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Mister J Jan 2023
Bodies colliding
Sweat dripping
Lips vigorously kissing
Biting what it can
Mapping every inch
Touching every nook
Cherishing every cranny
In a messy dance

It's coming
That burst of emotions
Desired and untamed
Taking mind and body
Into absolute bliss
Into unholy pleasure
Into carnal ecstasy
I can't control it

Your wet thighs
Latched on to mine
Locked in place
Never wanting to separate

Pulling me closer
Locking me deeper
Squeezing me tighter
My mind turns blank

Moving faster
Thrusting deeper
Fcking wilder
Loving harder

Every push and pull
Every sweat and breath
Every touch of tongue
Melting my brain away

Struggling together
Fcking like hell
Until we reach ******
Until heaven

Hello! Its been a while. How have you been?!
Mister J Nov 2021
Sometimes there are secrets

That are better left buried

Forgotten in the past

Scattered in the wind

Sometimes you have to lie

To hide what lies inside

Telling yourself the sweetest lies

Than to swallow the bitter truth

Sometimes there are mirrors

You'd rather not face

Because you're afraid to discover

Things you've been oblivious to

There are things that we'd rather

Let the ocean waves swallow

Mirrors that we'd rather cover

Than see what truly is reflected

I've broken my mirrors

Locked away my fears

Drowned myself in the lies

And never ever looked back

And yet like a phoenix from the ashes

Why are these mirrors back?
Hello! New piece from me.

Haven't written in a while.

I'm on too! See you there!
Mister J Jul 2021
I'm tired.

A candle slowly melting
When the flames eat me away,
Burning brightly as I can,
Amidst the growing darkness.

I'm broken.

A flower blooming in winter
As the cold freezes me over,
Opening my arms to heaven
Amidst the harshest blizzards

I'm depleted.

A wanderer in the middle of nowhere
As the world grew bigger before me,
Trying to find my way home
Even when the world is against me.

Let me take my rest.
Let me sleep in the winter
Let me lie in the darkness
Let me make my home elsewhere
I'm simply human
Flawed and bruised
Lost and afraid
Trying to be the best that I could be
Even when everyone is against me.

Let me sleep
Let me rest
Amidst this unending storm
Let me surrender
To the waves and the wind
Let me find peace
Even when there is none
I'm simply human
And I'm tired.
Hello Guys.

Glad to be back.
It's been a while. I hope you're all doing great, amidst all of this carnage.

Rest if you need to. You and I, we're all human, and when things are tough, we need to rest.

Hope this could help. Happy reading!

Mister J Jan 2021
Sometimes I wonder
Why I still stay with you
Even when we go through
The thickest and thinnest
I find myself still beside you

Sometimes I think
What would happen if
We both reach our breaking points
Where everything is total chaos
Would I still go back to you?

Sometimes I worry
Where would we be each day
Would we be fighting?
Or would we be laughing?
Would I still stay with you?

Sometimes I question
How much I really love you
Can I still handle your whims?
Can I still try to understand?
Will I still lay in bed with you?

Sometimes I ask
Who am I gonna be today?
Will I be tolerating you?
Will I confront you?
Will I still be kissing you?

And then I stop..
I realize that this is love
That I am in love with you
That even through the hardest of times
And through the thickest arguments
Through the worst insecurities
And the worst shortcomings
I will still choose you
Because at the end of the day
I decided to be with you
I decided to kiss you
To embrace you
All your beauty
All your faults
All of you
I chose to love

And if it doesn't make sense
Why should it?
The only thing that makes sense to me
Is that love makes no sense
And that even if we don't make sense
I love you
And you love me
And I chose to be
With you
Quick write
Don't expect something polished
Been rusty
It's been a while.

Belated Happy Holidays and New Year
What's up guys?

Mister J Jul 2020
Winds whispering in harmonies
Moonlight bathing the skyline
Stars blanket the void of night
Everything feels quiet and serene

Eyes locked in a passionate stare
Reflecting the wild, loving hearts
Hearts whose beatings go erratic
Skins touching soft and bare

One pulls in for a kiss
A warm kiss that melts the mind
The other locks in embrace
A tight embrace that melts the heart

As kisses grow more torrid
And embraces grow ever fervent
Lovers inch closer and entwined
In mind and heart, body and soul

Under the moonlit horizon
Under heaven and starlight
Love blooms further than ever
Passion and emotion taking over

Heartbeats in overdrive
Giving in to unhinged desires
The night sky stands witness
To our fiery engagement

Sweat trickling profusely
As body and soul collide
Breaths grow heavier and deeper
As hearts and minds entwined

As my lips touch every inch
Nectar flows so sweet to drink
As my hands touch every point
Your whimpers grow louder

Your hands locked into mine
As we finally reach midnight
Thrusting deeper still
As our love blooms to the fullest

The warmth of your breath
Makes my head feel fuzzy
The curves of your hips
An alabaster masterpiece

The warmth we both shared
Deny the cold winds tonight
In your embrace I choose to stay
Under the stars and moonlight
Hope you loved it.
Give it some love!
Thank you for reading!

  Jun 2020 Mister J
how does it feel
trying to connect
to be open
and vulnerable
to quickly regret everything new
and everything you've become
after losing yourself
Mister J Jun 2020
Been going down this stream
Of chaos and uncertainties
What destination will I come upon?
Where will my paper boat take me?
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