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Kyrie Hajashi Nov 2022
When did I start to search
For a star amongst the mortals in the class.  
When did I start to wait
For a pair of eyes, pearls they are,
To enter late to every Monday class
When did my legs start to shake
When the sun is absent because she was sick
When did flowers become possible to bloom
Around a person.
Or is it my eyes who can only perceive them around her
When did her smile became so contagious
Her laughter, even behind a mask, pierce
My heart and all its love seeped into my system
Her mere presence makes a day
It makes a day more worth living for
Kyrie Hajashi Jan 2022
wont you pack yourself a cigarette, dear
fill your casette with your favourite songs
it'll be a long journey they say
the longest we will ever go
wear your favourite dress maybe
dont forget your extra blouse
in case you wanna get married along the way
in case you wanna let go
I'll pack an extra toothbrush, dear
I'll leave my pride by the door
I'll leave my phone by the counter
I'll leave a note beside it
let my mother know you're safe
in case we wanna get married along the way
in case we never came back
Kyrie Hajashi Dec 2021
I've grown older, sicker, disappearing
reappearances of the past did little
to comfort, brighten, heal my days.
not that I much of it left.
And for the first time
My sunsets are countable
never before I felt more accountable
for my pleasures, riches, kins,
Never before I've been more afraid
of what comes after than death itself
and less passionate or care
of what mattered before.
Kyrie Hajashi Nov 2021
here's a poem for the dove on the street
the fluttering hearts of men
the whirlpool and tides of the coffee in a mug
the tinkering of a can slowly roll and stop
under a sky crowded of clouds.
Kyrie Hajashi Nov 2021
there's a reason why 'human' and 'kind'
are close, like bees in hives, seams in clothes.
there is no cliff nor space cleaved by a comma
between humankind
Kyrie Hajashi Nov 2021
and you sat on the edge of my bed
cigarette tangled with sunset light
the tattoo of a spine flows
back into the sea of sheets
Kyrie Hajashi Oct 2021
The smoke divides rolls flies
Combined multiplied fades
Darken blacken lost
Redden yellowed grey
Lost again
Bloomed bear fruits
Bear solutions
Found again
Crushed stepped squeaked
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