, and not a Causasian.
Put that out of your head.
But you wouldn't let him have any rights today?
Jesus would see into my heart.
I wonder if he heard all this, what he would say?
You think you're so smart!
Please notice the root word of conservative is 'con'. It's a con job.
The Trumpoet Aug 2017
When Donald Trump opened the floodgates last year,
by basing his campaign on paranoid fear;
By embracing the zealots, the hawks, the alt-right,
he emboldened the racists to take up his fight.

When Donald Trump barks and belittles and bellows,
he ends up with strange and revolting bedfellows,
who think, 'cause they're white they can fight and can ****
which, with horror, we witnessed there in Charlottesville.

When Donald Trump won't quickly, strongly condemn
the racists and nazis, he's standing with them.
When he's vague, non-committal, or responds with delay,
he's disgusting, pathetic, and as worthless as they.
You can also see this and my other Trumpoems performed at:
Written: August 13, 2017
Devin Ortiz Nov 2016
I'm sorry you think me offended
I'm sorry you refuse to see
I'm sorry when I show you the mirror
that its white fragility you see
I'm sorry that I don't fit your narrative
that America is the greatest to be
I'm sorry that it hasn't been, not for people
like me
I'm sorry that you can't accept it's different

But I am not sorry for who I am
Nor am I sorry for what I believe
Not sorry for the truth
Not sorry for my protest
Not sorry for the bruising words
Not sorry for the wounded ego
Not sorry for the things to come
Not sorry that I'll never quit

Just sorry for you.
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