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InsertPenName Nov 2018
Is hard to sleep when the mind keeps screaming
Instead of dreaming it's choosing to blur the reality a little more
Brimming with shoulds and should nots
Couldn't and could've been
But we would not succumb
Replaying the same memory of the second defeat so we don't morph into an headless hero
Ones and zeroes bounce restless in relentless persuite of the truth
You're a hero even if your greatest feat is not flinging yourself off the cliff
Everyone wants to fly but once in sky
You'll be dying to land and you land too hard you die
You're trying too hard you're not trying hard enough
Which one is it, do we take the next step of giveup
The next step is breathing
So vote maybe?
But it isn't so bad if you look closely
We're not alone but a bit lonely
In a crowd going about discredited the happening
Cutting off the threads, we can't move we're just dangling
The one thing, out if pills of sanity
Spring from attachment
We now have chose between two addictions
We'd rather be free and starve than be behind bars
So we let go
We exist at extremes
They exist in middle
We meet twice everytime
Graze by each other
A bit of refill of regret
A living reminder
We can't sleep
Can't shake the fright
The voices are back in the house
They're looking for a fight
We might let them win this time
That dormant feeling of insecurity arose,
when travel journal got ****** adjacent
     to my tattered (holey tattooed) clothes
while I knew with crossed eyes

     aroused anger from peaceful doze
my younger sister felt about her
     globe trotting exploits, an over expose
jour ever since voyaging out on her own

     after graduating top of her class
     where mine hatred glows
indirectly snidely sneering
     at ma dough less brother hoboes

(a 1979 Methacton High School alumni),
     unanimously chosen valedictorian
     dressed in Calvin Klein
     Harris tweed, couture

     and silk ***** hose
like me prolonging, promoting
     on par with quasi staff sergeant, who knows
artful disciplinarian gingerly launching
     Cider House rules,

     asper formerly commanding G.I. Joes
     and pronouncing, predilection
     exhaling natural highs no lows
traveling solo, with surviving Wilburys,

     or just mows
zing nonchalantly
     (though a foreigner) with swarthy skin color
     easily camouflaging as civilian
     all points on the compass,

     where minute needle doth nose
upon returning home (being honorably feted
     at once glorious estate of Glen Elm,
     where she did propose

to the Lord Taylor (swiftly), which location
     situated at 324 Level Road, Collegeville,
     Pennsylvania 19426),
     thence a great huzzah a rose

an immediate nauseousness welled
     within from me head tummy smelly toes
I did not want to here, or see any details,
     which would accentuate personal woes

popping, snapping, and smarting,
     and slapping skin raw tib bits,
     ache'n to yanked strings
     of mama's heirloom yo-yos!

Poet Script:

trials and tribulations,
     visited upon head of young
concocted ("FAKE") gusty and gutsy
     kid sister enterprising ingenue,

     christened easy on the tongue
Sharodd (not her real name),
     to top off talents sung
like a professional opera singer, which rung

a shiver along small hairs of spine did tingle
heard all the way to Lake Woebegone
where bachelor farmers did mingle

every Christmas, a decreasing
     number donned Kris Kringle
hit with blitzkrieg of yawping brats
     hoof pranced to bell weather jingle!
Caia Halmas Feb 2018
Oh Brother,
On your quests always so diligent
To accomplish what you seek
My efforts remain negligent
My body tired and weak
Though we share the same blood
And grew up in the same hood
Your mind found its way
Among words to stay
While mine got away
So foggy and stray

Our hearts,
Stepping out of the same closet
Yours fueling your strive
Mine consuming to survive
Yours building a mindset
Mine still looking for an outset

Oh Brother,
You ran to a land faraway
Just when I found I could relate
So I used this gateway
To be able to articulate
For expressing myself face to face
Would only unwholesomely convey
What my mouth could no longer retain

Oh Brother,
What should I do to snap out
Of this prone position, so tightly bound ?
I’ve wiped my tears and shout
But still can't loose the pound
And this obsession with loosing
Got me trapped into this tunnel

Vision of Gideon
Where can I find you?
Is it a person?

I need a clue
Give me the cue
Paul R Hensley Nov 2017
That's what I need,

That's what I'm loosing,

Don't fret it will be over soon,
So black cherry red,
So pure,

So black cherry red,
So Tainted...
Help me..
Dimitri Ali Aug 2017
I see her lying there like the world doesn't exist with her broken wings,
My weakness plays on me like a child with a new drum my urge to fix things,
So I pulled her to her feet and held her close to ease the cold,
Her head buried in my shoulder, I felt naked soul to soul.
She sits in front me tears in her eyes,
Broken wings,
She cries.
I fixed her as I always do stitching each one with string,
String straight from my heart,
From me,
My being my soul I strip apart.
Bit bit I take to give,
To her for a smile a laugh, for her to live.
When its over and done I'm less than who I was not a sound I utter, nothing to say,
And just as most things we give it all for she stood up and flew away.
Ksjpari Aug 2017
Of all vice in the world under discipline
Laziness – a Curse - is like a Saccharin.
Sweet as pipe, sonorous as violin
Wicked as a snake, ill-mannered as Bedouin;
Laziness creeps in secretly body within
And remains there undisturbed and akin.
It is seen when duty or slog does spin
Grinds us till in others found Lenin.
But that is a bad time as made us thin.
Hence precaution must be taken, O Kin!
Laziness, a Bad King, should not reign
Over us from beginning to let out jinn.
Of all vice in the world under discipline
Laziness – a Curse - is like a Saccharin.
I am developing a new style of writing poetry where ending words of a line rhyme with one another, at least in last sound. I named it Pari Style. Hope readers will like it. Thanks to those invisible hands and fingers which supported and inspired me to continue my efforts in my new, creative, artistic and innovative “Pari” style. Thanks for your inspiring, kind, soft fingers.
Ash M J Dec 2015
They tell me
choose, choose, choose
and I hide, because I'll
loose, loose, loose
if I
choose, choose, choose
I always do.
Jeremiah Mhlongo Sep 2015
It's not of how be the door,
But be of moments made by those sleepeth in depth,
One is said to have failed to sleep,
Christ, The Messiah.
Death now did mourn,
And mourning became first away from man,

To us, It comes so slender,
Sweeping breath out of bodies,
Souls lay hanging helpless of deed,
What's left of them is being Ghosts,
Be it to Earth remaining,
Or to Heaven ascending.

Words untold, Deeds shall speak,
The art of thine Legacy shall say for thee,
You are the littlest master of your past,
But be thee the significant creator of thy morrow.
Live before your light dies out,
Or yet die before your light burns you.
Storm Raven Aug 2015
Am I loosing myself?
Or did I years ago?
Is that why I feel so empty inside?
Adam Childs Mar 2015
Towers tumble, egos fall
My house, is on fire
But I will not get there
Chest squeezing in despair  

My heart is breaking
The ropes are slipping
And life is disappearing
Just keeps on racing

Been such a fool
Always born a tool
Paddled and paddled but
Yet so wasteful, in my toil
  I had to spoil

Just missed the bus
There goes my train
The enemy scores again
Though my legs how insane  

Keep on falling
My heart is calling
A tumble ****
Just keeps on rolling

Spent so long
Looking for answers
In places that had none  
The harder I try
The more I cry

As I am suddenly awoken
surrounded by costume
An actors changing room
Never learnt my words

But there is a
Blissful realization
When you see your
Life just slipping
Out of site, far away
Down the drain

As abandoned waters are lifted
A myriad of moonlight sparkles
Scattered sent shimmering
Cascading across my waters
I feel no need in responding  

When I am humbled
powerless out of control
My life vanishing  
A black hole
A dark void

I have to ask did I loose
my life or did I just
just FIND IT
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