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Kyle Jun 27
Refuge from loneliness.
Thought it was love,
But that was just kindness.
I should not have hoped,
To have those delusions.
I should not have confessed,
And just kept it as a lonely love.
Kyle Jun 12
I don't have much time
I know I'm not fine
Black roses' petals everywhere
Any second I could fall asleep forever
But I'm not afraid to disappear
I'm just scared of not seeing you anymore
I'm scared of you crying
Because I'm dying
If I have one wish before I die,
What would it be?
Kyle Jun 8
Distorted memories,
But all were just tragedies.
My mind was just full of fantasies,
That didn't happen all through these years.
Happiness that turned to tears;
Hope that turned to fears;
I wish I never woke up from this dream,
And just stayed there forever until it dims.
Kyle Jun 6
Am I the only one who's crazy?
Falling in love with a celebrity.
I know his too far.
He's a star,
I'm aiming for.
But instead i got a scar,
That I can only adore.
I can't reach him,
Cause he's too far.
That I can only stare from afar.
Kyle Jun 3
I'm exhausted,
That I wanted to cry,
But I can't.
I was emotionless,
But my heart pains me so much.
I was motionless,
And just stared at the wall.
I was too tired that I didn't care about everything,
At that one moment.
Kyle May 31
Distance can't be travelled
Voices can't be heard
Too far from each other
Different kinds of worlds, rather
Fantasy and Reality
That's how different you are from me
That's why we can never be connected
Hearts can never be intertwined
Souls can never be one
Because we're from different kinds of worlds.
Kyle May 29
I'm broken inside,
I tried to fix it, I really tried;
But it was so fragile,
That even when I tried to fix it,
It would only get worse.
My body was tired.
My mind was in chaos.
My heart was broken.
And my soul was shattered.
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