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Senna-Mia Rahner Nov 2019
He stutters along her neck
like flys on a corps.
Senna-Mia Rahner Nov 2019
Her short brown hair
Blows in the wind
Her soft skin so fair
She dances
And sings along
With short glances at her delicate fingers
With rings warped around
Hiding the truth
Concealed in those grey eyes
Because there it all was
Hiding behind that pretty smile
Love friend friends hiding sad broken
Senna-Mia Rahner Nov 2019
She loved you
But did you love her too?
Was it true
You would hold her nectar hips
And kiss her lips
And promise you would never leave
You’d stutter her neck like flies on a carcass
And you loved the wild girls
With green eyes
But where you just whispering sweet little lies into her ears
Scared to face your fears
You said love wasn’t true
But you stuck to her like glue
The sticky tree sap
That held you and her together
Senna-Mia Rahner Nov 2019
Your bubblegum stained knuckles
Up her dress
Your love is a mess
In tangled loves
She breaths fast
So fast that the strawberry clouds dissolve
She’s lost
In your eyes
They blind the sun
So much that it doesn’t even bother to rise
Like the birds and the bees
She loves your black current knees
And she screams
Because she’s do anything for you
But would you do that for her too?
Senna-Mia Rahner Nov 2019
She tears the skin at her nails like wallpaper
Her thoughts are vapor
Remembering him between her thighs  
As he paints the blue skies
Senna-Mia Rahner Nov 2019
Sweat and tears down her neck
She’s a reck
As the men caress her body
Like flys on a corps
Her soft skin starts to warp
Her eyes roll back
Because of the lack of his love
The love of men in her life
And all their kisses
Are like a knife
Piercing her heart
As it decomposes
Because all she wants is a bouquet of roses
And she misses him
But she knows that he will never change
He will probably get way worse
At best the same
Senna-Mia Rahner Nov 2019
I feel low and blue
Without you
You would tuck me in
And kiss me goodnight
But why do you always have to fight
And always be right
Like the monster under my bed
And I remember when you said
I miss you
But I told you that it wasn’t true
And now I think that maybe
I miss you too
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