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Kyle 6d
Wondering around, oblivious of my dream;
Sleeping so tight, that no one could make me scream.
Heathers everywhere;
Black rhododendrons nowhere.
I might be stuck in my dream,
For it is a sweet dream.
I might not see any gleam,
For this is will be my last, it seems.
Kyle 7d
As little Raven is falling;
Memories keeps reminiscing.
The clock's hands are turning back.
The past's time is coming back.
Flock of ravens flying through woods;
But that memory isn't that good.
Little Raven was just watching them flying;
Over a broken little window.
Imagining to be free from dying,
And could fly freely over the rainbow.
Little Raven (III)
Kyle Nov 24
I was crying so hard.
I felt the tension in my heart.
It was about to burst.
I knew that would be my curse.
Kyle Nov 21
Snails walk too slow;
And everyone thinks they are low.
But beyond that weakness,
They work hard to make some greatness.
They walk through every road;
Fighting the obstacles on their own.
Kyle Nov 20
Raindrops are falling;
Lightnings are striking;
This little Raven is falling;
Its heart is dying;
Its soul is crying.
Little Raven (II)
Kyle Nov 15
Have you ever felt tired?
That you just want to give up.
But you wanted to achieve what you desired;
You keep on fighting and standing up.
Even if you've lost your way;
You keep getting back on your track.
Kyle Nov 5
I never see you as a friend;
You're the only one who thought that would be the end;
You love me, but only as a friend;
I see you as my love and everything;
But you don't feel anything;
And you're already someone's everything.
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