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Viktoria Dec 2019
I would go through that pain a hundred times if I knew it was bringing me to you.
Viktoria Dec 2019
There isn’t this this place where people go and burn after death. There is no creature with horns and spikey tail called devil waiting for bad people entering the gates to his empire. Hell is not the definition of a sphere where cruel things happen. Hell is a completely personal state of mind where your biggest fears become reality and things you were always scared of actually happen. The devil sleeps inside each of us, waiting for his opportunity to strike when our nightmares crawling their way in our lives.
Viktoria Dec 2019
Without you, the world is only a planet perishing anyway.
Stars are just little dots which don’t even exist anymore.
The sun is a burning ball blinding me.
Raindrops are small bullets pattering down to the ground.
The heat is the enemy trying to melt every single atom of my body
And the cold is the one trying to freeze my blood.
You are part of my heart, my inspiration, my soulmate.
Without you, I am just a machine working day by day until my engine is broken.

— The End —