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Mister J Jul 4
Winds whispering in harmonies
Moonlight bathing the skyline
Stars blanket the void of night
Everything feels quiet and serene

Eyes locked in a passionate stare
Reflecting the wild, loving hearts
Hearts whose beatings go erratic
Skins touching soft and bare

One pulls in for a kiss
A warm kiss that melts the mind
The other locks in embrace
A tight embrace that melts the heart

As kisses grow more torrid
And embraces grow ever fervent
Lovers inch closer and entwined
In mind and heart, body and soul

Under the moonlit horizon
Under heaven and starlight
Love blooms further than ever
Passion and emotion taking over

Heartbeats in overdrive
Giving in to unhinged desires
The night sky stands witness
To our fiery engagement

Sweat trickling profusely
As body and soul collide
Breaths grow heavier and deeper
As hearts and minds entwined

As my lips touch every inch
Nectar flows so sweet to drink
As my hands touch every point
Your whimpers grow louder

Your hands locked into mine
As we finally reach midnight
Thrusting deeper still
As our love blooms to the fullest

The warmth of your breath
Makes my head feel fuzzy
The curves of your hips
An alabaster masterpiece

The warmth we both shared
Deny the cold winds tonight
In your embrace I choose to stay
Under the stars and moonlight
Hope you loved it.
Give it some love!
Thank you for reading!

  Jun 26 Mister J
how does it feel
trying to connect
to be open
and vulnerable
to quickly regret everything new
and everything you've become
after losing yourself
Mister J Jun 26
Been going down this stream
Of chaos and uncertainties
What destination will I come upon?
Where will my paper boat take me?
Mister J May 2
Another sleepless night
My mind feels restless
My heart in confusion
What am I gonna do?

Would these worries go away?
As I learn and grow with age?
Should I just choose death
Rather than loving the undeserving?

I guess I don't have the answers today
Maybe tomorrow will shed some light
To these worries in my young life
I'll open my doors when the need arises

This paranoia is damning
I've had enough
Maybe a dream will do for now
And face the real thing tomorrow

After I go to sleep..
Inspired by my conversations with Saumya
Thank you for that!
Hope you all like this. 😁

Mister J Apr 15
Even if our stars weren't aligned
Even if our hearts weren't inclined
Even if our paths were only meant to cross
Even if our love won't always get across

Know that this love will persist
Against the whispers of fate it will resist
My eyes will focus only on you
My compass always pointing at you

These emotions will always stay
This love will never go away
The memories carved in our minds
Each other we will always find

No matter what the stars may say
No matter if the gods tear us away
Like flames kissing the ice
Like cats chasing mice

You always take my breath away
You make my thoughts easily swayed
You are always only for me
And I will always fall only for you

I fall for you still

And I plan on falling further..
Spreading the love

I love you Dear

Mister J Apr 3
Sa lamig ng hanging sumisipol sa gabi
Init ng iyong mga yakap ang iniisip
Sa mga umagang nasisikatan ng araw
Bakas ng iyong mga yapos ang hinahanap

Labis-labis kitang hinahanap
Ang lambot ng iyong mga kamay
Habang nakakapit sa akin
Pilit hinihingi ng pusong nagdaramdam

Panginoon, akin pong dalangin
Magisnang muli hindi sa panaginip
Ang kanyang mga matang nangugusap
Ng kanyang matamis na pag-ibig saakin

Akin pong hinihiling ng mataimtim
Ang madama ang kanyang yakap na mahigpit
At madampian ng kanya mga labi
Na pumapayo sa puso kong nag-aamok

Akin pong ipinagsusumamo
Ang muling marinig ang kanyang tinig
Ang boses na matamis pakinggan
Na nagpapakalma sa aking damdamin

Panginoon, akin pong hinihiling
Ang mahagkan ang minamahal ko
Ang nagkukulay ng buhay ko
At ang pag-ibig kong matamis

Sana'y ika'y mahagkan na muli
Marinig ang iyong boses na nagpapasaya sa akin
Makasama muli sa hirap at lungkot
At magpasalamat sa mga biyaya at saya ng buhay

Mahal ko, lagi ika'y nasa isip
Kailanman, hindi ko ipapahamak
Ang pag-ibig na ipinaglaban at hiningi
Niluhuran at binuhusan ng luha

Mahal ko, nasaan ka na?
Sana'y magbalik ka na
Sa mga bisig na hinahanap ka
Sa pusong tahanan mo
I love you Sharmaine

I miss you so much

Praying for the end of this epidemic
So that we can return to our normal lives
I miss my home in your arms
Mister J Nov 2019

By those eyes that stare deeply
By that smile that feels giddy
By those hugs that bring warmth
By those kisses that melt my heart

That laugh that rings in my ears
Crushing all my foolish fears
That sweet scent lingering on my clothes
Calming all my anxious woes

I'm charmed by the way you are
Charmed by the purity of your heart
I'm falling further each and everyday
Loving you even better, in more ways

I almost lost hope until you came
Then you picked up and loved what remained
I'm never letting you go my Dear
All my heartbreaks led me to you, here

Could I love you any more than this?
I ask God in my prayers
To make it our whole lives' quest
To find it out

I can't write anything else
You left me at a loss for words
I guess
I just love you
Hey there!
Happy reading!

Yup. This is hers
As I am hers.

Hello Deaary
Sharmaine Ramos
Thank you for coming to my life.
I plan to write more poetry about you
I love you so much!

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