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Pep Sep 2018
To improve her image,
She stared into her liquor,
Then looked into her reflection,
And became disappointed.

She didn't lose any pounds,
She was bound
Hounded down by these heavy pounds.
Her reflection mocked her,
Her self-esteem blocked her,
The public teased her,
And still, she was not pleased.

As she looked in the mirror,
She thought: Could I get any bigger?
Her tears represented her fears
The fear of being fat again
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D A W N Aug 2018
5 shots
my voice is slurry.
10 shots down my throat,
liquor filled with doubt and woe.
15 shots burning down on me,
drunk of the Hennessy
20 shots and everything is blurry
tonight, im drowning
with 20 shots and counting
Sara Lindsay Aug 2018
I use to jump in pools of liquor and call it happiness,
now I jump in pools that look empty but they’re filled with things that I can’t see.
Absent Minded Jul 2018
When we first met
I looked at you as if you were the sun,
The moon,
And every star and planet
That ever did exist
Or ever will.

You looked at me
Like a kitten
Would look at a toy mouse,
Or maybe
How a wingless bird
Would look at the sky.

Now, you only look at me that way
Once your mind
Has fogged up
From the invitingly warm
Unmoving smoke
Leaping off of the blunt we share.

You only embrace me
When the dark water
Invades my mind
Making my words sweeter than honey,
My brain, dimmer than the night sky,
And my heart
Desperate for any sign
You're still there.

And After
I have no choice but to listen
And nod
As you explain to my child-like mind
Why I can't sleep
Next to you,
Or even at your place,
And how
"Next time"
You'll be fine with it.
I'm too drunk to protest.
Or to walk.
Or to tell you
How much I love you,
Or how depressed I am,
Or how sometimes,
I wish death would sneak me away,
Or how afraid I am to lose you.
I simply nod,
And agree that,
"Next time we can cuddle
And sleep"
And that the bad thoughts won't creep
Because you're there.

But next time won't ever come,
Will it?
Destiny C Jul 2018
This liquid numbs my soul.
It gives me strength in its content , as
I no longer have any.
It's strong burn down my throat
allows for me to feel something.
No need to chase a welcomed guest.
I'm afraid to feel-
so I mask.

in pulls
in shots
in any form I can have it.

The inebriation is euphoric.
Unlike any other feeling ,
This liquid numbs my soul .

There are many things I drink to achieve this state of inebriation.
The strongest liquor of them all-
Amanda Jun 2018
I have been drinking too much to write you a song
Downed too many drinks to say I care
Because when sober the pain becomes
Far too much for me to bear

I've been drowning sorrows in alcohol
Numbing the hurt night after night
I want to tell you I love you
I've been drinking too much to write
Written 6/10/13
I can hold it together sober,
But the alcohol brings out the best and the worst in me
The hopeless poet, the jealous *****,
The miserable, lost child.
****, the taste of red wine on my lips,
As they run down your body
and ****, the burn in my throat.
****, the way the mirror image shifts left to right.
Holding on to the wall with one arm
And holding up my life with all my might.
****, ***** and boys, liquor and love.
**** it all.
Mia Taljaard May 2018
Every now
and every then
I bite on my black inked pen

For every line
that I start
I tear the written page apart

I sit in silence
or in a crowd
My inspiration gives no sound

I search up high
and down below
still my ideas does not grow

I have seen
and I have looked
still nothing has me hooked

I have asked the moon
and I have asked the sun
No answer followed, not even one

I need that poison
that special drink
that down my throat I can sink

To trigger my ideas
to trigger that bright light
ideas that will keep me up at night

Give me the poison
and all the red wine
that turns feelings to words that is mine

But long and hard
I search around
this poison could not be found

Until the night I kissed a man
the night that was filled with liquor sips
and I could taste that special poison on his lips  

All the lights flicked back on
Wires buzzing back to life  
my tongue transformed to a shard steel knife

The words came easily
and they came in a flow
with my words these pages will glow

And as the poison leaves my veins
and leaves me empty once more
I now know what I'm looking for

For everyone that has beat of heart
and everyone that I can see
breaths a bit of poison into me

I see it now in all their eyes
all the cries and all the lies
I use that poison they hold in
and write it down sin for sin

I'm addicted to this simple taste
of this special poison waste
to fill this empty dull grey hole
with another's cracked up soul

My pages drown in what I see
when another's poison flows through me
Every drop of soul that I savour
gives my words a tang of flavor

I nip at his poisonous cologne  
while I bottle up my own

And I wonder to myself
Does my poison stand on another's shelf?
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