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my feet were grounded till you held
the world in your hands

shook it hard in your palms
i could no longer stand

and i fell so fast with nowhere to grip
slipping through my fingertips

nowhere to go but down,
tumbling, sliding, trying to find ground

gravity's pulling me faster
it's been disaster after disaster.
is this what it feels like to fall for someone
Poetic T Jul 2020
You never wanted recollection
of what we were, what we'd

There wasn't an us,
           there was
        more of a him over
    her looking into a reflection of
no where's.

We were hand in hand trying to
push the other over a cliff of
                        regretful memories.

But we held on to the memories
                                 of me and you,
Because not all of them were rockslides.

And realised that if we looked at us..
        our reflections were together.

        Be it side by side of raised voices,
               but we knew that I loved her
and you loved me.

We were just a land slide of emotions,
             but always had the others hand

                           so they'd never fall alone...
Mehek Jun 2019
I'm a stormy landslide
And you're an earthquake
A disheveling tide
Tide that caresses me
While I subside
Subside to heathens
The heathens whose embers forever collide
Collide in the arms of your feigned stride.
To no one in particular.
Ditte Jakobsen Feb 2019
I'm watching my every single step
I'm careful not to stumble and fall
One stone on the road
could lead to a landslide
And one broken bone
could ruin it all
I'm watching my every single move
I'm careful not to scare you away
The faintest blow
could lead to a hurricane
And one wrong word
could be the last thing I say.
Yani Oct 2018
The night was freezing,
trees furiously swaying;
I screamed, I called.
Your name echoed, resonated.

Without any answer,
I waited, have you gone away?
Shared memories, have you buried them?
Tell me, "I am here."

I heard you
but you did not call;
upon seeing you, I hugged you
like you've been away for so long...

And for so long you'll be away.
Holding your hands, I felt it.
It's like you've gone to another world;
stricken, my heart felt numb.

For you are so cold
and into the cold ground
I cried, I'd save you
if I could.
I struggle to hold myself up
(to a standard, to an ideal,
of self-care, self-respect,
and protection of heart)
But this is a slide
that I have no power over.
This force that pulls me -
(yes, this very idea has gravity)
- This force is unrelenting,
gnawing, sneaky, persistent,
not intentional or malicious,
simply inevitable.
It is a slow erosion
taking a mountain out to sea
when I look,
and a great landslide
swiftly collapsing
when I turn my back.
Where once,
I hung precariously,
I was at least secured
in a temporary equilibrium.
But now
just one cord snaps
and I am swinging,
a safety net not yet woven.
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Mind full of constant thoughts
To every shadows, dreams, and forms

Smell of a distance distinct fume
River pass through, swiping into empty rooms
Flooding all hopes of livingkind,
Left, no time to construct a paper boat

Searching a space to keep feet off the ground
Run a race, without a finish line
Complex world we all live in,
Cursing the Nature, making fool of self

Get touch with reality, time and space
Let me tell, Let me hear,
Mirror always expect one to smile
Wonder, what dreams one will have tonight
Theme: Dedicated to natural calamity victims of everytime.
Viseract Mar 2017
I am the man I am today,
From all the experience I've gained
The lies I made, the cards I played
Watch it all burn around an Ace of Spades

And as I fumble with the match,
My life like flashbacks flashes past
The days I cried, the days I died
Clawing, tearing my insides

I, know that I can't run and hide,
Knowing that, even if i tried
Nothing will be better when I take a peek
Because it's all uncertain, and all left to me

And I, am not satisfied
With the anger we feel and the rage we defy
Why, is it so hard to see
That we're caught in a landslide, an avalanche of debris

Some days, I lay on the ground
And stretch my hands up without making a sound
Reach for the sky, but there's no prize
All hope is lost and I've lost all my pride

Insane, is the only way
That normality fades, and only you change
You've got more control, as we rise and we fall
Being crazy is the only way to stay sane...

I, know that I can't run and hide,
Knowing that, even if i tried
Nothing will be better when I take a peek
Because it's all uncertain, and all left to me

And I, am not satisfied
With the anger we feel and the rage we defy
Why, is it so hard to see
That we're caught in a landslide, an avalanche of debris
Darren Scanlon Jul 2015
(If Mother Earth could speak...)

I’m the first light of dawn setting fire to the skies,
the awe that ends with a soft, sated sigh.
I’m the slow, gentle sway of ancient, lofty trees,
branches of life filled with wonders to be.

I am sands and seas; a warm summer breeze
blowing soft, whispered tunes over ever-changing dunes.
I am stars in the heavens sailing high overhead,
the sun and the moon on their tireless threads.

I’m the love of life; the pulse your heart,
the strength of will in a lovers fine art.
I’m the beaming smile on the fearless face
of a victorious child at the end of a race.

“And what are they doing now...

Waves of hate
washing wasted fields,
decimating all
as they reap tainted yields.”

You’re the time and motion in an open frown,
a smirk beneath the paint of a terrified clown.
You’re the only solution to a worlds desperate cries,
swollen cheeks scarred by too many lies.

You’re a baby’s cry in a cold, stagnant pond;
all it could have been, had it lived much beyond
the cull of the clan or the whaler’s call,
so many lonely roads, at the back of every mall.

You are every grain of sand escaping clutching hands
of every grieving parent in war-torn lands,
carried aloft upon the jet-streams breath,
washed up on beaches that have seen too much death.

“And what are they doing now...

Can’t they see beyond
their selfish greed;
their lascivious needs?

Can’t they be stopped
before the frenzy grows
too fearsome to feed?”

I am the here and now since the dawning of time,
crying confusion at a wasted design.
The questioning gaze on so many tired faces,
a distant rumble felt beneath shallow graces.

I’m the giver of life, each equal to another,
taker of too many wasted sisters and brothers.
Another broken heart from a loss felt too soon,
a cold wretched cry from across a crowded room.

I am the heavens roar on a wild, stormy night,
torrential vengeance of a thunderhead’s might.
A raging wrath you don’t ever wish to wake,
I am nature’s grace that you choose to forsake.

“And what are they doing now...

Sending to the fields
of fruitless death,
their sacrificial sons
breathing borrowed breaths

Unleashing desolation
from way up high;
A tempest of hate-filled
and remorseless fires.”

I’m the molten rock spewing from natures wounds,
the ear-piercing shriek of her decimating winds.

I’m the Tsunami washing away the filth of your deeds,
the quaking earth to halt your murderous greed.

I’m the tornados teeth, tearing lives apart,
the landslide burying your empty hearts.

I’m the freezing avalanche covering all in its path,
the raging storm unleashing thunderous wrath.

I am the flood; the torrent; destroyer of all,
the deluge of death at the reapers call.

“And what are they doing now...

Beseeching the heavens
with open hands
in the wasted remnants
of once rich lands?”

Written by Darren Scanlon, 31st December 2014
Revised 20th July 2015.
©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.
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