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Abby Nov 2019
time. every day is different,
endless or abrupt.
every second a moment passes,
one,  two,   three.
a moment we waste, we miss, we lose
a moment we can never get back, no matter how hard we try.
precious seconds, wasted minutes
mindless days.
one after the other with no realization,
without time there is no meaning,
no will.
appreciate what we have,
yet be reckless.
we cannot change time
time changes us.
do not waste it.
savor it.
remember it.
keep it.
embrace it.
use it.
take it,
before it takes you.
Abby May 2019
being yourself is harder than you think it is,
they say they won't judge.
they say they won't change.
they say they don't mind.
they say they won't leave you.
they say they are telling the truth.
you know they are not.

they say something different once you tell them.
how could you?
why are you like this?
that is a sin.
that is not natural.
that is wrong.

but they are wrong,
you are not wrong,
you are perfect,
and if they don't believe that,
then they do not see the real you.
they do not see your true beauty.
let your beauty be seen,
let you be seen.
Abby Apr 2019
alive and living are two different things.
living is watching the sunrise,
alive is wishing it was your last.
living is dancing under the stars and wanting time to stop,
alive is sitting under the stars waiting until you will become one.
living is taking a risk to receive the reward,
alive is taking the risk because anything could be better.
living is letting joy overcome you,
alive is letting joy pass you by.
living is wanting to be alive,
alive is not wanting to live.
sometimes you feel as though the days are just passing by with nothing important happening to you. you need to see if you are living or just being alive and waiting for the good to come.
Abby Apr 2019
a girl sat,
l onely and waiting
o n a chair in a cafe
n o one came
e ver.
Abby Apr 2019
day in,
day out
will anyone escape?
no one knows...
do they?
unless a change
comes from within and lights a spark.
a spark that is lit with passion and
only some may, if they wish too.

— The End —