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farhan Mar 21
The best time to look up to the stars was last night,
The second best is tonight.
farhan Feb 21
You don't find writing,
Writing finds you.
farhan Feb 15
A blind favors no color.
Me: What's your favorite color.
She: White, Black.
She: I like every color.
Me: (I like every color) - this is acceptable.
Me: I like colors my eyes can see.

That's when it occurred to me that a blind person will not have a favorite color. Blindness can be a boon. Often what merely appears good to our eyes is favored.
farhan Dec 2019
say a way
after the day
to celebrate a new year's eve?
do the unusual, sleep in this year
and rise in the next
farhan Nov 2019
Devil died.
He found himself alone.
In heaven.
Out of the misery and hatred I see all around, I see devil as the least sinner.
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