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Luna Jun 2020
Crimson Carnations teetering in the porch
Along with the humid air of summertime.

Melodious tweet of cuckoo's at dawn
Stomach filled with hibernated butterflies.

I never believed in love at first sight
Cross my heart and hope to die.

But looking at you for the first time
Your mysterious eyes made me believe all the myths.

And all my hibernated butterflies
You make them wonder
"How it feels to fly!".
Luna Jun 2020
Every summer afternoon I sit in my porch,
And admire the most exquisite view,
Sun rays embracing the sunflowers,
Loving them in a way no one ever cares to do.
Luna May 2020
How many nights you've been
Turned and tossed in the confines of your sheets
So the lunacy of your nightmares
Won't push you in the world of insanity
Luna May 2020
Being in constant fear of losing
At some point......
We loose the fear of loosing.
Luna May 2020
Intoxication won't bring solace.

Neither it bring back the person over whom you got intoxicated every single night...
Luna May 2020
Honey brown eyes
Yet cold as ice
They look into mine
They look straight into my soul
They are of those kind
Those brown eyes
Whenever meet mine
They looked lost and amazed
Filled with enormous emotions
But precise same vibe as wine
I'd get drunk drown and lost in them
Till I feel sick and fine
At the same time
So many truths
Your  lips defies
But brown of your eyes
Never lies.

— The End —